Curd cheese cream – both on the cake and on the bread!Recipes сладких и соленых кремов из творожного сыра для десертов иsnacks

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Curd cheese is an amazing product that is ready for

But it is much more interesting to get cake creams out of it,
пирожных, бутербродов и других snacks.

In this cheese, you can add even sugar, even salt, which we
will do!

Curd Cheese Cream – General Cooking Principles

Curd cheese usually has a dense, thick consistency. Before
using it, you need to remove it from the jar and stir it. Then you can
add other ingredients.

What is laid in sweet creams:

• sugar, powder, honey, syrups;

• butter, sour cream, cream;

• vanilla, flavors;

• fruits, berries, concentrates.

Sweet creams coat cakes for cakes, pastries,
fill baskets, decorate cupcakes. You can vary with
flavors, color, add a variety of ingredients.

No less popular salty creams – spreads. They are used for
всевозможных snacks, бутербродов, рулетов.

What to put in salted creams:

• vegetables, greens;

• nuts;

• mushrooms;

• fish, mostly red.

All types of creams are not subject to long storage. Use
mass is desirable immediately after preparation.

Cream cheese with butter

The recipe for the amazing Cheese cream that is perfect for
sponge cakes. It can be used under mastic and another


• 0.28 kg of cheese;

• 0.12 kg of oil;

• 1 pinch of vanilla;

• 90 grams of powder.


1. Choose the oil in which the percentage of fat is at least 80. In this
If the cream is correct. Cut into pieces, leave on
time is warm.

2. Immerse the mixer in a bowl, beat the butter. Gradually fill up
powdered sugar and vanilla. The mass should be completely snow white

3. Теперь нужно ввести творожный cheese. Add it all at once.
Beat with a mixer for another two minutes.

4. The cream is ready! In addition to vanilla, you can put it in other
flavors, colors to your taste.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake

This cream cheese cake is also present.
sour cream. It is very important that it is rather fat and thick,
preferably at least 30%.


• 280 g cheese curd;

• 200 g sour cream;

• 130 g of powder;

• 100 g chocolate.


1. We take a good chocolate with a high content of cocoa, break into
кусочки, складываем в a bowl.

2. Add one spoonful of sour cream, put in the bath. Melt to
homogeneity, try not to overheat. Therefore, periodically

3. Beat the rest of the sour cream with icing sugar.

4. Open curd cheese, shift to cream.

5. Add melted chocolate, whisk again.

6. Reserve крем на полчаса в холодильнике, если нужно, чтобы
he thickened.

Cream cheese with dill and cucumber

A variant of salted cream cheese, which is ideal
suitable for sandwiches. Such spreading can be used.
alone or as a base for a red fish sandwich.


• 0.2 kg of cheese;

• 0.07 kg fresh cucumber;

• 0.5 cloves of garlic;

• salt, black pepper;

• 0.5 buns of dill.


1. Put salt in cheese, add black pepper and carefully
knead so that the crumbs dissolve.

2. Cut the cucumber into small cubes, send to salted

3. Dill sprigs washed, remove the largest copies,
chop finely.

4. Pour dill to cheese, stir thoroughly. We use
weight to destination.

5. Since the composition of fresh cucumber, spreading is not stored more than 6
hours in the fridge. Before каждым использованием массу нужно будет
stir well.

Cream cheese cake and cream

The recipe for an airy and tender cream for cottage cheese cake.
Also, this mass is suitable for decorating sweet baskets,
Cupcakes and other cakes. Cream is needed for whipping. I.e
fat content should be at least 30%.


• 300 grams of cheese;

• 200 g of cream;

• 120 g of powder;

• 1 g vanilla;

• 1 bag thickener, if needed.


1. Mix the powder with vanilla. If you need to get tight,
thick cream, then add a special thickener. Exact amount
look at the product packaging.

2. Pour the cream into a bowl. Immerse the mixer beaters and whip
before the foam.

3. Gradually add powder with vanilla, continue
beat up

4. Put the cheese in a bowl, stir well, the mass should be
homogeneous to make it easier to connect with the cream. Can
cream just beat mixer a minute.

5. Add cheese to the cream, whisk with a mixer for a minute.

6. The cream is ready! Cool mass before use.

Spicy curd cheese cream with garlic and nuts

Another version of cottage cheese cream for sandwiches. Also this
the mass is suitable for filling tartlets, tomatoes, lubrication
snack cakes from the liver, zucchini, carrots. Nuts best
use walnuts.


• 0.2 kg of cheese;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 0.2 tsp. red pepper;

• 40 g of nuts;

• 1 spoon of sour cream, mayonnaise;

• 2 sprigs of dill.


