Cottage cheese – suitable food for weight loss

Cottage cheese  – один из немногих продуктов, который практически не
has flaws and is great for different diets with a view
losing weight

What is useful curd for weight loss?

In terms of nutritional value, curd is a real find for
losing weight

The amount of protein in 100 g of the product is on average 12-18 g, which
quite comparable to veal and pork. But the ratio of protein / fat
for low-fat (1.8%) curd several times less.

This means that when eating meat to a load of useful 15
grams of protein you get almost 30 grams of fat, and for cottage cheese the amount
fat will be minimal.

Thus, in the cottage cheese there is little fat and a lot of protein, exactly what
need for a diet.

The glycemic index of the curd is 45, which makes the product
ideal for dinner after 18:00. Cook for dinner
light salad with curd and green lettuce with tomatoes
and cucumbers. This dinner does not hurt the figure.

Which cottage cheese is better to eat when losing weight?

Fully fat-free cottage cheese (with 0% fat), like any
low-fat dairy products, can not be recommended not only
for weight loss, but for healthy eating in general.

Our body needs fats for normal life.
At their full deficit numerous violations are observed up to
to impotence in men, and inability to get pregnant in women.

Therefore, if you are going to eat cottage cheese for weight loss, better
keep the golden mean in the range from 1.8% to 5% fat.

Cottage cheese Calories per 100 g B / F / U
101 kcal protein – 16 g fat – 1.8 g carbohydrates – 3.3 g
121 kcal protein – 16 g fat – 5 g carbohydrates – 3 g
157 kcal protein – 16 g fat – 9 g carbohydrates – 3 g

Calcium in curd contains 165 mg. It seems not enough, but for
сравнения, в  кунжуте кальция – 780 мг. In addition, calcium
poorly absorbed, if the cottage cheese is not fat. Therefore, it is better to receive
Calcium from other foods, such as greens and nuts.

Is it possible to eat cottage cheese every day?

Naturally, to forbid you daily to feast on cottage cheese, I do not
can. Once the soul asks, and the body tolerates, eat on
health. However, some arguments must still be voiced.

It should be remembered that cottage cheese is a protein concentrate. Let be
of natural origin and with minimal processing, but concentrate.
This means that if we want to keep our bodies safe, then everything
concentrated protein products – cottage cheese, cheese, nuts, seeds –
should be used occasionally and / or in limited quantities.
Therefore, to the question “how often can I eat cottage cheese?” I will answer that
I recommend to use cottage cheese no more than once a day.

When is it better to eat cottage cheese

It is better to eat cottage cheese in the first half of the day, since it
digested much longer fermented milk products – 2-3
hours For comparison, ryazhenka, kefir, natural yogurt
перевариваются около hours

If for dinner you add a spoonful of sour cream to the cottage cheese, but a spoon
sweet jam, then consider that the stomach will empty at least after
3-4 hours. It is fraught with a long sleep and unpleasant

Therefore, for dinner you can recommend to eat cottage cheese in small
amounts, for example 2-3 tablespoons add to light vegetable

In addition, homemade cottage cheese often contains not completely
fermented milk sugar (lactose), and many people have on it
There is heartburn, which is bad in itself, but at night – all the more so.
How is aggravation of gastritis or peptic ulcer? Shop
cottage cheese is devoid of such a deficiency – there is no lactose in it.

And finally, any food with its frequent use annoys clean
psychologically. If every day for several weeks
eat cottage cheese, he is more likely to bother you to
extremes. It will be a pity to refuse excellent dietary
product because of the banal satiety.

How much cottage cheese is when losing weight?

Need to focus on the total figure of 25-50 grams of fat per day,
which is better not to exceed. Calculate how much you can afford
with such restrictions.

For cottage cheese with 5% fat, you need to eat 500 g to
get a load of 25 g of fat (5% of 100 g = 5 g). In 2% cottage cheese
even less fat. It is unlikely that you will master a pound of cottage cheese per day.
I believe that 200 grams per day, no more, – just right.

Calorie curd 5% fat as an independent
dishes (200 g) will be approximately 230 kcal, which is quite acceptable,
even with the addition of vegetables, herbs and berries.

What to use cottage cheese for weight loss?

For weight loss cottage cheese is better to use with non-starchy vegetables
(tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, baby carrots and beets, etc.), greens
and berries.

You can eat it for breakfast as a separate dish, you can take it on
work if you need non-nutritious snacks. If you get bored
taste the curd, whisk it in a blender with fresh or frozen
berries, you get a non-nutritive protein smoothie.

Well cook sandwiches with cottage cheese and greens on
whole grain bread and crispbread. Very tasty it turns out
baking cheese, all sorts of diet cheesecakes, casseroles,
muffins and cheesecakes with the addition of zucchini, pumpkins and oatmeal

Most importantly, remember that on a low-calorie (low-calorie) diet
cottage cheese should be eaten without sugar, otherwise the whole point of using this
product as dietary lost.

