Dementia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Fri, Mar 25, 2016

With age, almost every person to some extent
memory deteriorates, this is manifested in the form of forgetfulness. And y
some people in old age may also experience loss
memory, but to a small extent, since such a feature does
does not affect their daily and normal life. But if such
memory impairment is constantly progressing, it can talk about
what is dementia. What is it?

Деменция — это возможно частичная потеря, а
also a decrease in human mental abilities. As a result of such
situations are greatly reduced ability and, in principle,
it becomes very difficult to lead a full life.

With this disease, memory disorders appear, worsen
former abilities normally plan something and think. Usually
dementia does not progress immediately, but gradually. But about what
the amount of time such a disease will progress say
definitely not, because in each of the cases – all individually. Have
In some people, dementia can progress very quickly, and in
in other cases, it develops over the years.

Dementia – causes of the disease

The main reasons for which this is starting to develop
the disease is brain damage. But at the same time,
The following diseases can cause dementia: swollen head injuries,
strokes, Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism, and so on. Yes some
violations that cause dementia can be stopped, but in
tremendous amount of case to cure such a disease or eliminate
the cause of the progression is practically unreal.

There may also be such causes of the disease as: damage
head, Huntington’s disease, leukoencephalopathy, vascular
dementia, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, multiple sclerosis,
multiple atrophy, infectious diseases, weak activity
thyroid gland, lack of such a vitamin as B12, poisoning
heavy metals, medication side effects,
encephalitis, AIDS.

Dementia – Symptoms

Symptoms of the disease may vary, depending on
reasons and on exactly which part of the brain was damaged.

With dementia, the following symptoms occur: difficulty when you
try to remember some recent events;
the patient may forget familiar places and even close ones
people; it will also be difficult to find words to express your
thoughts; it is difficult to perform conventional calculations; it will become difficult to perform
elementary tasks; in emergency situations it is very difficult to take
hasty decisions; at the same time, the patient simply can not
control your behavior and mood. Hardly a man
suffering from dementia disease, can take care of themselves, can
even hallucinations occur.

Usually, первыми симптомами становятся: изменения в поведении.
Such people will not be able to properly show their care and love.
to others, they are even capable of being rude, as well as making unambiguous
comments that relate to the sexual nature. Symptoms
which appear quite suddenly: vascular dementia, delusional
condition, deterioration of previously existing diseases.

Dementia – diagnosis of the disease

First you have to go to a specialist, then you will pass
short tests, and after the defining tests, analyzes are taken and
other procedures are being done.

Деменция – treatment и профилактика

A patient with dementia is undergoing special treatment in
intensive care unit. All major indicators
monitored by a doctor. Treatment will depend on the symptoms,
features and causes. In order to follow the rules
prevention, you must constantly pass tests. Inspections at
specialists and pass tests.

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