Depression – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Mar 23, 2016

Депрессия – это эмоциональное расстройство,
characterized by low mood, inhibited thoughts and
actions in which virtually all areas are affected, including
emotional, intellectual, volitional and motivational.

Depression is a very common condition that
according to some data, up to 20% of the population of developed countries suffers. More often
In total, it manifests itself in 20-50 years. People who were born in the second
half of the twentieth century, prone to depression more than representatives
previous generations. Doctors partly associate this with a higher
the recent prevalence of addiction and
substance abuse.

Typically, depression lasts 6-9 months, however, from 15% to 20%
patients experience it for 2 years or longer.

Depression – causes of illness

For classical clinical depression characterized by three main
symptom: a change in emotional background, inhibition
intellectual activity and motor activity. Mood
not just going down, but accompanied by a sense of hopelessness and
melancholy, while depression or irritability does not pass in
for a long time.

When depressed, the person loses interest in his previously beloved
activities; he feels tired all the time
there is a breakdown. In addition, depression can
to be supplemented:

– pessimism; – guilt, worthlessness, anxiety or
fear; – low self-esteem; – deterioration of ability
concentrate and make decisions – forgetfulness; – thoughts about
death or suicide; – unstable appetite, decrease or
weight gain; – sleep disturbance (insomnia or

Depression – diagnosis of the disease

The diagnosis of depression is carried out by a doctor based on typical
signs and symptoms supported by an indication of episodes
frustration which were transferred earlier, or existence
diseases of close relatives.

To determine the degree of depression use standard
methods, among which the most common is the scale
Hamilton’s depression. This scale is filled by a doctor.
after clinical conversation and inpatient observation. In the same time,
some other questionnaires may be filled out
on their own.

To determine the causes of certain depressions are needed
lab tests. Especially they are justified in the case of depression in
women (due to their hormonal factors that can
contribute to the development of the disease). Also, the survey includes
urine analysis, bacteriological analyzes, electrocardiogram,
Consultation of a general practitioner, neuropathologist and oculist, for women
consultation of the gynecologist.

Депрессия – treatment и профилактика

Today, even the most severe types of depression can be successfully treated.
The main condition for recovery is the awareness of
problems and appeal to specialists. Treatment of depression should
be conducted by a qualified technician (this may be
psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist).

For treatment use psychotherapeutic methods and special
drugs – antidepressants. For effective
relieving the patient of this condition is important
relatives and close people; no less important is self-help.

In medical practice, there are many examples of healing from
depression when changing lifestyle. Very positive
for a person with depression, an interesting new hobby,
interesting travel, or more accessible methods in the form of employment
sports, socializing with friends, etc.

Prevention of depression is the proper organization
rest, sufficient duration of sleep, protection from emotional
shocks, sports, planning your time, which
help to prevent stressful situations, loss of strength and nervous

Experts also believe that effective prevention of depression
dominance in the diet of the Mediterranean diet, the basis of which
make up fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetable oil, sea fish.
Scientists have proven that people use less fish every day.
suffer from mood swings, bouts of fear and insecurity
in itself.

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