Couscous with vegetables and broth

Our housewives gradually replenish their cookbooks with new ones.
dishes popular in other countries. One of these dishes is
Moroccan couscous This is a small yellow-colored croup, very delicate.
to the taste. It is prepared instantly, well suited to meat and

We like to add couscous to cold vegetable salads. Sometimes
in vegetarian cafes they are brought literally ice – right from
the fridge. I also like how couscous is cooked in Africa
and oriental cuisines. There it is served hot and poured strong


Let’s cook couscous with Moroccan vegetables. We have
you get a vegan fast dish that can be eaten separately or
serve as a side dish, for example, to a chicken breast chop.
Caloric content of the finished couscous is 112 kcal per 100 g, glycemic
the index is 65, the percentage of fat is not more than 1%, carbohydrates – 23 grams,
squirrel 3.7 gr.


• 200 grams of couscous • 400 ml of water • 1 carrot; • ½ purple onion •
1-2 Bulgarian peppers • 100 g of green beans; • oregano • pepper,


First you need to boil the vegetable broth for couscous. Slice
carrot and diced onion, pepper cut into two parts, remove
seeds, soft partitions and tail, and also chop
squares. ku3

In a saucepan suitable size pour water, put on fire.
First, throw carrots, tk. she cooks longer than others

Meanwhile, chop the zucchini, chop the bean pods into
several parts. If you use frozen vegetables,
defrost them optional, enough to pour in warm water and
remove the remnants of ice.

When the carrot is fully prepared, throw the rest into the pan.
vegetables. ku5

Доведите бульон с овощами до кипения, сдобрите saltю и перцем,
 I still threw a pinch of oregano. Boil for about 1 minute
remove from heat and let it brew for five minutes. All vegetables are enough
soft and gentle, so time is enough – they will have time
get ready, and the broth will take from them all tastes and smells.


Strain the broth, tossing the vegetables into a fine sieve.


Pour couscous into a deep container, pour broth into it
ratio of 1 to 1.5, that is, 200 g of cereal 300 ml of liquid. Through
5 minutes couscous will be ready.


Pour it into the pan, mix with vegetables.

When serving, pour the remaining broth into the saucepan (approximately 50
milliliters, since the rest will evaporate during cooking)
and pour it during the meal, it will be so much tastier, couscous
will remain juicy. Enjoy your meal. ku8

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