Colon cleansing for weight loss: analysisflight

defecation is the final step in the process of digestion and
represents the release of the body from food debris,
which passed through the stomach, the small and large intestine, where from it
fluid and essential nutrients were actively absorbed

Most health care professionals recommend
adults to go to the restroom to empty their intestines,
at least once a day. This implies that you
consume enough fiber and water to maintain
healthy digestion.

Otherwise, there are several ways to bring
order your intestines, and one of them is to force it
cleansing with enemas based on herbal extracts or taking
special pharmacological drugs.

Supporters of this procedure claim that it will help the body
get rid of toxins accumulated in the intestines, and
able to promote healthy colon functionality. To that
same, one of the positive side effects associated with cleaning,
is a quick weight loss.

However, according to some experts, the problem of excess weight
with a high degree of probability can come back to you right away
after the transition to the usual diet.

What is the bowel cleansing procedure?

There are many different ways to clean the digestive system.
tract. One of the most popular is the nutrition program,
a time in which a person does not eat solid food at all and drinks
a lot of liquid of a certain composition (for example, lemon juice, water,
maple syrup and cayenne pepper), which makes him often
go to the toilet for a gradual self-cleaning.

Also slimming use cleansing enemas of various
composition, intake of various laxatives and even intestinal
hydrotherapy (hardware cleaning). During this procedure, the patient
lies on a special table, and a tube is inserted into its rectum,
through which warm filtered water is supplied to the intestines for
softening stool masses.

By means of the same probe, slags dissolved in water leave
the body, that is, the process itself looks as clean as possible
aesthetically pleasing At this time in the office there is an operator who
monitors the flow rate of the fluid and, if necessary, conducts
massage the abdomen. As a result, some people lose more than 5 kg.
overweight in just one such procedure.


Cleansing the bowel for weight loss: the pros and cons

Pros: removes constipation

Constipation is a condition in which it hardens.
feces in the large intestine, so washing is capable
ease the situation and keep a healthy colon. Warm water
mitigates and reduces waste, which also focuses on
стенах пищеварительного tract.

Eating foods high in fiber
(fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains) helps prevent
the formation of constipation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases,
diabetes, classic obesity, gastrointestinal problems and

Pro: detoxification of the body

Cleaning the intestines allows you to protect the human body from the action
harmful chemicals, pathological organisms, mucus and
other components that accumulate in the colon waste,
and safely take them out.

Adding yoghurt, coffee, wheat germ or mineral oil
in the colon cleansing solution can increase efficiency
such detoxification, however, there are not yet enough clinical
research supporting this hypothesis.

Cons: risk of infection

On the other hand, this procedure may increase the risk
infection with various pathological microorganisms,
caused by the use of non-sterile equipment. Important
use disposable systems to minimize the risks
associated with the spread of infections, bacteria, viruses, yeast and

Cleaning used elements with antiseptics and
disinfectants, can reduce the risk of infection
human-to-human communicable diseases
through the raw surface.

Cons: risk of contact with carcinogens

Purifying procedures using unfiltered
tap water can carry health hazards for
account of contact with chlorine, which is considered quite aggressive
chemical component, and is used to disinfect water with
the purpose of its further domestic use.


Side Effects of Colon Cleansing

Some of the most common side effects.
are: nausea, vomiting, bloating, cramps, constipation and
fatigue. However, this is considered a normal cleansing process, and
such symptoms pass quickly.

However, there are much more serious and potentially
dangerous consequences.

Mild side effects

As we said above, the usual side effects include:
diarrhea, dehydration, fatigue, and in some cases
allergic reactions to the ingredients of the composition.

Intestinal cleansing solution containing grass senna maybe
cause frustration, thereby disturbing the electrolyte balance
body. In the long run, this leads to such serious
health problems like heart attack, kidney failure, and in
in rare cases – lethal.

Using senna can also affect your ability.
the body to absorb water, which leads to dehydration and
further exacerbation of electrolyte imbalance caused
diarrhea Finally, senna herb is highly allergenic, so if you
find symptoms like swelling, hives or
shortness of breath, you should immediately stop the procedure

Serious side effects

Some of the negative side effects of hydrotherapy and enemas
are much more serious and include the risk of perforation
(puncturing) of the intestinal wall and subsequent infection.

