Crucian in a slow cooker – delicious river fish.The best recipes of crucians in a crock-pot: baked, stewed, steamed,fried

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Karasiki have tender meat with a sweetish taste.

From time immemorial in Russia there were many ways of cooking
this fish.

Because crucians have always been very popular among

Crucian in a slow cooker – the basic principles of cooking

Crucian rather bony fish, and this is perhaps the only
its flaw. Therefore, it should be eaten very carefully, removing
pre all, even the smallest bones.

The crucian in the slow cooker can be fried, stewed, cooked on
steamed, baked, and even made into canned food.

Peel the fish, trim the fins and gut. If a
there is a black film inside the abdomen; clean it out. Again
wash the fish and dry with napkins. Then the fish is salted, seasoned.
spices, rubbing the fish and the inside. Leave for a while

Before stewing, crucians need to be breaded in flour and fry with
both sides.

Stuffed carp with mushrooms and vegetables, pre-fry

Recipe 1. Crucian in a slow cooker in sour cream


  • crucian – 600 g;

  • salt;

  • a glass of sour cream;

  • spices;

  • two cloves of garlic;

  • two spoons of ghee;

  • parsley and dill.

Cooking method

1. Rinse the fish well and remove the scales from it. Cut along
abdomen and gently remove the insides. If a присутствует черная
film, clean it out. Rinse the fish well under running water and
dip with a paper towel.

2. Peel garlic cloves, finely crumble and mix with
sour cream.

3. Rinse parsley and dill, shake off excess moisture and
finely chop.

4. Start the baking program and melt in the slow cooker.
butter. Roll crucian carp in flour and place in bowl. Fry carp
on both sides, before the formation of golden brown.

5. Season fish with pepper and salt, pour sour cream with
garlic Put the device into the “extinguishing” mode and torment the fish for two
hours Serve crucians with potato and vegetable garnish
a salad.

Recipe 2. Stewed carp in a slow cooker


  • three small crucian;

  • spice;

  • onions – 100 g;

  • sunflower oil;

  • sour cream – one and a half glasses;

  • flour;

  • butter – 40 g

Cooking method

1. Carefully clean crucian from scales, cut off the heads and
giblets Again промываем и обсушиваем на салфетке. We serve fish
in flour.

2. Activate the device in the “frying” mode. At the bottom of the bowl pour the oil
sunflower and warm it up. We lay out breaded
karasikov and fry on both sides until golden brown. Take out
carp and shift on a plate.

3. Peel and shred the onion with thin feathers. We spread in a bowl and
fry until golden brown. Fill the onions with sour cream,
season with spices and dip carp.

4. Включаем функцию «выпечка» и готовим рыбу еще полhours Serve
crucian with mashed potatoes.

Recipe 3. Fried carp in a slow cooker


  • 500 g crucian carp;

  • fresh herbs;

  • bulb;

  • 5 g of spices for fish;

  • 30 grams of flour;

  • salt;

  • 50 ml of sunflower oil.

Cooking method

1. Cut the heads, cut off the fins with kitchen scissors and
giblets fish. We clean the black film with a knife. Now we clean the fish
from scales and wash under running water.

2. Rub the fish with a mixture of spices for fish and salt. Do it like
outside and inside.

3. Вливаем в чашу прибора подсолнечное butter. Clean the bulb
wash and shred half rings. Put the onion in the bowl and run
the program “frying”. Cooking, stirring with a wooden spatula, a couple

4. Карасей обваливаем in flour. Fried onion move aside and
Putting carp in a container. We fry, having closed a cover, from two parties,
four minutes each. Fried crucians served, garnished with lemon
and greens.

Recipe 4. Baked carp in a slow cooker with vegetables


  • crucian weighing 700 g;

  • 30 grams of vegetable oil;

  • 50 grams of cheese;

  • egg;

  • bulb;

  • 30 ml of soy sauce;

  • carrot;

  • on a pair of dill and parsley;

  • salt;

  • black pepper.

Cooking method

1. Carefully clean the carp from the scales, make a cut along the abdomen
and take out the insides. Cut off the head and tail. Crop
kitchen scissors fins. We wash the fish under the tap and cut it.
into three identical pieces.

2. Put the fish in a plate, pepper, salt and pour soy
the sauce.

3. Clean the carrots and onions from the skin, wash and cut them

4. We drive an egg into a plate. Cheese three and mix it with the egg.

5. Lubricate the bowl of the device with oil and place vegetables on the bottom.
From above we spread crucians. We lower the lid and activate the function
�”bakery products”. Таймер запускаем на полhours

6. After 20 minutes, pour vegetables with fish, beaten egg with cheese.
Serve как самостоятельное блюдо.

Recipe 5. Stuffed crucian in a slow cooker


  • large crucian carp;

  • кухонная salt;

  • 100 g of champignons;

  • black pepper;

  • 75 g breadcrumbs;

  • parsley;

  • lemon;

  • egg.

