Crab salad – the best recipes. How to anddelicious to cook a salad of crab sticks.

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Crab salad – general principles and methods of cooking

For the first time crab sticks appeared in our country back in 90
years They began to decorate the tables in the crab salad at the “new
Russians “, and made an impression of exotic sea
delicacy. Few people tried real crabs in those times
tasty and unusual product gave a sense of belonging to

Times are changing, and today in every store we can see
a variety of “crab sticks” that are popular
because of the small price and the ability to quickly cook a few
dishes, such as salads or rolls. Rarely does anyone think about
what is their composition and what they consist of. Paradox but in this
The crabs meat is not used at all. Part
low-calorie product (100 Kcal per 100 g.) includes minced fish,
protein, water, salt, sugar and starch.

As surimi fish fillet is used.
freshly caught low-fat ocean fish
high density. It may be cod fish – pollock,
hake, whiting. A common belief is that crab sticks
made from waste, absolutely not true, surimi is produced
only from white fillet, repeatedly washed with water, as a result
only insoluble protein remains.

Salad with crab sticks impresses with its simplicity
cooking – because ingredients, with the exception of eggs, are not required
to boil. They are combined with many products, so the amount
recipes are constantly increasing, and each time you can cook
New Crab Salad.

Crab Salad – Food Preparation

Choosing quality crab sticks is not easy, but
The main rule, of course, is the price. The more expensive the product, the more
It contains surimi and less soy protein. Crab taste sticks
is obtained by adding flavor enhancers and
flavors, and with the help of carmine and paprika color is given.
Surimi should be on the list of ingredients in the first place. If in
it is not listed at all in the list – it is better not to buy such a product.

Of course, it is advisable to buy sticks with natural
flavoring or coloring agents, pay attention to the color – it
should only be from the outside. In appearance, they should be
elastic and externally neat, then they will taste juicy.
Thaw them at room temperature. As for the others
canned ingredients, (as a rule, it is corn, olives,
mayonnaise), recommendations may be similar – as far as possible,
more naturalness. Virtually all recipes are present.
boiled eggs – stock up on them in advance, boil and cool.

Crab Salad – Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Mimosa with Crab Sticks

Mimosa is the puff salad beloved by our population
associated with the outer yellow color obtained from the top layer
egg yolks. Mimosa with crab sticks is fast

Ingredients: eggs (4-5 pieces), crab sticks (200 grams), cheese
(200 gr.), Onions (1 piece), apple (2 pieces), mayonnaise – to taste, around
cans (200 gr).

Cooking method

The secret to the well-known “Mimosa” is that the ingredients
stacked in layers. You must first boil the eggs,
separate the whites from the yolks. Prepare onion – chop it and
soak in cold water to remove excess bitterness. Layers:
cut egg whites with a fork, grate cheese,
freeze butter in the fridge and also rub on
grater, peel the apple and core, rub, using
large grater. We post it in the same order. We coat all layers
a layer of mayonnaise, top lay out a layer of chopped yolks

Recipe 2: Crab sticks with rice and pickled

Marinated mushrooms give the salad a sour and savory taste.
In order not to overdo it – add some rice.

Ingredients: crab sticks (1 pack), rice (1/2 cup), eggs
(3 pcs), onions (1 pc), pickled mushrooms (1 can or 1 cup),
mayonnaise, greens.

Cooking method

For the preparation of this salad is best marinated
Champignon. You can use any other solid mushrooms. We cut
eggs, mushrooms, crab sticks, onions, mix with rice and season
mayonnaise ingredients. We decorate with greens and small beautiful
Mushrooms: in the center a sprig of parsley, and under it we plant mushrooms.
Original combination: a small mushroom glade on
rice-crab field.

Recipe 3: Salad of crab sticks and oranges recipe

Oranges are used in many salads. Can not say that
This is a recipe for every day, but still lovers of combinations of the most
variety of products will find something new in it.

Ингредиенты: яйца (5 шт.), крабовые палочки
(250-300gr), sweet corn (300 gr), oranges (2 pieces), mayonnaise,

Cooking method

Boil eggs and chop. Crab sticks chopped. Oranges
peel and divide into slices, cut very carefully.
Corn separated from the juice and mix with the other ingredients
season with mayonnaise and salt to taste.

Рецепт 4: Салат из крабовых палочек с ветчиной и mushrooms

Almost all crab salads are dressed with mayonnaise,
with the exception of this dish, which already has a rich composition.
Fill it with a special fill – vegetable oil, spices, juice
lemon – tasty and nutritious salad will get a new look.

Ингредиенты: грибы(150г), крабовые палочки (300
gr), 300g, sweet pepper (200 gr), ham (100 gr), potatoes (300
gr), vegetable oil, salt pepper, olives, greens – by
to taste.

Cooking method

For the salad, you can use fresh or marinated mushrooms.
Fresh mushrooms boil in salted water with spices, pickled
just separate from brine. Potatoes, ham and mushrooms are cut
diced, pepper strips, crab sticks are cut across and on
small pieces along. Mix and fill with salt, pepper, juice
lemon and vegetable oil. Greens and olives nicely placed
from above.

Recipe 5: Crab stick salad with corn chips

This salad is different from the classic presence of one
ingredient – crab chips. They can be expanded around as
flower petals or fall asleep on top – it all depends on
moods and desires. A beautiful flower with a crab flavor will be
table decoration and a good way to satisfy hunger.

Ингредиенты: Сладкая кукуруза (1 банка),
crab sticks (200 gr), eggs (3 pieces), onions 1 piece), mayonnaise, chips (
1 pack), cucumbers (2 pieces).

Cooking method

We cut кусочками крабовые палочки и яйца, режем мелко лук и
mix with corn, rice and cucumbers. Putting in a salad bowl.
Fold the crab sticks into large, wide dishes.
We decorate with chips only when serving.

Crab Salad – useful tips from experienced chefs

Not only salads are made from crab sticks, but also various
snacks If inыбрать особенные палочки, которые раскручиваются —
You can spread the resulting strip with a suitable filling and
twist. Imagine what handsome rolls you get,
if you put a sprig of parsley inside, so that greens would look out.
Or another option – balls with filling. Grate sticks,
mix with mayonnaise, and roll up a ball with a round olive inside,
Yes, if you still breaded in grated cheese – it turns out delicious and
interesting snack.


Maria 12/16/2016 Crab sticks for me turned out to be very
dietary product. They are protein and low-calorie. In the morning
a couple of hours after the oatmeal was making a salad with crab sticks,
he is without mayonnaise and any harm. Tasty and satisfying!

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