Conquer any man at first sight? Here ishow it’s done.

Пт, 05 июн 2015 Автор: Элен Стельмах
They joke that the dream of all the girls is to be a dream girl. This is a joke only
in part, because almost everyone is trying to only languid
gaze head to men and forever to conquer.

Online you will find millions of recommendations regarding the phenomenon
create an indelible first impression. But as of all
kaleidoscope tips for conquering the male heart choose those
which are really helpful. After all, sometimes you can only harm
its excessive zeal and all efforts will be in vain.

Appearance and first impression

Often advice on how to please a man affects
only female appearance and are superficial. Like,
make a haircut, make-up, put on a dress, hairpins and a hat.
However, as if not so. Yes, you will certainly attract attention, but
Do you need someone else ?! All pedestrians will look to you on the trail, and
refers not only to the doll. And why often nothing inconspicuous,
low-key girls are so desirable, loved and attractive?

Of course, the first thing that a man pays attention to is your
appearance. Most of all men like accuracy and
naturalness, good taste and elegance, elusive charm and,
surely some kind of zest. Why perfect at first glance
girls can be left without proper attention? It’s simple, because
they are often similar to each other, like two drops of water, they are not
that breath of fresh air that every man needs. There
there is no individual and special, there is a pattern, standard and
scheme … Not very romantic, so men give more
preference is not so perfect, but interesting and “alive”

Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication – второй по значимости определяющий
criterion in the phenomenon of “first impression”. Your manner of keeping
yourself, move, your gait and posture, facial expressions and gaze – all this
either plays you in favor of seduction or not. 55 percent
all information man “reads” through your alluring or timid
smile, through a confident or shy look, smarmy or
anxious voice.

All efforts to take control of your body and face and behave,
as written in the textbook seduction, trying on unusual nature
images (fatal seductress, nymphet or timid modesty)
can prevent to make not only the right impression about you, but also
just nice. Theatricality, sometimes reaching as comical,
very much repels men, whereas naturalness and
immediacy in behavior attracts like a magnet.

Need to be, not seem

Your internal state is the key to success at first.
contact. If it goes outside freely (principle
congruence) a man quickly gets soaked to you
sympathy and trust. If you have a good soul, you are located to
communication and flirting, you are open and friendly, and then the impression you
will certainly produce a positive one.

It is important to honestly answer yourself the question, why do you need this communication, what
you want to get from him. If the purpose of communication is reduced to intimate
proximity, restaurant trips, receiving gifts – better straight
inform a man about it (“We are cute to each other, who today
are we staying? “). Such honesty and openness very much
men who are willing to accept such rules of the game.

Sincere interest in a man

When a woman takes a sincere interest in a man, sets
interesting questions, attentively listening to his answers,
perhaps even admires him, the man melts. Sincere respect to
personality of a man, his field of activity, his hobby give 100
points of attractiveness to the woman in the eyes of her flattered

Try to never deceive with mock interest.
neither the interlocutor nor himself. Bother to ask yourself a question, but
do I really need and interesting, do I like him. Not
you need to evaluate it in terms of its status and efficiency,
reliability, just feel what feelings it causes
thin plan. Go further: how will you feel next to him through
20 years of marriage … dream, do not be afraid! And when you
understand that you feel a response in the soul, you will intuitively lead
yourself so as to please him.

The first impression is a matter of seconds

Just a few seconds to get the first impression.
formed, it will take a minute to fix it, but it will last
long enough. The echoes of the first impression will go away only
when you meet very closely and get to know each other
for real. The first seconds of dating decide the fate of all
further relationship.

Come from childhood

As early as childhood, ideas about how
should be the perfect man, how should he behave, what
to be dressed than smell. And then at the meeting lightning
(a few seconds) a partner is diagnosed according to the criterion –
does not fit. Then the verdict is rendered. We unconsciously customize
of a person under the criteria of compliance or non-compliance, and then, in
the process of living together, learn it present. Image created by
when meeting, disappears under the pressure of everyday life,
love also melts away from the image created and does not remain

Therefore, the main thing when dating is not to be deceived. Important to be honest
with yourself and listen to the voice from the inside, because everyone knows in reality,
what will come of this or that dating. Communication succeed in
If people initially show themselves as real and
your expectations from this relationship. Not всегда эти ожидания и желания
voiced, they can only be read in the behavior and communication of the partner,
but an attentive and thoughtful person will understand and accept them. Not нужно
go on about the society, considering every man potential
beloved and husband. Listen to yourself and do not waste your time on those
who you dislike A man will also feel if you are not located
to communicate, no matter how much you try to deceive him, pretend
smiling and nodding. He will certainly feel his insignificant
value in your eyes. Be honest with yourself and a man, then you
be able to make a good first impression.

Again, stepping on the same rake?

In each of us there can be a stereotype regarding men (“All
men are the same, they need only one “;” Men are unreliable, they
can not be trusted “” Men are greedy and lazy “). They are buried in
subconscious women and shape her behavior with men. From one
hand, she wants to build relationships, and on the other hand, she has
there are negative attitudes that hinder normal
communication. Such programs operate automatically: man and truly
begins to show a negative attitude towards a woman with greed or

But if we start acting from the opposite: praise, thank and
inspire, then a man wants to do much more. Paid
in the cafe – “How generous you are!” Gave flowers – “How can I
nice! “A man for the kind words of gratitude can collapse
the mountains! But thoughts like “Yeah, but a restaurant is seedy,” or
“A bouquet of yesterday and some too small!” will give birth to
a man has only one desire – never to see you again.
Unconscious image, crushing a man, corrects his behavior
towards your thoughts and attitudes. So think of a man
good, and he will behave with you accordingly.

Not делайте этого на первом свидании:

1. Занижение собственной ценности и ценности men This is very
common mistake when girls interrupt, already choking
deny their positive qualities: “What are you, I’m not so
beautiful, intelligent, talented … “. It is important to learn with dignity and
confidence to accept compliments and courting. And about a man better
speak well too, try to make a sincere compliment (oh,
as they love them, sometimes more girls).

2. Предъявление завышенных ожиданий от ситуации и от men
Very spoil the first acquaintance excessive expectations. They repel and
suggest: “And why is it that suddenly I owe you something?”

3. “Load” your life difficulties. Not рассказывайте
the poor fellow about his problems with his parents, relatives and acquaintances.
Even if it doesn’t concern you directly, all voiced
negative, will be associated with a new acquaintance with you.

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