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Wed, 25 Feb 2015

I have two married employees who have met with future
husbands on the internet. To my question: “How did you understand that this
is it your man? “, – they answered:” And on the first date, immediately
But it became clear that everything will work out for us. ” I have the same experience first
dating says only one thing: “Probably something is wrong with me.”
Attempts to find love on dating sites lasted for 4 years, and
as a result: 12 dates (1 man = 1 date, the second was not
with no one), 0 relationships, 3 new complexes.

Complex number one is my appearance. I once had
an ardent fan on the site. Long sought, wrote without stopping.
He claimed that all his life he was looking for someone like me. Persuaded – met.
At first glance, it seemed like a normal guy. It took us an hour
socializing in a restaurant and the more he looked at me – the colder
was becoming. I could not stand it and asked: “Am I saying something wrong?” AND
received an unexpected response: “You know, in the photos on the site you
was so much like an actress with whom I have been in love since early childhood,
all my life I dreamed of finding a girl like her. I thought that
it’s you. But in reality you are not really like her. So I
I think we will fail … “It turns out that he sought
not me, but a clone of your favorite actress. It was not me who was interested, but she was
to me. Is it worth mentioning that we have not seen again?

Conclusion number one – the photo should be placed current, but not
old, but on which you especially like yourself. Moreover –
The photo should be made in full growth. After all, a portrait photo, like
the burqa gives a man space for a flight of fantasy. Here is a list
phrases that I heard when I met in real life (after all, I have a long time
there were portrait photos): “Oh, you’re so short …”, “Oh, and on
the photo you have more beautiful hair color “,” Yes, you have full
hips … “That is, the photo on the site should be as

Complex number two is my viability. This story happened
during my time in graduate school, I then lived in a dormitory and
traveled by subway. The site had my photos from the spring trip to
Europe: I am in Paris, Berlin, Vienna. In short, I stuffed myself
price AND, в результате, познакомилась с интересным мужчиной.
I talked with him for about a month: about music, cartoons, trips,
read books. Doubtfully and nobly. Agreed to meet he
позвонил, уточнив детали… AND я поняла, что свидание в 22:00 в другом
end of the city may end for me that i just won’t get
to the hostel, closing exactly at 00:00. Then I told him: “And
we could not meet earlier or closer to my house, I’m just in
I live in the dormitory and it closes at 00:00, ”to which I heard:“ You
do you live in a dorm? AND без машины? Well, okay, someday more
let’s call you. ” I hung up and immediately deleted the number, realizing that
no one else will call. AND оказалась права.

Conclusion number two – you need to tell yourself the truth and how you can
earlier. After the above case, I had a habit
declare immediately: “I live in a dorm. In addition, I take the subway,
I have no separate branch. ” If a man comes across
who is not looking for a woman, but an accessory, then silence ensues. If a
the person is normal, then communication continues.

Complex number three – the fear of real meetings. With this character
it all started as standard: met, chatted all night in the chat.
Then they began to talk for hours on the phone: smart, interesting, with
sense of humor. Communicated for almost a month, I flew on the wings.
I remember even my mother said: “This is it. Mom, he is my future husband.
I can feel it”. Met, talked in a cafe, and … it was
last meeting. With my further attempts to extend with him
relations and communicate at least on the site, he referred to employment,
dryly answered all my questions. I could not understand what was wrong
about a year later I dared to ask him a question about
what happened. �”Exaggerated expectations from our meeting in real life” –
that’s all he wrote.

Conclusion number three – no wonder they say that if a woman tries
like and afraid of losing a man, then vibration emanates from her
of fear. And fear, he is like aggression, scares and with him I had something
the same thing. When communicating on the Internet, I could joke and was witty,
at the meeting, which I was waiting for, I was nervous and afraid to say
something wrong. As a result, she sat, looked at him stupidly and
was silent.

Even after this story, I did not delete my profile. After all, in
Online dating has a lot of advantages: you are sitting at home,
in slippers and pajamas, and looking for love. AND понимая, что все анонимно,
that you can never meet these people on the street, you are not afraid
take the first step. At the same time, you need to understand that dating in
the Internet is like a tape measure: red is for someone – love, for someone
black is a disappointment. AND как бы заманчивы и привлекательны not были
relations in the network, sooner or later, will have to meet in real life. BUT
This is where the real life begins, in which we already
not avatars with text, and live people.

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