Dietary cheesecakes with raisins and oatmeal inthe oven

If you want to cook diet cheesecakes, then rather
preheat oven and clean pan. To make cheesecakes
non-caloric, they just need to bake, but not to fry

sr9 We will not use flour. Instead, take
oatmeal, it will glue the cottage cheese and allow it to keep its shape. Sugar
can be replaced with a spoon of honey, and for extra sweetness add
raisins. And, of course, take low-fat cottage cheese – 1.8% or 3% is quite
will do.

So, thanks to the little tricks we get the recipe
dietary cheesecakes. В the oven они запекаются быстро, так что их
can be cooked for a light weight loss breakfast.


sr2 – low-fat cottage cheese – 300 g – oatmeal – 150 g –
chicken egg – 2 pcs. – raisins – 50 g – honey – 1-2 tbsp. spoons – vanillin
– pinch – soda – pinch

Recipe for dietary cheesecakes from cottage cheese with raisins

Чтобы приготовить вкусные диетические сырники в the oven,
will need egg yolks. First, separate the whites from the yolks.
Mix yolks with honey, whip and add oatmeal.
Leave the mixture for about 5 minutes. sr3 Add low-fat cottage cheese to the mixture, mix with a spoon.
You can also use the potato masher to bring the mass to
more homogeneous consistency. sr4 Washed raisins add to the curd billet. В the oven
raisins will increase in size, it will become juicier. Choose for recipe
light raisins, it is sweeter than dark. A pinch of vanilla will improve the flavor
dishes, give it a gentle train and lasting aroma. And if you add
even a pinch of soda, then dietary cheese cakes with raisins will turn out to be more magnificent
and air. sr5 Mix well the mass, and if it comes out watery, you can
add some more cereal. Wheat flour can also be added,
but in this case dietary cheese cakes, so it should not be in
composition. sr6 Cover the form with parchment, lightly grease with olive
oil From curd billet with wet hands to form approximately
8-9 large cheesecakes. Put them in shape so that they were
�”free”. sr7 Bake at 220 ° C for about 20-25 minutes on
middle shelf of the oven. It is not necessary to turn over. sr8 Serving: hot, you can add low-fat
yogurt, fresh berries or fruit. From drinks fit
green or black tea. And if it’s breakfast, it won’t be a waste
a cup of delicious invigorating coffee.

Enjoy your meal!

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