Cottage cheese cake in a slow cooker – we help ourselves! The bestrecipes and principles of cooking cheesecake inmulticooker

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Cottage cheese baking has a special and unique flavor, its
love for tenderness and unusual taste.

Лидером среди всех видов изделий является cake.

It is done very simply, it always turns out and you can easily
испечь в multicooker. Let’s try?

Творожный кекс в multicooker — общие принципы

If the recipe does not indicate the fat content of the curd, you can take
любой product. The consistency is a little more complicated. Cottage cheese is dry
and liquid, sticky or crumbly. From this can change
amount of flour. All recipes are developed for medium curd
humidity. Sometimes sweet curd masses are put into the dough. They already
contain sugar, butter, they may include dried fruits, candied fruits.

What to put in the dough for muffins:

• butter;

• milk products;

• eggs;

• vanilla;

• flour, semolina.

Almost all recipes use baking powder. They
make baking porous and airy. It is very important not to lay
soda directly into the curd. Otherwise, it will start earlier.
time to melt in the cheese, the crumb of the cake will be moist, syrokim.

Bakery products творожных кексов в multicooker производится на
appropriate program. Time ranges from 40 minutes to 1.5
hours If necessary, the cupcake can be turned to the top.

Творожный кекс в multicooker «Апельсиновый»

The recipe is simple, fragrant and juicy cottage cheese cake in
multicooker. For it, you need a peel with one orange.
It is not necessary to use fresh peels, you can take and dry
zest, but it must be crushed.


• 0.3 kg of cottage cheese;

• 10 грамм ripper;

• sugar 200 grams;

• three eggs;

• peel from one orange;

• 0.4 kg of flour;

• 130 grams of oil.


1. Take out the oil on the table in advance. Cut into pieces, add to
him prescription refined. Mix with a mixer until creamy.

2. We knead cottage cheese to get rid of large lumps.
Gradually add to the butter, do not stop whisking.

3. Alternately introduce eggs into the curd dough.

4. In a bowl, mix flour and zest, pour to them
baking powder.

5. Add the flavored flour to the dough. Here you can stir the mass
большой ложкой либо spatula.

6. Lubricate the multicooker saucepan with oil, then sprinkle with

7. Shift the curd dough with an orange flavor. Slightly
level the top.

8. Turn on the baking mode. Cupcake will be prepared 85-90 minutes.
After 70 minutes you can check the puncture crumb match.

9. Sprinkle the finished cupcake with cocoa powder or dust it.

Творожный кекс в multicooker с вишней

You can use any cherry berries for this cupcake:
frozen, fresh, canned. For the test you will need
medium-fat cottage cheese.


• cottage cheese 0.2 kg;

• flour 0.2 kg;

• 3 eggs;

• 50 grams of sour cream;

• 200 grams of cherries;

• 1/3 tsp. soda;

• 1 scoop of starch;

• 150 grams of sugar;

• vanilla 1 pinch;

• 2 spoons of plum oil.


1. Cottage cheese shift in a bowl, pour sugar to it,
add sour cream and grind well. The mass should turn out like

2. In another bowl, break the eggs, put the vanilla, add a pinch
salt and whip until fluffy foam.

3. We shift the eggs to the curd, gently stir and top
pour out the flour.

4. Soda extinguish. To do this, simply dilute the powder with vinegar or
lemon juice. Stir in flour and on with all the dough.

5. Enter melted butter. Sometimes it is replaced
vegetable oil, which can also be done.

6. Remove the stones from the cherries. If the berries are frozen, then we give
they completely thaw out and slightly squeeze the juice. If cherries
canned, then also carefully decant the syrup.

7. Sprinkle berries with starch, stir and put into the dough.

8. Shift the cupcake mass into the prepared saucepan.
Multivarki, do not forget to lubricate.

9. This cake is baked for 1 hour and 15-20 minutes.

Творожный кекс в multicooker на кефире

Option easy to prepare, soft and gentle curd
кекса в multicooker. Kefir can be replaced with any sour-milk
drink medium fat.


• 0.25 kg of cottage cheese;

• 2 cups of flour;

• 0.5 cup of kefir;

• 3 eggs;

• 30 ml of oil;

• 10 грамм ripper;

• 180 grams of sugar.


1. Eggs break immediately into a large bowl.

2. Add sugar and cottage cheese.

3. Погружаем блендер и взбиваем до кремового states.

4. Add kefir and pour in oil. Can использовать маргарин,
but pre-melted and cooled.

5. Add flour to the cupcake dough. Leave half a cup
to adjust the density, as the consistency of dairy products
happens different.

