Computed tomography harm or benefit?Indications for the use of computed tomography without harmof the body

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Medicine does not stand still and develops with humanity,
which was the reason for the appearance of computed tomography. With her
помощью можно осуществить полную диагностику of the body и скелета
human, which contributes to the appointment of a more accurate diagnosis. The
no less computed tomography hurts at every


What is computed tomography?

This term is increasingly heard on the lips of physicians, and prescribed
in patient appointments. The procedure is carried out in a specially
developed apparatus that consists of the table gentry. On the outside
the side of the ring-shaped installation is the ray tube and
feedback sensors.

Computed tomography is a kind of familiar to everyone.
x-ray, but is more detailed and accurate. If in the old
�”Versions” could only see the upper layers of the skeleton and
of the body, то инновационная вариация способна всего человека
layer by layer scan to the smallest detail. Vessels, metastases,
tumors, various kinds of abnormalities – all this will be seen on
received pictures. Computed tomography can be divided
in three stages:

– Scan – narrow beams of radiation moving in a circle around
human body, performing a surface scan.

– Increased signal recording – signal waves are converted
into computer code which is the reason for the implementation
in-depth scan. It is at this stage that the human body
divided into detailed layers.

– Image analysis – at this stage the medical worker
receives pictures in high-quality, detailed, based on
which further diagnosis decisions occur.

The principle of operation is as follows: sensors based on the reverse
the signal is recorded changes, then sent to the analyzer,
located in the computer. The next step is provided
the information is amenable to decoding and printing X-ray images with
step 1-5 millimeters of the investigated body part. In this way
The human body can be viewed with incredible detail.

Note: depending on the destination, a medical professional
has the ability to manually set the way in which
diagnostics will be carried out: spiral, circular.

Reasons for using computed tomography

This procedure is internationally recognized and contributes to
identifying many diseases that cannot be determined with
using normal examination and x-rays. It is worth noting that on
CT scan shows bones and, even if the body is present
metallic elements they are not a nuisance during
implementation of the diagnosis.

Computed tomography, the harm to the body is minimal,
used in such cases:

1. In cardiology, when you need to get a snapshot of
a certain phase of the heart.

2. If necessary, obtain information about the vessels, tumors,
metastases and other physiological abnormalities that occur in
human body.

3. Used to study a specific part in detail.
body, up to determine the pathology of the joints.

4. Appointed for fractures and severe dislocations, with the aim of
determine the severity of a case.

Note: computed tomography is performed exclusively
as prescribed by the attending physician patient, and can not be applied
as an ordinary routine general annual survey.

Computed tomography: harm

During the procedure, the human body is exposed
X-ray exposure, however, for a healthy
the patient is unnoticeable and does not manifest itself over time.
The fact is that when undesirable elements enter the body,
the immune system begins an active struggle, and almost always
eradicates the future problem at the initial stage.

In the history of medicine there were no cases when
computed tomography harmed so globally that
As a result, cancer began to form in the human body.
cells. Theoretically, this is possible and even realistic, but for this
it is necessary to subject yourself to frequent irradiation and neglect
established by medical standards.

Recommended standards

In order for computed tomography to harm minimally,
established standards in which the human body receives a certain
radiation dose. Consider some of the most common.
procedures, as well as their effects in digital equivalent:

– Computed tomography of the abdominal cavity and pelvis – 10

— Обследование головы – 2m3v;

— Томография грудной клетки – 7m3v;

— Маммография – 0,4 m3v;

— КТ позвоночника – 1,5 m3v;

– Intraoral radiography – 0.005 m3v.

Note: a one-time CT scan hurts
as about three years lived in the natural environment. Between
CT procedure is recommended to do the intervals from 6 to 12 months.

Is it possible to exceed the dosage

During the procedure, the human body receives
low dose of radiation, so ignore the recommendations
categorically not recommended. Barrier that is set to one
adult, during the year is 150m3v. For a little
child, this figure is several times lower, and also if a person
ill – the bar is reduced.

Doctors do not recommend to reach the established barrier, but
exceed the more since it may entail following

– Cell mutation.

– The formation and spread of cancer cells.

– Changes in blood composition.

— При частом облучении снижается ресурс of the body и наступает
premature old age.

Conclusion: computed tomography harms the human body
unequivocally, but with the right dosage negative impact
reduced to a minimum. The importance of CT in medicine is justified, and
Today, only she is able to diagnose many
diseases that cannot be determined with the help of other

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