Cooking method

1. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon.

2. Crab thoroughly scrape, gut and rinse
under running water. Be sure to strip off the black film inside
abdomen. Fish rub with a mixture of salt and pepper. Sprinkle with juice

3. Rinse the champignons, peel and cut into plates.
Fry the mushrooms in baking mode until cooked. Put the mushrooms in
a plate.

4. Finely chop the greens. Add it to the mushrooms. Pepper,
посолите и вбейте egg. Stir.

5. Stuff the fish with the filling and place in the container
device, smeared with vegetable oil. Activate the function
�Bake, close the lid and cook for 15 minutes each
to the side. Подавайте карася, украсив ломтиками лимона and greens.

Recipe 6. Canned carp in a multicooker


  • crucian – kg;

  • salt;

  • onions – two heads;

  • spices for fish;

  • onions – two heads;

  • flour;

  • carrot;

  • vegetable oil – 100 ml;

  • Tomato juice – a glass.

Cooking method

1. Cut tails, fins and heads from crucians. Flush
crucians under the tap and dry them with napkins. Abundantly rub the fish
солью и оставляем в холодильнике на четверть hours Then wash
carp again.

2. Serve crucian carp in flour and fry in a slow cooker, turning
device in the “frying” mode. Перекладываем обжаренную рыбу на a plate.
My bowl and wipe dry.

3. Лук чистим и нарезаем rings. Put them on the bottom
multicookers. On top of the bow lay carp. Carrot clean, wash
and big three. Sprinkle crucians with grated carrots. Fill all
tomato juice, pepper and salt.

4. Cooking canned carp for 4 hours, activating the function
�”Quenching”. We put the finished fish in sterile cans and immediately
hermetically roll up.

Recipe 7. Crucian cutlets in a multicooker


  • 600 g of crucian carp;

  • two cloves of garlic;

  • egg;

  • bulb;

  • spices for fish;

  • two slices of white loaf;

  • flour.

Cooking method

1. Clean carp carcasses, remove heads, tails and fins.
Нарежьте рыбу кусочками и хорошенько rinse under running water.
Pass the carp through the meat grinder three times. The first time is just a fish
then along with peeled onions and a third time soaked in milk
and squeezed loaf.

2. Salt minced meat, season with spices, beat an egg into it and
knead thoroughly. Mince make oval cutlets.

3. Switch on the crock-pot to the “baking” mode, pour oil into the bowl
vegetable and thoroughly heat up. Fry two patties
sides to ruddy. Then fill them with fish broth, run
функцию «тушение» и томите сорок minutes Serve the fish with boiled
potatoes or cooked rice.

Recipe 8. Crucians in a multicooker for a couple


  • two crucians;

  • purified water – a glass;

  • seven potatoes;

  • salt;

  • two carrots;

  • seasoning;

  • bulb;

  • sunflower oil – 80 ml;

  • lemon is half.

Cooking method

1. We clean carps from scales, with giblets and cut fins.
kitchen scissors. Flush рыбу под краном и обсушиваем
napkins. Rub the carp with a mixture of salt and spices and sprinkle
соком lemon.

2. Peel potatoes, wash and cut into cubes. Shred the onion
rings. Морковь чистим and big three.

3. Lubricate the bowl with oil and lay out a layer of potatoes. Above
put onion rings and carrots. Fill vegetables with purified water,
salt and season with spices. Above устанавливаем
grid-steamer and lay it carp. We lower the lid and
Turn on the “steaming” function. Готовим полhours

4. Put vegetables on the dish, top spread
steamed crucian carp. Decorate with greens.

Recipe 9. Ear of carp in a multicooker


  • kg carp;

  • salt;

  • two bulbs;

  • dill greens;

  • parsley root;

  • six peppercorns;

  • Bay leaf;

  • five potatoes.

Cooking method

1. Clean the carp, gut and trim the tails and

2. Cut the fish into large chunks and place in the bowl of the device
Fill with purified water.

3. Запустите программу �”Quenching”.

4. Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut into strips. Purified
finely chop the onion.

5. Place half the onion in the bowl. Vegetables shift to
fish, pepper and salt. Stir and continue cooking, not
меняя режим, полhours

Crucian in a slow cooker – tricks and tips

  • To make the bones softer, make cuts across the back,
    сбрызните соком лимона и выдержите полhours

  • To get rid of the unpleasant smell of Tina, before frying
    put a slice of onion in the belly of a crucian.

  • Караси подавайте со сметанным или томатным the sauce.

  • Do not overcook crucians, otherwise the meat will become tough and dry.

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