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    • 1.1 What is the best for weight loss strength training or cardio?
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Time is the most valuable resource a person has. Sometimes him
sorely lacking to devote a few hours
your life visiting the gym. This publication is intended
especially for those who want to lose weight, maintain their body
in good shape, but does not have the opportunity to engage in a gym or
go to fitness.


Power тренировки at home для женщин и мужчин

The body of women and men every day requires physical
load. They are necessary to maintain the health of internal
organs, good blood circulation, keeping muscles in shape,
slimming and metabolic regulation. Meanwhile a way of life
urban resident is far from ideal. Several hours a day
a person spends in a sitting position, at the computer, and in the evening
often overeat. This causes weight gain,
weakness, apathy, loss of willpower and the development of depression. Such
conditions difficult to lose weight.

To make the morning more vigorous, and the evening as much as possible
productive – we recommend practicing strength training. Good
strength training for men and women is different and has its
specifics. In more detail we will tell about what purposes in conditions
at home they will be able to achieve with the help of strength training representatives
both sexes, and which of the workouts are more effective.

Strength, flexibility and effective weight loss: specificity
training for women.

The opinion that strength training – the lot of men – today
outdated Thousands of women go to gymnasiums, study at home with
dumbbells, weight, expander. Reviews and successes of these women in
building your own body and losing weight prove that the power
training for weight loss with a properly designed program is not
make a woman’s body more manly. On the contrary, correct
the training is able to bring the female figure closer to modern standards
beauty: shape a beautiful tummy, thin waist, rounded
elastic buttocks and sports legs.

Regular workouts with dumbbells make the female body more
strong and resilient, muscles are easier to stretch. When correct
the built-in training program achieves the effect of losing weight.

Masculinity, weight and relief: healthy male

Mass solves a lot. A real man should be big. And already
if you do not hit the torso of Apollo and sticking out from under the shirt
muscles, then at least look decent on the beach. Power
workouts, or strength fitness training, emphasize
masculinity, help build muscle mass and achieve
beautiful relief.

Moreover, strength fitness training on the appropriate program
helps to improve health and, if necessary, lose weight. Many
begin to engage at home with a kettlebell, a barbell, on the horizontal bar on
doctor’s recommendations, already having problems of back, neck and excess
weight. For a man, this is perhaps the only opportunity to correct.
health and lose weight without resorting to the use of pharmaceutical
drugs. Whereas for girls to warm up or lose weight,
достаточно сgo to fitness.

About why neither women nor men should not be neglected
strength fitness workouts in favor of jogging or riding
bike, read on.

What is the best for weight loss strength training or cardio?

Cardio training is associated with active movements on the treadmill.
track, ellipsoid, exercise bike. In the process of such a workout
Heart muscle works, pulse and respiratory rate increase.
The cardio workout program promotes active burning.
calories, and therefore easy to lose weight. But,
losing weight, practicing cardio load and proper nutrition, is it possible
achieve a beautiful body shape? Unfortunately not. After fat
leaves, will remain thin weak undeveloped muscles: thin, flat
buttocks, sharp shoulders, protruding clavicle and undeveloped biceps

Slimming and at the same time acquiring a beautiful body shape
for women, cardio and weight training in fitness should
combine. However, the fitness program of strength training for weight loss
different from a workout program for typing or saving
muscle mass. It should be as intense as possible.

Помните: силовые тренировки – самый долгий путь
to the perfect figure, however, the most effective. Tell you about with
what better to start this way if you decide to train

Program for beginners

According to the technique of performing strength exercises for men
different from strength exercises for women. Does not exist
exclusively male or female exercises for the development of power.
Differences of trainings for representatives of different gender lie in the set
data fitness exercises in one split, their intensity and
selected weight. Remembers, that at any trainings to the person
need proper nutrition.

First of all, we decide what inventory you need. will need
for strength training at home:

  • Dumbbells;
  • Bench or chair;
  • Weight.

