Cooking eggplant rolls with cheese -universal snack. Eggplant rolls with cheese: simple,fast appetizing

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A table is good when there are various, appetizing and
delicious dishes.

Without a doubt, one of these are eggplant rolls with
cheese This appetizer is prepared quite simply and quickly, and eaten
even faster.

In addition, the dish is healthy, since the main ingredient is
Eggplants are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals.

For the preparation of rolls, you can use both white and
blue eggplants. White is preferable because they are not bitter, but in
blue more vitamins. So, you choose. You can and combine
pleasant with useful: use both kinds!

General principles of cooking eggplant rolls with cheese

If you use blue eggplants, be sure to cut them,
salt and leave for a while, so that bitterness will disappear from them.

Eggplants need to be cut so that you can twist out
rolls, but they should not be too thin, otherwise
fall apart.

Before turning the rolls, eggplants must be fried with
two sides.

If you are using meat for filling rolls, we recommend taking
chicken fillet. Then the snack will turn out tender and juicy.

Do not forget that eggplant for rolls are not cleaned, but
fried with peel.

To decorate a snack, use basil and parsley;
will give the dish an extra flavor.

Eggplants absorb a lot of oil when roasting, so watch out for
so that it was enough in the pan.

For the filling of the rolls will suit perfectly both melted cheese, and
hard cheese

It is preferable to fry eggplants in olive oil,
so it will be healthier for health.

Best for making eggplant rolls with cheese
take long oblong eggplants.

Eggplant rolls with cheese: tender and delicious

This recipe uses white eggplants that do not require
pretreatment, so feel free to start frying them,
without fear that the rolls will be bitter.


• a pair of eggplants

• half kg of durum cheese

• parsley

• olive oil

• a couple of spoons of mayonnaise

• three cloves of garlic

• salt


Rinse the eggplants, wipe dry, remove the tails, cut
small plastics, preferably if they are not thinner
five mm.

Salt the sliced ​​plates.

Heat olive oil in a deep frying pan, fry in it
eggplant plastics.

To get rid of excess oil, fried eggplant
Put on a paper towel, it will absorb excess liquid.

On the largest grater rub cheese, mix it with chopped
in garlic press garlic and chopped parsley. All is well
mix and pour mayonnaise.

Mix gently, put a small amount on
the edge of the eggplant plate and roll in the form of a roll. To
rolls do not fall apart, connect them with a decorative skewer.

Eggplant Rolls with Cheese and Chicken Recipe

The main ingredients in this recipe are
eggplant and chicken, cheese is an auxiliary product. But from that
what variety you use depends on the taste of the whole dish. The best thing
for this snack to take cream cheese.


• half a kg eggplant

• one tomato

• salt

• half kg chicken fillet

• pepper

• one onion

• basil and parsley

• a pair of tablespoons of olive oil

• You can optionally add a couple drops of vinegar.


Eggplant is well washed and dried, cut thin
plastic, sprinkle a bit of oil. Plastics cut yet
in half.

Chicken fillet also washed, dried and cut the same
plastics as eggplants.

Meat with salt. Add pepper.

Eggplant plastic put chicken plastic, top
посыпать тертым сливочным cheese

Minimize to rolls.

Put eggplant rolls with chicken and cheese on a baking sheet
cover with foil.

In an oven bake at not very high temperature with
half an hour.

While the rolls are baked, you can make salsa. For this my
and peel the tomato. Finely, we cut it finely.

Onions are also cleaned and minced as small as possible.

Mix onion, tomato, pepper, vinegar, salt and

When the rolls are ready, put them on a plate along with
Salsa and garnish with parsley and basil.

Eggplant rolls with cheese: nourishing and very tasty

Snack for this recipe is very high in calories. She is
It goes well with white wine or champagne. These rolls will decorate
holiday table, besides, they can be prepared in a few


• average peppercorn

• olive oil

• a pair of small eggplants

• cheese

• few ham slices

• a pair of tomatoes

• three spoons of cottage cheese

• a couple of pieces of bread

• fat

• pepper

• basil

• a pair of garlic cloves


Wash the eggplants, dry them on a paper towel and cut them into
not very thin slices.

Heat oil in a skillet, fry eggplants with two
parties. Add pepper, basil and salt.

