Climax. Do not be afraid.

Tue, 01 Sep 2015 Do you know what is translated from the Greek word
�”Climax” means “ladder”? And it depends only on you whether
you take this ladder to a new level and start a new one
happy stage of your life.

Successful women are well-groomed and elegant. They are active
living and masterfully combining family care and career building,
gradually realizing their ambitious plans and becoming an example for
children and grandchildren. Given the wide variety of services of cosmetologists and
plastic surgeons, modern women have no age, but there are

Fear that the arrival of menopause will launch an inexorable aging process.
and quickly turn the blooming fair sex into
nervous and irritable woman constantly suffering from
sudden tides and tearfulness. The onset of “women’s autumn”
frightens with its unpredictability even the most self-confident

But the correct attitude to menopause and the desire to take care of
themselves can help a woman survive a second youth where there is a place
fascinating hobbies, slim figure, fitness, travel,
love and sex. Hollywood stars are a prime example of this.
which many like to equal.

Surely Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez and Monica
Bellucci feel great during menopause, acting in films
and changing young husbands and lovers like gloves. Of course someone
will say that actresses are probably served by the best doctors who
share with them the secrets of preserving eternal youth and good
well-being. And we can agree with this – most likely, the stars
know that today women of elegant age are the best friend
there must be a good gynecologist you can trust.

Although Hollywood is far away from us, highly professional gynecologists
ready to help you today – all you have to do is to contact
International Medical Center HE CLINIC. Among the permanent
clients of the center are public people, including businessmen, politicians and
showbiz stars who are very demanding on quality

Gynecology of high class in the clinic

Gynecologists HE CLINIC are of the opinion that menopause is
natural transitional state of the female body and not
disease and sentence. Specialists of the clinic to their patients
offer the most effective methods to get rid of unpleasant
symptoms and in order to preserve and improve the quality of life.

The processes that occur with a woman during menopause,
are both typical and individual.
Every woman’s body reacts differently to changes
hormonal levels, which can manifest itself as a noticeable weight loss,
and in the increased weight gain. A special role is played here.
chronic diseases, lifestyle of a woman, her food
and physical activity – all this must be considered when
drawing up a treatment plan. This proves once again that
independently choose medications to get rid of
symptoms of menopause can not be, this can seriously hurt yourself.

Only a highly qualified doctor can assess the situation.
and facilitate menopause, individually choosing the most
effective methods of therapy. IN ONE CLINIC for leveling
effects of menopause on the body are applied modern
antidepressants and drugs that reduce bone loss and
prevent the development of osteoporosis, which is also important for
women experiencing menopause. Also applied topical treatment for
eliminate discomfort during sexual intercourse.

One of the most effective treatments for menopausal
syndrome in menopause is hormone therapy. Periodic
courses of hormone therapy prescribed by a doctor in some cases
used to prevent serious diseases such as
myocardial infarction and stroke.

With menopause, you should not expect that the symptoms “will pass” themselves,
suffer in silence! Give yourself a couple of hours, make an appointment with a doctor and
come to the reception. Modern medicine has many
safe and effective methods to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.
The specialists of the clinics are ready to prove it to you!

Climax: the most common myths

There are a lot of misconceptions associated with ideas.
about the health of women in menopause. The task of each of us
– dispel myths for yourself and meet menopause fully armed, not
letting anyone fool themselves.

Myth 1. With the onset of menopause worsens.

The weakening of the production of sex hormones is really negative
affects the skin and hair of a woman. But timely
hormone replacement drugs will help solve this problem. how
показывает статистика, похвастаться хорошей appearanceю не могут
first of all those women who are in constant stress, not
refuse bad habits, do not do fitness and
addicted to junk food.

And proper personal care, including a comfortable physical
load and balanced mode of the day, contribute to the inadequacy
female beauty regardless of the onset of menopause.

Myth 2 During menopause character deteriorates

Perhaps, besides changes in appearance, women are afraid that
onset of menopause, they will become the heroines of jokes about menopause and
turn into evil shrews, unable to restrain aggression. It,
in their opinion, it will not slow down in the most negative way
relationships with colleagues and relatives.

In fact, with the blues, tearfulness and irritability can
to fight effectively with a healthy lifestyle sufficient
sleep amounts and special medications. how показывает
practice, in women who are observed at gynecologists of HE CLINIC,
when menopause does not occur undesirable changes in character.

Myth 3. With the onset of menopause about sex you can

If a woman is healthy and does not forget to watch her
well-being, the onset of menopause will not be overwhelming
a barrier beyond which desired love and sex no longer live.
Gynecologists believe that during menopause, you can engage in sex and
necessary because it still remains important enough for both
physical health of the woman, and for her psychological

As the production of natural lubrication decreases with age
for moisturizing the vaginal mucosa, women are recommended
use special means to prevent the appearance
dryness and discomfort.

Myth 4. Climax is the beginning of endless

Once having experienced the first symptoms of menopause – increased
sweating, hot flushes, heart palpitations, headache,
– some women doomedly decide that youth has passed, and
it means only disease ahead. In fact, adequate therapy and
помощь опытного гинеколога помогут не только forget о симптомах
menopause, but also prevent the development of many other diseases,
characteristic of women older than 45-50 years. All this will allow you
stay young and healthy for many years.

Myth 5. Hormone therapy leads to a set of excess

Currently, for hormone therapy doctors
recommend drugs that contain hormones in very low
doses. They do not adversely affect lipid and
carbohydrate metabolism and do not lead to undesirable changes

Of course, the safety of hormone-substituting treatment is worth
only count when you ask for advice
a highly qualified gynecologist, rather than buying a pharmacy first
got a drug that your friend recommended to you.

The danger of self during menopause

Hormone therapy for menopause is contraindicated in patients with such

  • endometrial, ovarian, breast cancer;
  • coagulopathy;
  • liver disease;
  • thromboembolism, thrombophlebitis;
  • unexplained uterine bleeding;
  • renal failure.

Before prescribing hormonal drugs that reduce
manifestation of symptoms of menopause, you need to complete
diagnostics, including ultrasound, mammography, smear analysis and analysis
blood. Do not trust doctors who, without prior
surveys suggest you take any medications! Remember
– your health is at stake!

Contact HE CLINIC – Medical Center, where you
Be sure to find your doctor! Your well-being –
our care!

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