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Mon, Mar 28, 2016

Климаксом называют физиологический период в
the life of a woman who is characterized by the extinction of reproductive
function due to hormonal changes in the body. Starting after
40 years, it lasts about 10 years, manifesting itself gradually
termination of menstruation.

For the first phase of menopause (premenopause),
characterized by a violation of the rhythm of menstruation and duration
menstrual cycle. The second phase (postmenopause) is characterized by
extinction of the hormonal activity of the ovaries after cessation
menstruation and ends with the onset of the so-called
physiological rest of the reproductive system.

Climax – causes

The cause of the manifestations of menopause is temporary disorganization.
the functions of the body of a woman in connection with a decrease in the function of the sexual
glands. The severity of menopause is most affected
stress factors, psycho-emotional or sexual disorders,
acute or chronic diseases that a woman has.

Climax – Symptoms

Very often the climacteric period is accompanied
dysfunctional uterine bleeding – long
irregular bleeding of varying duration and

It may also be accompanied by various vascular and
endocrine disorders such as sudden attacks of tide
blood to the upper half of the body and face (“heat”), sweating,
tendency to depression, irritability, fluctuations in arterial
pressure, increased dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, rapid
urination, sleep disorder.

All these violations that occur against the background of women’s deficit
sex hormones, called menopausal syndrome.

The severity of climacteric syndrome is usually determined by frequency.
hot flushes. Up to 10 tides per day talk about mild form; up to 20
tides that are accompanied by dizziness, rapid
palpitations indicate moderate severity; more than 20 tides
which are aggravated by sharp fluctuations in blood pressure, seizures
palpitations, weakness, disability, talk about
severe climacteric syndrome.

Climax – diagnosis

It is not difficult to diagnose menopausal syndrome, because
manifestations of its characteristic symptoms at a certain age and
their coincidence in time with violation of the menstrual cycle or
termination of menstruation.

However, the diagnosis may be obstructed by various related
female diseases that can occur simultaneously with
menopause. The fact is that menopause can cause aggravation
somatic diseases which in turn complicate it
current and contribute to the manifestation of atypical symptoms.

In this case, the diagnosis is carried out using special
methods that enable the study of the functional state
of the ovaries: a histological examination of mucosal scraping
uterus and colpocytology studies of vaginal smears in
dynamics. Also carry out diagnostic separate cure.
mucous membrane of the uterus and cervical canal for later
histological examination of scraping.

Климакс – treatment и профилактика

The flow of menopause in mild forms is enough to accompany.
taking sedatives, antihypertensives,
beta blockers. It is recommended to quit smoking
light exercise (morning exercise), limit
in the diet of carbohydrates and fats, carry light water
procedures (shower, douche).

If prescribed by a doctor, it should be used specifically
drugs developed for the treatment of menopausal disorders
estrogen and progestin. You can not use them without consulting with
doctor, as hormone therapy has a number of contraindications.
First of all, we are talking about uterine bleeding unspecified
etiology; tumors of the uterus, ovaries, mammary glands; thrombophlebitis
in the anamnesis; diseases of the liver, kidneys; increased pressure;
severe forms of diabetes.

In the case of dysfunctional uterine bleeding, diagnostic
endometrial curettage, which is carried out before the start of treatment,
It can also have a therapeutic effect. If observed
recurrent uterine bleeding or hyperplastic processes
endometrium, women over 45 are given hormone therapy.
in cyclic or continuous mode.


Irena 05.28.2016 You know, I read a lot of literature about menopause. Everything
waited for hot flashes, dizziness, headaches,
increased fatigue. It began vsku with memory impairment and
concentration of attention, loss of efficiency – well, I can not
make yourself work and that’s it. Went to see a doctor, she told me
wrote biotredin. Passed one course, kind of easier, even
began to work like a wound. And the symptoms no longer bother these.
Tatyana 05/23/2016 Delighted with this page. There is almost everything
what interests me.

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