After the eggplants are browned, put them on
napkin so that it absorbed too much butter.

Baking pepper in the oven, pre-rinsing and cleaning
seeds. Peel off the peel, similar to the film.

Mix it with cottage cheese, add crushed garlic, pepper,

Cheese cut thin plastic, such as eggplant.
Spread them on the one hand with the resulting curd mixture, on top
put a slice of ham, cheese. All this is laid on the plate
eggplant, roll into a roll and bake in the oven. Bake not
more than ten minutes.

Rinse the tomatoes and cut into circles, after the rolls
will be ready, put on them circles of tomatoes.

The best thing закуску подавать на стол с черным хлебом.

Eggplant rolls with cheese: creamy taste and tomato

This snack is considered low-calorie and easy to prepare.
Perfect for those who follow beauty and time. Set
products – the minimum. You can decorate any greens.


• a pair of eggplants

• one tomato

• pepper

• salt

• several plates of cream cheese

• olive oil

• parsley и зеленый лук


Rinse the eggplants well, remove the stalks, do not cut them very well.
thick plates. Put them in a cup, sprinkle with salt and
leave for 15 minutes so that they give juice. This juice is necessary
to drain.

Eggplant fry in oil on both sides so that they are not
very greasy, put them on a paper towel, it will absorb
excess oil.

Eggplant plates cool. They put on a record
cream cheese.

Wash tomatoes and cut into neat circles. Each
divide the circle into small slices.

On each plate of eggplant put a couple of slices on top of the cheese
Tomato, roll in the form of a roll. Salt, decorate with green onions
and parsley.

Eggplant rolls with melted cheese: snack light in form
and cooking

This recipe is very simple, easy and time-saving. For
snacks used melted cheese, but not records, but the one
which can be spread on bread. So it will be easier to cook


• a pair of eggplants

• parsley

• olive oil

• a pair of garlic cloves

• processed cheese packaging


Well wash the eggplants, cut them into oblong plates,
обжариваем на оливковом масле, обязательно с two sides.

After roasting each plastic is laid out on a paper towel.
минут на пять, чтобы убрать excess oil.

Melted melted cheese with chopped greens and crushed
garlic. Each баклажанный пластик мажем сырной начинкой и
we twist in a roll, we salt. To рулетики не распадались,
fasten them with a regular toothpick.

Rolls with eggplant and cheese in Greek

The snack on this recipe has a sharp taste and a pleasant aroma. On
the table is served cold. As one of the ingredients
use feta cheese, it is desirable to use it.


• two hundred grams of feta cheese

• one eggplant

• pepper чили

• salt

• thyme

• parsley

• clove of garlic

• olive oil


Eggplant rinse well, remove the stem. Cut the eggplant
along several plates, no more than 4 mm. Salt them and leave
for ten minutes in a cup. After the eggplants give the juice,
Remove the plates, coat with oil on both sides and put on
grill. Cook for about five minutes, turning occasionally.

Feta cheese crumble with a fork, add parsley, spices and
crushed garlic, as well as a couple of tablespoons of butter. All is well

Cool eggplant plates, put a layer of cheese on them
mass, twist in the form of a roll and fasten a toothpick.

On пару часов поставить в холодильник. Decorate before serving on
table sprig of parsley.

Tips and tricks of cooking eggplant rolls with

  • To рулеты из баклажанов были вкусными и сочными, необходимо
    cook them to a soft state.

  • If you use tomatoes in the filling, do not remove them

  • Рулеты из баклажанов с cheese лучше всего употреблять в холодном
    the form.

  • Perfect for this snack rye bread, whole boiled
    potato, rice

  • The thickness of eggplant plastics should be no more than 3 or 5

  • For рулетов из баклажан желательно брать сыр, который хорошо

  • Garlic is best added last, then it
    the aroma and taste will remain in the dish, and not disappear.

  • Fry eggplants in a deep skillet, because
    You will need a large amount of butter for roasting them. Onлейте в
    pan of oil, put there eggplant, when they absorb
    all the oil, add a little more so that they have something

  • To рулеты из баклажанов с cheese не распадались, закрепляйте
    them very neat. For этого используйте зубочистки либо
    special little skewers.

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