Power упражнения at home для начинающих:

  • Lifting hands with weighting (develop shoulder muscles). In work
    all shoulder delta muscles are involved;
  • Lifting hands with weighting (biceps muscles develop);
  • Hands unbend because of a head. For weighting used
    dumbbell. Triceps muscles develop;
  • Lifting dumbbells and wiring. The exercise is performed in a prone position.
    on a hard horizontal surface (on the floor, on the couch), hands
    slightly bent at the elbows. The chest muscles develop;
  • Pulling hands with dumbbells to the belt. For convenience, you can
    rest against a chair or sofa. Muscles will be involved in this exercise.
  • Lunge and squat with weighting (you must take in both hands
    dumbbells). The thigh muscles develop.

Exercises for the development of force: weight

  • Push the dumbbell with one hand. Shoulder muscles develop;
  • Squat with a weight wide set of legs (deadlift sumo).
    Тренируется задняя и внутренняя поверхность thighs.

2 hours before a workout, completely eliminate food. During
workout not in a hurry. Follow the technique: exercise
must be correct. On specialized services is enough
video about how and in what sequence to perform
strength exercises.

We also recommend:

  • Each workout starts with a cardio workout. how many
    will it take minutes? It can be a light 10-minute jog or
    superset on the press. The body should be thoroughly heated. Special
    important warm-up is important for those who want to achieve
    losing weight
  • Warm up and require your joints: shoulder, elbow, wrist,
    hip and knee. After the end of cardio workout
    proceed to warm up the joints.
  • Any exercise must start with a small weight, gradually,
    from approach to approach, moving on to the big one. Avoid unbearable
    loads. Sooner or later they will lead to injury.
  • All exercises are performed with a straight or slightly arched.
  • To maintain health and achieve the necessary goals in
    training is enough to perform a set of strength exercises 3 times
    in a week, in a day.

Let us turn to more specific training programs: tell about
what is the basis of male and female training.

Complex strength exercises for men

Creating a program for men, you should take into account the peculiarity of their
organism. Experienced athletes agree that below
представленная система занятий  подходит именно для
strong half of humanity.

1 lesson.

  • Warming up;

  • Lifting dumbbells in a lying position on a horizontal surface;
  • Breeding dumbbells in a prone position on the horizontal
  • The extension of the arms with weighting from behind the head.
  • Планка  с четко зафиксированными точками, которые указаны
    on the picture. We try to stand for 1 minute. Gradually extending the time
    up to 5 minutes.

2 occupation.

  • Warming up;
  • Pull-ups;
  • Pulling hands with dumbbells to the belt. Must bend over
    straight back and lean against a chair;
  • Pulling up both hands with a weighting to the belt. Required
    bend over;
  • Work for biceps. Use weighting.
  • Press twisting.

3 occupation.

  • Warming up;
  • Squat. В обе руки возьмите утяжелитель (dumbbells);
  • Squat with a weight style “sumo”;
  • Lunges. In both hands, take the weighting;
  • 2-3 exercises on the development of the shoulder muscles.
  • Press.

All fitness exercises from this program are performed on 10-12
repetitions. The number of approaches – 4-5. Every workout
ends with ab exercises.

Training for women

Power упражнения для женщин at home, также как и
for men, they are performed 3 times a week and are most often directed to
losing weight

Power тренировки для женщин at home:

1 slimming workout

  • Warm up;

  • Squats with dumbbells;
  • Lumbar attacks;
  • Leg abduction to the gluteus muscle;
  • Stretching

2 training for weight loss

  • Warm up;
  • Push ups with emphasis on the knees;
  • Exercise “fish”. Simultaneous lifting of the upper and lower parts
    trunk in a pose lying on his stomach;
  • Exercises “cat”. Alternating deflection and curvature of the back in a pose
    kneeling with emphasis on the palm;
  • Stretching

3 training for weight loss

  • Warm up;
  • Squat with dumbbells wide-legged;
  • The elevation of the pelvis in the supine position, knees bent with emphasis on
  • Mahi dumbbells to the sides;
  • Bending arms with dumbbells;
  • Stretching

Fitness тренировка завершается выполнением упражнений на пресс.
The more intense the exercises and the more their repetitions,
the faster you lose weight.

Remember that to achieve the desired results
constancy is needed. A set of exercises should go into
habit, and proper nutrition – to become your lifestyle. it
helps you achieve your goals in losing weight and building
красивой фигуры в условиях houses.

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