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Cottage cheese is a useful product that is increasingly difficult to find in
the store.

An abundance of preservatives and various additives simply scares.

That is why many housewives go to home
cooking This is especially true if the curd is planned
use for baby food.

After all, there is nothing better than to feed the beloved child of good
a meal.

It is very simple to cook such cottage cheese in a multivarker from kefir.
Will do?


Cottage cheese in a kefir multicooker – general principles

Kefir for cottage cheese, you can even use a fat, product
all the same, if the fermented milk drink is natural. Not
use for processing dairy drinks long
storage. They have no use, after heating the taste may appear

A slow cooker is used to heat the fermented milk product.
With increasing temperature, the splitting process begins. I.e
separation of cottage cheese from whey. To do this, use the mode
maintain temperature or heated. It does not allow overheating.
kefir, which can be easily done on the stove. After separation of whites
flakes need to decant the whole whey from the product, usually used
gauze or other not very dense fabric. The procedure is described in detail.
just below.

Soft cottage cheese in a kefir multicooker

For preparations мягкого творога в мультиварке из kefir
need a dairy product 1-2% fat. At the exit
180-250 grams will be obtained, depending on the quality of the product.


• liter of kefir.


1. Pour the milk product into the multicooker bowl. To not
splash the instrument housing, you can remove the container.

2. We set the mode “Keep warm”.

3. After 12-15 minutes, the product will heat to a suitable temperature.
60-70 degrees. Flakes will start to appear on the surface.
gouging process.

4. Periodically open the lid, stir and evaluate the mass.
As soon as all kefir will be a mixture of whey and
flakes, you can turn off the slow cooker. On average for the whole process
will take 50 minutes.

5. We take out the capacity from the multicooker on the table, give a little
cool down

6. In a colander make the gauze, folded in half. If cells
canvases are large, then you can roll again. Put a colander on a bowl,
in which the serum will drain.

7. Pour the curdled kefir into a colander.

8. Lift the free ends of the gauze, form a knot. For
serum runoff should be suspended for 34 hours. You can just
squeeze and leave in a colander.

Cottage cheese in a kefir multicooker with milk

Variant of cottage cheese, which uses a mixture of kefir and
milk Fatty foods don’t matter but milk
should be real, it is desirable to take a village.


• 2 glasses of kefir;

• 2 литра milk


1. Fill in the slow cooker milk.

2. Add to it all the kefir.

3. Stir products with a wooden spoon or spatula.

4. Close the slow cooker and turn on the “Heater” for half an hour.

5. Turn off the device, stir again. Leave for 10 hours.
It is possible for the whole night.

6. During this time, curdled flakes will rise to the bottom
serum will leave. If everything happened, it’s time to fold
cottage cheese.

7. Throw gauze in a colander and gently pour kefir

8. We are waiting for the main part of the serum to leave; collect the tips.
matter together.

9. Leave the curd to drain off the whey for a couple of hours.

Cottage cheese in a multivark of kefir, milk and sour cream

Variant of very tasty and fat cottage cheese in a multivark of kefir
and other dairy products. It has a delicate texture and
very pleasant taste. It is advisable to use dairy products.
products with a fat content not lower than the average.


• 1.5 liters of kefir;

• 1 liter of milk;

• 1 cup sour cream.


1. Dilute sour cream in milk. You can add a little less
if the quantity is limited.

2. Pour into the slow cooker.

3. Add kefir.

4. Stir and leave for an hour to make sour milk
under the action of the remaining ingredients.

5. Turn on the heating for half an hour.

6. Turn off, leave the food in the slow cooker for five

7. Check the serum. If it is milky, then we withstand
еще пару hours

8. Now you need to fold the cottage cheese in gauze, let the excess drain
serum. Then use the product for your needs.

Cottage cheese in kefir multicooker with calcium chloride

For кальцинированного творога понадобится приобрести в аптеке
calcium chloride 10%. This recipe allows you to get useful for
children and adults product in a short time. It can be used in
baking, the additive does not affect anything.


• 1 liter of kefir;

• 1 scoop of calcium chloride.


1. Pour the main product in the multicooker, maintain for
reheat for about fifteen minutes.

2. During this time you need to have time to prepare the gauze and the rest.
dishes that will be needed to remove the whey. Then time
it will not be.

