Coffee properties – in cosmetology, fortune telling,home cleaning and gardening

Coffee properties - in cosmetology, fortune telling, home cleaning and gardening

Many people do not represent “good morning” without
cups of this aromatic, scalding, invigorating drink (though
great at any of the 24 hours of the day). But not all
reflect on the practical benefits that can bring
grains of evergreen coffee tree in the field of personal care,
predictions of fate and business concerns.

And we immediately note that coffee is not suitable for any of the goals.
soluble from sachets (with sugar and cream, just black).
The quality of the product should be quite high.

Coffee for perfect body, face and hair

Excellent body scrubs are obtained from ground to crumb
coffee beans mixed with honey, oatmeal, sea salt. Behind
The basis is taken sour cream, vegetable oil and even shower gel.
In addition to deep cleansing, this care contributes to:

  • the disappearance of cellulite;
  • reduce stretch marks;
  • slowing the growth of unwanted hair after hair removal.

More delicate exposure (so even for
sensitive face) different scrub from coffee grounds, also
gives skin a silky tenderness.

Prepare with thick and facial masks, useful due to contained
it contains caffeine, carotenoids and organic acids. One of the main
conditions – masks should be a little room temperature, no
The case is not hot.

Popular ingredients are fruit purees, raw eggs, honey,
cream, base oils.

Such care is helpful as follows:

  • increased protection of the epidermis against adverse factors
    (ultraviolet, frost);
  • the complexion becomes more beautiful;
  • smooth wrinkles are smoothed;
  • skin peels off;
  • Acne is treated with an antibacterial effect.

Capable of coffee grounds and take care of your hair, and

  • awaken dormant hair follicles and increase blood circulation
    in the scalp, which actually accelerates hair growth;
  • normalize the sebaceous glands, which eliminates such
    problems like greasy hair;
  • speed up the disappearance of dandruff and prevent its return –
    due to the combination of mechanical cleansing of the scalp with the impact
    essential oils;
  • enhance shine, softness and obedience of hair styling, as well as
    protect their structure from the adverse effects of hot
    irons and varnishes for fixation – due to flavonoids and chlorogenic

However, it is worth noting that coffee hair care
contraindicated to blondes and allowed brunettes, brown-haired women. In masks
for coffee hair often interfere with brandy, egg yolk, oil
sea ​​buckthorn

Coffee predictions

This mystical pastime is usually chosen for
studying the future, and to a lesser extent – the past, but in any case
for a true result, you need:

  1. Guessing all alone.
  2. Prepare a drink of coffee, coarse and fine grinding in
    2: 1 proportions.
  3. Brew coffee should be given that the thick should come with one
  4. Pour it into a cup that has a snow-white inner
  5. Drink with pleasure, free your mind from problems and
    everyday routine, create yourself smooth, calm and positive
  6. Taking a cup with your left hand, focus on the question of interest.
    and three times vigorously perform a clockwise movement with a hand
    arrow, achieving a uniform distribution of thick on the walls
  7. Quickly turn the dishes upside down on the saucer.
  8. Count to 12 and lift the cup.
  9. Thoughtfully, with imagination and very carefully study those
    изображения, что появились на стенках cups. Moreover, these “pictures”
    belong to the near future, and those that appeared at the bottom of the cup
    – to more distant.
  10. If you look at the thick, drained on a saucer – maybe
    see the past.

The interpretation of “pictures” – a separate subject, to study
which is worth the time. Or, if fortune telling is a one-time
fun, you can pre-print the meaning of characters.

And in their understanding there is nothing difficult. For example, the number 9 promises
pleasant (and maybe romantic) acquaintance, wavy line –
traveling, frog is good news. 

Homemade cleanliness with coffee

Ground dry coffee has an excellent ability to absorb
pronounced odors, that is, unlike air fresheners, it does not
interrupts unpleasant smell pleasant, and destroys the very cause of it

So bowls and coffee sachets can be placed in the living room,
the bedroom. And in the kitchen, where he is perhaps the only
means to remove unwanted odors (for example, burnt toast,
lying in the refrigerator blue cheese without thorough

A pinch of ground grain, pounded in the palms, will remove
the skin even has a persistent odor, for example, after cutting up raw fish.

And at the expense of abrasives, ground coffee will help in
the absence of special tools to clean the sink, stove and
frying pans with pots.

Coffee and gardening

 Coffee grounds – a source of nitrogen, phosphorus,
potassium and other plant-related substances, this product

  • high yields of garden crops and even fruit
  • strengthen the immunity of seedlings;
  • accelerate the growth of landings;
  • protection from a number of pests and diseases;
  • brighter and longer blooming flowers;
  • attraction of useful earthworms to the site.

And many other positive processes for the kingdom of flora. Thick
lay in the soil in pure form and mixed with other fertilizers,
add to compost, diluted for watering. For easy storage and
The quality of making is often dried.

And to the logical question of gardeners, “where do you get so many
coffee grounds to be enough for everything? ”, there is a simple answer. AT
most major cities have cafes / restaurants
where coffee grounds are given away for free.

The fact is that the volumes of this waste category,
completely useless for the company itself, quite large and
by doing so, the owners of the institutions, first, save on
waste management, and secondly, create a positive
reputation and additional advertising.

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