Condyloma – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Mar 28, 2016

Condyloma is an inflammatory event that is expressed
specific growth of mucous membranes and skin. When
neglected diseases of condyloma often develop into ulcers.
The disease requires timely treatment, although it is not excluded

Condyloma – causes

The main cause of genital warts is a virus.
human papillomas. However, for many people, this virus is found in
state of rest and does not affect health. Provoking
The developmental factor of condyloma is the untidiness of a person and
non-compliance with a number of hygienic standards.

Condyloma symptoms

Condylomas usually occur in places that are injured during
time of sexual intercourse. And from the moment of virus infection to
appearance of the first warts can go from a week to several
years old.

The disease begins to manifest itself as warty formations.
flesh-colored or pink, which are located on the genital
organs. The size of these formations ranges from millimeter to
several centimeters, while rashes can grow,
taking the form of cauliflower.

In men, condylomas often occur on the head of the penis, the crown
head, inner leaflet of the foreskin and bridle. Among women
affected large and small labia, labia bridle,
external opening of urethra, clitoris, virgin
hymen, cervix and vagina.

Condyloma – diagnosis

As a rule, for the diagnosis of condylomas is enough examination by a doctor
with a typical course of the disease there is no need for
определении типа вируса human papillomas. When making a diagnosis
it is necessary to exclude diseases such as widespread warts (one
from manifestations of syphilis), as well as molluscum contagiosum.

For genital warts in men often take papular
necklace of the penis (manifested by the presence on the penis of several
rows of separately located papules, which diameter is 1-2 mm), however
such a case is not a deviation from the norm.

Among women за кондиломы могут принять микропапилломатоз половых
lips (individual papules that are symmetrically located in the area
vestibule of the vagina or on the inner surface of the genital

Кондилома – treatment и профилактика

Modern medicine offers a large number of treatments.
warts, but none of these methods can get rid of
от вируса human papillomas. Modern therapy of condylomas
essence is symptomatic, its main goal is to reduce the impact
symptoms of the disease on the patient’s life

Cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen. This method
involves the destruction of warts with low temperatures.
The procedure does not require pain relief, is easily tolerated and does not
leaves a scar.

Laser treatment. The method involves the burning of warts laser.
The procedure requires pain relief, it is also characteristic
residual scars. Laser therapy is used as
backup treatment method.

Electrocoagulation. The impact on the focus of the disease is high
temperatures. The method also requires pain relief and is characteristic of it.
residual scars.

Use of the drug podophyllotoxin (contraindicated
pregnant women of childbearing age during treatment
need reliable contraception). The drug causes necrosis
condyloma Of the side effects can be noted moderate burning and
soreness Drug treatment is recommended under
control of the doctor, despite the fact that the medicine is attached
detailed instructions.

Preventing warts involves careful adherence to the rules.
personal hygiene.


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