6. We pour out a baking powder bag, usually it is ten grams.

7. Все тщательно stir We evaluate the consistency. Dough
you should have a thick, slightly stretching, slowly drain from

8. We shift it to the slow cooker, bake a cupcake for 50 minutes. Then
leave in the closed position for another fifteen minutes. Take out on

Творожный кекс в multicooker с raisin

На самом деле с raisin можно приготовить любой кекс, но для
This kneaded the special dough in vegetable oil. Bakery products
it turns out very gentle and does not get stale for a long time.


• a glass of flour;

• sugar ¾ cup;

• 200 grams of cottage cheese;

• 2 eggs;

• ¾ cup vegetable oil;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper;

• 70 grams of raisins;

• salt.


1. Hot water, you can from the kettle, pour the raisins. Reserve to
cooling down

2. Pound sugar with eggs, add cottage cheese to them.
You can beat the mass with a mixer.

3. Enter a pinch of salt, gradually add vegetable oil,
You can throw a pinch of vanilla.

4. Pour flour, do not enter all at once, add gradually and
Also pour baking powder.

5. Raisins wring out the water with your hands, powder with flour and put into
dough, stir.

6. Put the raisin dough into the greased cup from the multicooker,
distribute the layer of equal thickness.

7. Turn on baking for 70 minutes.

8. We give the finished cupcake to stand on the heat for another quarter of an hour,
so that he reached the desired condition. Take out, cool.

Cheesecake in a crock-pot with a decoy

The option of a lush curd cake, kV which is not added to either
flour drops. Instead, it is semolina, it is desirable to give the test
stand for a bit to make the grains swell.


• 3 tablespoons sour cream;

• 1 cup of sugar;

• 1/2 tsp. soda;

• 300 grams of cottage cheese;

• glass of semolina;

• 3 eggs;

• a handful of raisins;

• vanilla.


1. We combine sugar with cottage cheese, add sour cream to them, better.
take a fatty product. Beat with a mixer for a couple of minutes.

2. Add eggs one by one, continue to beat.

3. Enter the semolina into the dough, but do not add soda yet.
Stir, leave the dough for half an hour.

4. Wash the raisins, quench the soda and pour it all into the future.
cake. If you need to replace the soda ripper, then take twice

5. Lubricate the cup from the crock-pot, it is desirable to sprinkle the top
dry decoy. Then the cupcake will easily part with capacity, and
surface will be a beautiful crust.

6. Shift the dough into the container, gently level the top

7. Turn on the cartoon for 60 minutes and bake. If you wish,
then the cupcake at the end can be turned over and browned to light
crusts. The program does not need to change.

Творожный кекс в multicooker с лимоном и raisin

For this cottage cheese cake you will need a ready-made sweet mass.
с raisin. You can buy it in any store, even weight


• 0.4 kg curd mass;

• 3 cups flour;

• 4 eggs;

• 1 lemon;

• 1 cup of sugar;

• 1 tsp. soda


1. We wash a lemon, it is better to clean it with a brush. Cut into pieces,
remove the bones and grind them with a blender.

2. Add a teaspoon of soda to the twisted lemon,
stir and leave aside.

3. Margarine softens, removing from the refrigerator in advance.

4. Add sugar and whisk, introduce eggs alternately.

5. Put the curd in the dough and everything is fine

6. Add a twisted lemon, which has already been extinguished
baking soda.

7. Вводим муку, stir

8. Put the cupcake in the pot-capacity from the slow cooker.

9. We put on baking, preparing a lemon cake an hour.

Cheesecake in a multicooker with cocoa

Variant of chocolate cake made from curd dough. Baked in
a slow cooker, but you can also cook it in the oven.


• 150 grams of sugar;

• 3 spoons of cocoa;

• 10 грамм ripper;

• two eggs;

• 100 grams of oil;

• 150 grams of flour.


1. Mix cocoa powder with flour, add to them
baking powder. Sift together.

2. Beat eggs with sugar, add melted butter, but it
should not be hot.

3. Соединяем обе смеси: мучную и яичную, просто stir

4. If desired, put the raisins, candied fruits, nuts, or any
dried fruits at its discretion.

5. Transfer the chocolate mass to the multicooker container.

6. We bake for an hour, we check the readiness for a dry match. Can
add baking time if the crumb remains moist.

Cottage cheesecake in a slow cooker – tips and tricks

• If there is no baking powder, you can use hydrated soda. But
in no case in the same amount. Soda is used as
at least two times less, as the ripper contains lemon
acid, starch or flour.

• In any cottage cheese cake you can add raisins, nuts, different
candied fruits and dried fruits. From this pastries will only taste and
more interesting.

• If you want to turn the cupcake to the other side, you can
take advantage of the steaming cooking tray that goes
together with the slow cooker. First take out a cupcake on it, then
return to the bowl, but only by the other side.

• The cupcake does not require decoration, but if you really want it, you can
sprinkle the tip with cocoa powder, smear with jam or use
powdered sugar.

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