Conspiracies to health: the magic of treatment

Conspiracies to health: the magic of treatment

The ancient Slavs believed in the healing power of the word,
used rituals and plots for the treatment of various ailments. ATедь в
those times there was no medicine as such. There were healers
witches, midwives, herbalists – they all used the power of nature,
herbs, decoctions and infusions, appealed for help to the higher forces,
did conspiracies. AT наше время тоже существуют люди, обладающие
similar knowledge and applying them in the treatment of ailments of different

It happens that modern medicine can not help, then people
appeal to healers, wizards, witches and other people who have
special knowledge. There are also simple, yet effective,
rituals and plots that can be used independently in
home conditions.

ATажные правила

When conducting any rituals and plots,
adhere to special rules. Magic treatment is no exception. To
To increase the chances of healing and helping to combat illnesses is important
remember and observe:

  • A person who is going to plot must sincerely and
    unconditionally believe in the power of magic treatment. Only this way can
    achieve the desired result. Skeptical people
    prayers, conspiracies and rituals, such rituals are better not
  • The wording is very important. For example, do not need to say “I want
    to be cured, you need to say “I was healed.” We believe not
    only in that conspiracy will help, we kind of program ourselves, that
    he has already had the desired effect.
  • The conspiracy to health must be pronounced confidently, calmly,
    without hesitation and reservations. Words cannot be swapped or
    replaced, the text is read exactly the same as in the original source.
    At the same time, the plot is not pronounced loudly, but in a whisper so that no one
  • Even if traditional medicine did not help, you should not hope
    only to the aid of the healer or sorcerer. If doctors have already been appointed
    the course of taking the drugs, you must follow all instructions. Conspiracies
    for healing complement drug treatment, if one was
  • Seven days before the conspiracy to health is necessary
    to fast, not to quarrel with anyone, not to speak and to wish for bad.
    ATесь день должен быть заряжен лишь положительной энергетикой.
  • For healing rituals, periods of new moon or
    the waning moon. This condition is mandatory. Also
    Suitable days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Not looking for the result, it is always necessary
    thank the higher forces for their assistance.

By observing all these conditions, you can count on good
result. Now you need to figure out what kind of conspiracies
are pronounced depending on the disease and the situation.

Conspiracies to health: the magic of treatment

Universal conspiracy

There is a strong and effective ritual for general improvement and
health promotion. To hold it you must visit the place
where many trees grow, for example, grove, park, forest. Need to
come at night to the chosen place, go to any young tree and
put your hands on it. Close your eyes and say:

Conspiracies to health: the magic of treatment

This plot is suitable for an adult and child, usually the effect
comes very quickly.

A couple of weeks go to the tree, which was held
rite, check his condition.

If the leaves have changed their color, dried up – the disease
moved from man to tree.

It is very important that the plot is made genuinely loving and willing.
good man

Plot on water from all ills

This is an ancient Slavic conspiracy aimed at healing from
of all diseases. He is done on the water, and it is holy. To
help a person to get rid of a severe malaise, strengthen
health and body, you need to charge more holy water.

First you need to visit the church, take three candles in the shop and
holy water. Then go to any icon, for example, the one
which you regularly ask for help. Put candles
pray and ask about the health of the patient. Fall as your godfather
Sign and go back home.

At home, you also need the images of the saints, it can be
small icons. Place the icon on the table if it hangs on
wall, go to her. Next we put the holy water, light a candle and
utter a conspiracy:

Conspiracies to health: the magic of treatment

A small sip of holy water is drunk. Now conspired
holy water must be added to the drink and the food of the sick.

If necessary, the conspiracy is repeated until complete healing.
ATажно проводить его именно на растущую луну, так он будет наиболее

On the child’s health

Unfortunately, illnesses and diseases are not avoided by children. Besides
medication prescribed by your doctor can
apply white magic. ATы можете обратиться к высшим силам за
healing your child.

The ritual must be performed on Friday; you will need a candle and
Holy water. A candle is placed on the table, ignited. Need to смотреть
on the flame, imagine how healing comes. Then before the candle
put a glass of holy water and say a conspiracy:

Conspiracies to health: the magic of treatment

After saying the cherished words, give the sick child drink up
conspired holy water. This method is suitable for the baby.

There is another conspiracy on the health of the child, but not yet
born The rite is held before the birth, when
childbirth began. This is an ancient Slavic conspiracy that helps women in labor
successfully resolve the burden of giving a strong newborn

If possible, the conspiracy was read on the increasing
the moon to enhance the effect.

The following words were spoken directly over a pregnant woman:

Conspiracies to health: the magic of treatment

The plot is pronounced three times. Slavs believed that this ceremony
will help the woman and her unborn child.

Infertility Conspiracy

It happens that a married couple for a long time can not have children.
It seems that tests do not show anything, doctors do not reveal any
problems, while attempts are unsuccessful, the problem lasts for years.
There is an infertility plot for women to help
happiness of motherhood.

The rite helps not only to get rid of infertility, but also
heal from various female diseases.

The conspiracy is pronounced on a decreasing moon every day.
during the week, that is, seven days in a row. When comes
midnight, two church candles are lit. Need to look at their flame
and say the following:

Conspiracies to health: the magic of treatment

Repeat the plot three times, put out the candles and go to bed. AT
the last seventh night of the candle is not extinguished, they must burn out and
go out by yourself.

Конечно, это не все заговоры на health. There are a lot of them
depending on life situations. Often, when medicine is powerless,
desperate relatives seek help from the higher forces.
Sincere and unshakable faith in the white magic of healing can help in
healing the sick. There are many amazing cases.
recovery. However, do not neglect the help of doctors, not
need to abandon modern medicine.

Health to you and your family!

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