Demodex – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Fri, Mar 25, 2016

Демодекс — это клещ или как это заболевание
called the conditionally pathogenic parasite that is found in the hair
follicles, sebaceous glands on human skin, in meibomian glands
human eyelids, as well as such a tick is in some animals.
Very rarely, this disease occurs in children, but in humans
old age demodex shows up at ninety percent

Sometimes this disease gradually becomes pathogenic, this
all because of a dysfunction in the sebaceous glands,
and the composition of sebum itself is changing, such a parasite can
contribute to the dysfunction of the endocrine glands,
disorders of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, liver and
etc. Lesions most often appear on the face, around
eyes, noses, around the mouth and eyelids.

Demodex – causes of the disease

It is worth noting that Demodekos lives not just in human skin.
Indeed, thanks to laboratory research, they were able to prove that
Some components of ointments and creams can provide a tick quite
favorable conditions for this parasite to multiply.
Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose such products for the care and
Keep refrigerated. The main thing to remember is that a small amount
demodex is determined in nine out of ten completely healthy

These parasites are able to multiply on hair follicles, in
including in the sebaceous glands of the skin, especially when immunity
human significantly weakened. Causes may be violations
обмена веществ, гормональные сбои, сахарный диабет и etc.
Usually women who have
hyperthyroidism, as well as men with adenoma
prostate At the same time, demodex mites can be active during
intoxication of the body with helminths.

Demodex – symptoms of the disease

It all depends on the characteristics of the occurrence of such a disease and
This is determined by an ophthalmologist and a dermatologist. From here you
learn form demodekoza. Usually such mites parasitize on
the wings of the nose, as well as on the chin and nasolabial fold. Sometimes
the auricles, eyebrows, auditory
passage, forehead, neck and head.

In some cases, Demodex affects the back and skin of the chest.
The first symptoms are acne, dermatitis, red acne,
the initial stage of lupus erythematosus. Also such
symptoms include: increased oily skin, enlarged pores,
lumpy skin, blackheads, red spots on the skin of the face, pale tint
кожи лица и etc.

Demodex – diagnosis of the disease

The specialist will be able to diagnose, and the doctor determines
disease due to microscopy results using skin scraping
with dermatological form of demodicosis. Concerning
ophthalmic demodicosis, that the eyelashes of the lower and
upper eyelid. In principle, the diagnosis of such a disease is easy and
simple. In order to detect a subcutaneous tick, take a nipple with
of the skin area that was affected after that
a thorough examination of this scraping under the microscope.

Демодекс – treatment и профилактика

For prevention, you must follow all the rules of personal
hygiene. Concerning treatment демодекоза должно быть в обязательном
order – complex. First you need to restore the protective
the strength of your skin, as well as the body’s immunity, but on the other
the parties need to suppress the activity of the mite itself. In any case not
стоит браться за самоtreatment, иначе вы сможете упустить всё. Only
The specialist will be able to choose the right method of treatment, based on
your condition and stage of the disease.

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