Cottage cheese cheesecakes with cocoa and honeyapples

To cook dietary curd cheesecakes, you need to replace
high-calorie and harmful ingredients to the lungs and wholesome and so
way, reduce calorie and increase nutritional value.

s9 Traditionally as a thickener for cheesecakes
use flour or semolina, but these are empty calories, so instead
we add granola to them. Sugar replace natural stevia, and for
For added utility, add natural cocoa powder. For garnish
Fry apples with honey. Get dietary cheesecakes from cottage cheese with
apples и какао.

Granola is almost the same as oatmeal, but more delicious, since
it is baked with honey, often accompanied by nuts, dried fruits


(на 2 порции) s2 – обезжиренный творог – 200 г – яйцо – 1 шт. (need
only yolk) – cocoa powder – 3 tbsp. spoons – powder or syrup
Stevia – to taste (based on the packaging, about 2 g or 6-7
drops) – granola – 5-6 tbsp. spoons (with slide) – olive oil – 10

For apple “side dish”: – Apple – 1 pc. – honey – 1 tbsp. spoon –
вода – 10-15 ml – мята – 2 листика

Recipe for dietary cheesecakes from cottage cheese with cocoa

Take the egg, separate the yolk from the white and send it to a bowl with
cottage cheese. Curd for dietary cheesecakes choose with the smallest
the percentage of fat, for example, 1.8-2%. If the cheese is wet, you can
squeeze out excess liquid (through gauze, for example). Protein add no
worth it, it will make the cottage cheese fatter.


Stir in stevia, cocoa powder and granola. By the way, the last
perfectly combined with fermented milk products. s3 Knead the mass with a fork and mix well. s10 There should be a homogeneous mass that does not
falling apart. You need to mix well and carefully so that everything
the ingredients matched well with each other. Granola bit
will soften and give a good hitch, because the recipe is not used
мука, манка etc.

Form round syrniki, about 30-40 g each. For
Convenience hands need to moisten with water. About 8-9 balls will turn out.
s7 Heat the oil over low heat, you will need it
примерно 10 ml, можно вначале влить меньше, а при необходимости
to add. Send cheesecakes to the pan, fry about one and a half
minutes s4 Перевернуть, подержать еще полторы minutes Share on
cover the dish so as not to get cold while the apple is being cooked
garnish. s11 Clean washed apple cut into thin slices. Can
choose any grade. s5 Pour honey over apple slices. s8 Send them to the pan, add 2 tbsp. spoons of water on
медленном огне подержать 3-4 minutes s1 Apples make juice, caramelize, make tasty
slices and some honey-apple syrup that you can pour
ready meal Instead of this addition, you can think of your own:
use pears, berries, or supplement the supply of low-fat yogurt
etc. Сырники с какао и медовыми apples готовы. Simple, tasty
unusually. s9

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