Cooking Homemade Whole Grain Seed Breadflax

You’ve all heard that nutritionists recommend instead
bread to eat whole grain bread made from coarse
wholemeal flour.

If you can’t find such bread in the store, you can easily
bake at home by yourself. Moreover, homemade bread is much
more appetizing. Yes, and it is prepared elementary thanks to the bread maker.

Bread готов

For this recipe, we need whole grain flour, which
can be bought in specialized stores for baking and in
good supermarkets.

В тесто мы добавим горстку целебных семян flax, чтобы наш хлеб
has become even more useful. Семена flax продаются в любой аптеке, стоят
about 50 rubles.


– Whole grain flour – 3 ½ cups (500 g) – Warm drinking
water – 1 ½ glasses (300 milliliters) – Vegetable oil – 1
столовая ложка (15 гр) – Семена flax — 1 ½ столовых ложки (15 гр) –
Honey – 2 tablespoons (35 gr) – Dry active yeast – 2 tea
Spoons (6 g) – Sea salt or plain – 1 tsp (5 g)


1. From the breadmaker to get the form and pour warm drinking water into it.
water along with vegetable oil.

Вливаем воду с растительным маслом 2. Then pour out the salt and
add honey

Добавляем мед
3. Высыпать семена flax. Добавляем семена flax
5. Pour all the whole grain flour.

Засыпаем мукой
6. In flour, form a small depression in which to pour
dry active yeast. Добавляем дрожжи
7. Place the form back in the bread maker and set the “White” mode.
bread, medium crust. ” Ready bread get hot out of shape and
wrap a clean towel. Allow to cool completely. Домашний цельнозерновой хлеб

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