Dietary lunch: chicken fillet kebab withvegetables

This recipe is from the category of universal, because it can not be clearly attributed
to everyday or holiday. Therefore, it can be tried in any
day. It is noteworthy that chicken kebab can be served with any
garnish but low-calorie food is best if it is


Despite the simplicity of the ingredients, many consider chicken
Lula kebab is a difficult to prepare dish. I want to refute
this myth, because everything is very clear and simple, yes, some culinary
skills do not interfere, but the beginners, perhaps, also cope.


(for 2-3 servings)


For kebab: – chicken fillet – 1 pc. (approximately 400g); – onion
onions – 0.5 pcs .; – salt pepper.

For garnish: – tomatoes; – Eggplant; – Bulgarian pepper; –


Kebab is made from minced chicken. Therefore, the preparation will begin
with him. At its discretion, you can finely chop the chicken fillet with a knife
or skip it through a meat grinder.

Finely chopped onion is added to the mince (you can also rub it
grated if you are not afraid of tears from onions), as well as spices and salt.
Neatly all mixed up.


Next, with wet hands we form small patties from mince,
we put them on skewers, and “lengthen”, distributing the stuffing so that
get an oblong cutlet.


We cover the baking sheet with baking paper or foil, we send
на него шпажки с мясом, а также нарезанные vegetables. Add
literally a drop of sunflower oil. And put in the oven for 30
minutes, set the temperature to 200C.


We look at Lula and vegetables every 10 minutes, vegetables can be removed.
before, and chicken if necessary to turn. If you have
there is a grill pan, then you can cook kebabs from chicken and
vegetables on it.


While the meat is baking, put the saucepan on the fire
With salted water, boil the broccoli in it, then drain the water.


Готовый кебаб из куриного филе подается вместе с vegetables, можно
also add greens. As you can see, everything is brilliantly simple.
Try it, maybe you will have your own delicious interpretation.
of this recipe.

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