Dancing for weight loss: an incendiary rhythmof success

tantsi-dlya-pohudeniyaOf course, slimming dancing is not
A new kind of dance direction.

But the right movements under the rhythmic music will help not only
easily without unnecessary and unjustified torment in the gym to lose
overweight, but also significantly improve muscle tone and lift


Dancing for weight loss: the choice of direction

To the sound of an ageless waltz

At first glance, a waltz is quite a light dance, and
Weight loss seems doubtful. But so think those who
never waltzed. In fact, about 260 are lost in the waltz
calories for half an hour of training. Dance does not require special
preparation, but the sense of rhythm will be your assistant.

Broad steps to the smooth music will help you tighten your muscles
thighs, lifting on the fingers will help to build a thinner lower leg, and
sliding movement of the feet, maintaining posture, correct
the position of the chin will strengthen the arms and legs, neck muscles and back.

In addition, you can not do without a waltz partner. Which means
In addition to the taut figure and magnificent posture, you will get
the opportunity to either make new friends or hold
Great time with your loved one.

… and rock and roll!

In the early 1960s, when this dance came to us as
�”Pernicious influence of the West” from the United States, its jumping and “twisting”
hip movements seemed too bold. Old films show
us beautiful girls in bell skirts and beautiful young
people, the personification of the “American dream” and youth.

Today, nothing can compare with rock and roll on
popularity, it spawned a host of varieties, among which
bebop, boogie-woogie and rock-swing. An important factor in his
prevalence has become a guarantee of rapid weight loss.

Rock and roll allows you to get rid of the extra 700-800 calories per hour!
The result is amazing. Shock absorbing movements allow
tighten the buttocks, and graceful arm movements – back and shoulders.
Rumba dance!

Only a free Cuba could produce such a passionate dance.
It is noteworthy that originally rumba imitated cock dancing
marriage period. And now rumba is considered the dance of lovers. Body
flowing, exhausted in desire and bliss, movements become alluring
and graceful.

All the complexity of the rumba is the need for accurate execution
drawing steps. Rumbu dance very slowly, and this requires a clear
coordination of movements and a large number of forces.

Rumba is perfect for those couples who are not just
seek to free and demonstrate their desires, but also
to please their chosen ones taut figures. Rumba not only
pleasant, but also incredibly useful as one of the directions
for a fascinating weight loss.

O samba! Oh Rio!

Without samba it is impossible to imagine the Brazilian carnival.
It was samba that the great Fred Aster danced in the film “Flight to Rio”.
Samba is when your soul is dancing and rejoicing with your body!
Feel yourself on a luxurious platform in the center of the carnival

Your walk will become more attractive, your back will straighten,
eyes light up. All major muscle groups are involved in samba,
so soon you will be able to wield your body like a master
perfumer – scents. Dance to your health!

Of course, this list of dance for weight loss is far from complete!
Disco, foxtrot, step, jazz-modern, hip-hop, flamenco, belly dance
and, of course, passionate tango! The choice is yours. It has long been proven that
music has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system
man, there is even music therapy. So combine!

Turn on the music and start moving as your body desires!
This will not only bring joy, but also help to say goodbye to unnecessary

Those who wish to improve the result can be advised to wear
workout warm, preferably wool, things and do not stop
within 20-25 minutes. Remember that immediately rush to dance is fraught
excessive load on the muscles. It should be increased gradually! AND
the body will thank you with slender contours and tight muscles.
Good luck to you!

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