3. As soon as the dairy product will be nice warm
add calcium chloride to it.

4. Quickly stir, as the mass will be instantly
To stand.

5. Pour into gauze.

6. Raise the tips and wring out the first serum.

7. Next, hang the knot and leave for some time. Than
softer need cottage cheese, the less express serum.

Salted pasta from cottage cheese in a kefir multicooker

A variant of the curd product that is great for
useful sandwiches. It can also be used for stuffing.
помидоров, жареных баклажанов и preparations других закусок.


• 0.2 kg of kefir cottage cheese;

• salt pepper;

• 4 sprigs of dill;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• sour cream.


1. We shift the cottage cheese in the combine, or in any bowl, if
we will use an immersion blender.

2. Add peeled garlic cloves, salt, put black
pepper. Spicy food lovers can add red pepper.

3. Beat the mixture until chopped garlic. Gradually add
sour cream, adjusting the consistency. The curd should make cream,
but not liquid.

4. Wash the branches of dill, shake off the drops. Ship to
the rest of the ingredients.

5. Beat a little more to chop the dill.

6. Use the aromatic mass in different dishes. Not храним более
days and keep only in the refrigerator.

Sweet dessert from cottage cheese in a slow cooker from kefir

The recipe for a healthy dessert, delicious cream or wonderful
afternoon snack. Such a delicacy can be offered to children if there is no allergy.
on the included products.


• 1 handful of raisins;

• 250 grams of cottage cheese;

• 50 grams of butter;

• 70 ml of cream;

• 4 tablespoons of powder;

• vanilla.


1. It is advisable to remove the oil from the refrigerator at least an hour before
preparations десерта, пусть кусочек размягчится.

2. Raisin pour hot water. Grapes before it
preferably rinsed.

3. We combine cream with powder and curd, add vanillin to them
and beat together until smooth. It is advisable to use a blender.
But if it is not, then you can take an ordinary mixer.

4. Add soft butter, beat together. Now you can device
to remove.

5. Drain the raisins into a colander. Then lightly dried on

6. We shift soft grapes into curd mass.
Stir and ready!

7. Instead of raisins, similarly, you can add dried apricots to the treat,
prunes, dates and other dried fruits, cut into pieces. If a
the product is soft, you do not need to soak it. Good enough

Ice cream made from cottage cheese cooked in a slow cooker

You can cook not only sweet masses from homemade cottage cheese, but
and healthy ice cream. Tasty, natural, cold. It will save
from the need to buy hazards and in the summer will just go on


• творог из литра kefir (200-230 грамм);

• 0.12 kg of honey;

• 0.1 kg of banana;

• 30 grams of oil;

• 7 dates;

• 60 ml of milk;

• 40 grams of sugar;

• 4 tablespoons of walnuts.


1. Fold in a bowl of honey, cottage cheese and milk. Beat up

2. From the dates we take out the bones, cut the product into pieces. Not
we forget to wash the dried fruit before it.

3. Bananas are also cut into slices, mixed together with dates
to the curd. We remove the mass for a while in the refrigerator while we are engaged.
the remaining ingredients.

4. Walnuts are sorted, laid out on a cutting board and
we roll a rolling pin several times, we press a little. Pieces
not small ones turn out.

5. Heat up oil in a skillet, throw chopped nuts.
Fry to a pleasant flavor.

6. Add prescription sugar, keep on fire until

7. Cool the nuts in caramel, chop into pieces and shift to
curd mass, stir.

8. It remains only to decompose the ice cream in molds and soak in
freezer for 3 hours. If a нет специальных форм, можно использовать
small plastic containers, yoghurt glasses.

Творог в мультиварке из kefir — полезные советы и

• Need soft cottage cheese? In this case, kefir needs to be heated.
less. For получения более сухого творога, массу делают теплей. But
if suddenly the fermented milk product is digested, then the grains will be
dry and tough. This cottage cheese will be difficult to eat. is he
will fit only in baking, and only after wiping through a sieve.

• Than больше оставить в твороге сыворотки, тем нежнее и мягче
product, more output. For получения сухого творога мешочек можно
hang on all night You can hang and buy cottage cheese, if
its consistency does not suit. This technique is often used in
cooking festive Easter.

• If a вы часто готовите творог или планируете это делать, то
You can sew a special bag of three or four layers of gauze. AT
it is convenient to merge the product, tie, hang. After
preparations мешочек простирывают, высушивают, убирают до
next time.

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