1. Put the nuts in the pan. Fry three minutes on fire
so that they reveal the scent. Cooling down.

2. Now the nuts can be chopped. We do it in a convenient way: with a knife,
blender or just roll the kernels with a rolling pin. We set aside.

3. Mix cheese with red pepper.

4. Grind a clove of garlic, add to the future cream.

5. Dill cut finely. You can take another green, for example,
parsley, basil. Add to cheese.

6. Put a spoonful of mayonnaise or sour cream to make the consistency
creamy. We look at the mass, you may need to add more.

7. In the end, pour the nuts, salt.

8. Namazku need to mix thoroughly with all the ingredients
leave for half an hour for the nuts to share the flavor with the main
by weight.

Cream cake from cottage cheese and boiled condensed milk

Another popular flavor of cottage cheese cake cream,
which is very similar to creme brulee. Condensed milk goes for him
boiled. You can buy varenku in the store or cook
on their own, as they did in Soviet times.


• 300 grams of cheese;

• 50 g of oil;

• 280 g of boiled condensed milk.


1. Take out all the products from the refrigerator, leave it in a warm place,
the butter needs to soften.

2. We throw a piece of oil in the mixer capacity or just
a bowl.

3. Add a spoon of condensed milk and begin to beat.

4. Gradually introduce all condensed milk.

5. We start to add gradually cheese cheese.

6. Once all the products are in the bowl, you can add vanilla.
or some essence.

7. Cream is ready! It itself turns thick, saturated,
therefore, it can be used immediately after preparation.

Strawberry cream cheese and cream

Strawberry cream recipe, but can also be prepared
raspberry, cherry and any other taste. Berries can be taken fresh
or frozen.


• 250 g strawberries;

• 300 grams of cheese;

• 200 g of cream;

• 6 tablespoons of powder;

• 30 ml of water;

• 20 ml of strawberry, cream or any other liqueur.


1. One third of strawberries are selected. It is desirable that this part includes
dense berries. Putting them aside for the time being.

2. Put the rest of the strawberries in a saucepan, pour in according to the recipe
water, close and set on the stove. You need to boil them until soft.
Three minutes is enough. Cooling down.

3. Take a fine sieve and wipe the berries to get rid of
pits, veins. The result is the most delicate puree.

4. Add any liqueur in the puree, you can pour a spoon of brandy.

5. Whip the cream with powder to fluffy foam. To make the cream
thick and whipped cream, the fat content of the dairy product should be
not less than 30%.

6. Add to cream strawberry puree.

7. Whisk the cheese separately. One minute is enough, just to
give mass homogeneity.

8. Соединяем сыр со сливочной by weight.

9. Cut the deferred berries in small pieces or plates,
send in the cream.

10. Stir, sandwich cake, remove for impregnation.

Fruit cream cake with curd cheese and yogurt

Recipe fruit layer for the cake, the taste of which
achieved by adding yogurt. It is very important to use
thick, fat yogurt. Otherwise, the mass will be liquid. Taste
Yogurt choose yourself.


• 150 g of oil;

• 250 g of yogurt;

• 200 grams of cheese;

• 5-8 tablespoons of powder.


1. Put the butter, cut into pieces, in a bowl. Reserve
at room temperature until softened.

2. Immerse the mixer. Oil need to beat five minutes. It will become
light, airy.

3. Add powder, but not all at once. Enter small
in portions. The amount of sugar depends on the sweetness of the yogurt. If he doesn’t
sugary, then put spoons 7-8. If the product is sweet enough,
that’s enough 5 pieces.

4. Beat the butter with the powder for a couple of minutes, add a curd spoon

5. As soon as the cheese is finished, it remains to add fruit.

6. Whip the cream until smooth. Optionally, you can in it
add thickener. In this case, yogurt can be made more.

Curd Cheese Cream – Tips and Tricks

• So that all the ingredients of the creams merge together, their temperature
should be the same. Especially capricious in this respect is oil.
If it is cold or a product of another temperature is added to it,
then the oil can get clumped.

• A thickener for a cream is not only a useful product, but also
economical. It allows you to achieve the desired consistency, add to
cream more liquid ingredients, save on curd cheese.

• Is there little cheese or you want to save? You can add a piece of cream
cottage cheese. But the product should not be grainy, dry. Choose
fat cottage cheese with a homogeneous consistency. Before adding to the total
It is desirable to beat up its mass with a blender or grind.

• If you add a spoonful of brandy to the curd cream, then
There will be a thin taste of walnut.

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