Curd diet for three days

This is a fairly rigid diet, allowing you to throw about two
kilograms for 3 days.

breakfast: one soft-boiled egg, unsweetened tea, half a grapefruit
lunch: a pack of low-fat 1.8% cottage cheese, one tomato, tea without sugar
dinner: a pack of low-fat 1.8% cottage cheese, leaf salad without dressing,

Curd diet for a week

For those who want to lose a few pounds without starving,
continuing a tasty and satisfying meal, a curd diet will do. If you
you will do everything as it is written, then the daily caloric content is not
will exceed an average of 1300 kcal. It’s small enough to start.
lose weight smoothly

Diet on cottage cheese suggests that you eat cottage cheese for at least two
once a day, in addition, add Adyghe, soft and other
light cheeses, which in their dietary qualities are close to
cottage cheese.

If the curd diet menu does not say what to eat with
bread, then bread is not allowed. Carbohydrates get by
porridge, pearl barley, vegetables, crisp diet bread. In all
meals, cottage cheese is supposed to be eaten without sugar, otherwise you will exceed
calorie content.

Monday (1300 kcal)


200 g of boiled buckwheat with milk and mint. Кофе или tea без
sugar, milk and cream.


150 g of cottage cheese 1.8-2% fat with the addition of pieces


300 g borscht with beans, cooked in low-fat chicken broth
without potatoes

Tea time:

200 g fresh vegetable salad, dressed with a spoon of olive
butter with a small piece of boiled chicken breast.


200 g Fillet of cod baked with onions, cottage cheese and

Tuesday (1300 kcal)


200 g of omelette with Adyghe cheese and greens. (Cheese is chopped
кусочками и обжаривается вместе с омлетом) Кофе или tea без сахара,
milk and cream.


150 g of cottage cheese syrniki without sugar on corn flour (from
cottage cheese 1.8-2% fat, 50 g of corn flour)

Dinner: 300 г куриного супа на нежирном бульоне without potatoes с
adding pearl barley

Tea time:

200 g of beet salad with cottage cheese 1.8-2% fat, walnut
nuts and garlic, seasoned with one spoon of olive oil.

Dinner: 250 г стейка из лосося, запеченного с небольшим
amount of sea salt and black ground pepper.

Wednesday (1300 kcal)


Овсяная каша без сахара на молоке Кофе или tea без сахара,
milk and cream.

Snack: 200 г зерненого творога с курагой

Dinner: 300 г щей из свежей капусты на нежирном бульоне без

Tea time: 250 г витаминного салата из капусты и моркови, творог
1.8-2% fat content, seasoned with natural yogurt or kefir 1%
fat content.

Dinner: 250 г Филе пангасиуса, тушеное с помидорами, репчатым

Thursday (1300 kcal)


200 г омлета с зеленым горошком и брокколи Кофе или tea без
sugar, milk and cream.

Snack: 150 г творожных сырников без сахара на кукурузной муке
(из cottage cheese 1.8-2% fat, 50 g of corn flour)

Dinner: 300 г грибного супа without potatoes с сельдереем.

Tea time: 200 г салата из отварной свеклы и брынзы.

Dinner: 200 г Куриная грудка с брокколи и цветной капустой.

Friday (1300 kcal)

Breakfast: 200 г пшенной каши с черносливом, сваренной на 0,5%-ном
milk Кофе или tea без sugar, milk and cream.

Snack: Два хрустящих хлебца с творогом и зеленью

Dinner: 300 г овощного супа на нежирном курином бульоне без
картошки с adding pearl barley.

Tea time: 150 г греческого салата с творогом, заправленного одной
spoon of olive oil.

Dinner: 200 г куриной грудки, запеченной с творогом и зеленью с
adding a small amount of lemon juice and soy
the sauce.

Saturday (1300 kcal)

Breakfast: 200 г зерненого творога с медом и бананом. Кофе или tea
без sugar, milk and cream.

Snack: 150 г творожных сырников без сахара на кукурузной муке
(из cottage cheese 1.8-2% fat, 50 g of corn flour)

Dinner: 300 г солянки without potatoes

Tea time: 150 г овощного салата с куриной грудкой, заправленного
одной spoon of olive oil. Dinner: 200 г овощи запеченные с
chicken breast and cheese. 1 cup of kefir with a fat content of 1%.

Sunday (1300 kcal)

Breakfast: 200 г кукурузной каши с тертым cheese Кофе или tea без
sugar, milk and cream.

Snack: 150 г творога 1.8-2% жирности с добавлением ложки меда
or pp-jam (jam without sugar, sold in good

Dinner: 300 г рассольника овощного на нежирном бульоне без

Tea time: Два хрустящих хлебца с творогом .8-2% жирности и
red fish of weak salt.

Dinner: 200 г Филе индейки, запеченной с репчатым onions и

Воду и зеленый травяной tea можно пить без ограничения.

Recommendations for drinking regime:

1. In the morning on an empty stomach should drink 1-2 glasses of water at room temperature.
temperature 2. Before each meal for 30 minutes should
drink a glass of water. 3. It is recommended to limit drinking during
hours after meals.

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