In the process of colon hydrotherapy, water enters the colon.
many times in a row, while the operator conducts light
massage, able to soften and break up fecal waste. So this
the procedure must be performed under the supervision of an experienced person.

Despite the fact that the enema allows you to use a small
intestinal area, both of these procedures are associated with the risk of serious
adverse effects associated with improper personnel actions
or faulty equipment. Gastrointestinal tissue rupture
the walls are very painful, in addition, the infection that develops in
damaged area may result in long hospitalization.


Another side effect is the possible dependence of the body.
from the act of cleansing the bowel for weight loss. Therefore it is important to remember
that no device will replace your body’s natural ability
to eliminate waste.

Important, не потерять способность к самостоятельной дефекации,
otherwise it will jeopardize your further health condition.
(due to persistent constipation). This also applies to the development of
getting used to taking senna grass!

Cleansing the bowel at home

If you suffer from chronic constipation or other intestinal
disorders, you can try home colon cleansing,
that will help you get rid of many toxins. You do not
you need to spend a lot of money on it, all the ingredients in the financial
The plan is pretty accessible.

For cleaning, plan a day when you don’t need to leave.
your home that will allow the body to adapt to the inner
cleansing process.

Apple colon cleansing

1. Eat your favorite variety of apples throughout the day (from morning to
evenings) without limits, which will help clean the thick and straight
the gut. Apples in sufficient quantities contain fiber, which
absorbs fluid and creates extra volume in the intestines,
which causes waste to move faster “on the way out”.

2. At dinner, also eat at least 50% of green vegetables for
supply the body with calories and eliminate possible adverse
effects from intense consumption of apples. Among such vegetables
You can highlight broccoli, cabbage, spinach, green peas or
asparagus (can be supplemented with salmon or brown rice,
cooked in a double boiler).

3. You can continue to eat apples, if you suddenly get hungry
before bedtime.

Intestinal cleansing with salt water

1. Mix ½ teaspoon of sea salt with 200 ml of warm water.
and drink this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. Salt removes fecal stones from
the walls of your intestines and restores normal patency
food entering the gastrointestinal tract.

2. For comfort, you can add to the solution ½ tsp.
lemon juice if you can’t get yourself to push it
drink up.

3. If it’s still hard for you to give this “drink”, then you
You can refresh it with maple syrup and kiwi or agave nectar.


Cleaning cayenne pepper with lemon

1. Add ½ tsp of cayenne (hot red) pepper to
300 ml of warm water, after 4 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon
juice and mix thoroughly. If desired, you can still ½ tsp
natural maple syrup to sweeten the mixture if
necessary. Drink on an empty stomach no more than five times a month to clear
intestines. Cayenne pepper removes mucus in the colon, and lemon
juice removes toxins.

2. If you do not like the taste of a warm mixture, let it cool a little
for 10 minutes, then mix again and try
drink up.

3. If pepper burns your stomach, eat every 15 minutes 1
tablespoon honey until this effect ceases.

Gentle peeling with ginger and plantain

1. In a 200 ml glass of fresh apple juice, add 1
a teaspoon of ground ginger and plantain. Mix thoroughly
until a homogeneous mass. Plantain binds waste together
ginger washes away toxins from the colon, and nutrients in
apple juice will maintain intestinal functionality throughout
время оcleansing.

2. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure spring water after
use this mixture to move the “medicine”
непосредственно в intestines.

3. Prepare a light lunch and dinner, because heavy food after
cleansing can cause stomach pain.

Alternative solution

Instead of relying on quick results, look for
ways to change your lifestyle, which will help you
fight overweight. Portion size limiting, fractional
eating, eating healthy foods – all this will help you reduce
the daily amount of calories consumed, which will be quite enough
to reduce body fat.

It is also important to increase your level of physical activity.
Try to spend at least five times a week.
30 minute cardio or strength training.

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