Circuit training for men at home and inthe gym

krugovaya-trenirovka-dlya-muzhchinTo support
athletic figure, circuit training for men is
perfect option. It is great for both over-employed
businessmen, and for people who prefer to engage in physical
loads at home.

This type of training allows you to increase muscle strength and their
endurance and at the same time strengthens the cardio system due to
aerobic exercise.

Many options that can be created from programs and
routines that involve the muscles of the upper and lower parts of the body, for
the turnover of which alternates the load, speeding up training
with missing pauses, the effect of

It is also a great fat burning exercise for
men because the continuous process of strength exercises in
combined with effective cardio sessions helps stimulate
thermolipolysis not only during the execution of the complex, but also
two more days after it. Thus, the recommended mode
training every other day (3 times a week) turns destruction
energy fat reserves in a continuous process.

These exercises can be performed at home (especially for beginners and
amateur athletes) and in professional conditions
gym with an experienced “guru”.


Circular training for men: technique, rules, tips

This is a set of strength exercises, repeated one after another,
which change occurs at a fast pace, without pauses (or 15-sec
break). When one circuit completes, it is performed from the beginning,
in the same sequence.

Rest pauses should be no more than 15-30 seconds or less.
(a longer period worsens the result). Use of weights
increases muscle strength, and a miserable rest and fast pace – aerobic

How to build your program? We take into account the fact that:

1. Exercises should make the whole body work: its upper body,
lower body, body muscles and limbs.

2. The order of the exercises is very important, as it is set by
scheme, when the load on one group of muscles is replaced by another after
short pause or without it. Exercises should not be repeated for
the same muscle group, and train the next one.

3. The intensity is chosen sufficient to
max out for 30 seconds Weights are used at the beginning.
moderately light, and then, if the exercise passes effortlessly, their
increase by 2.5-5 kg. If excessive stress has occurred –
reduced by the same amount.

4. Repetitions are performed as long as it takes for 30 seconds,
it is necessary to control the ongoing process of reduction and
muscle relaxation.

5. Rest is optimal – 15 seconds, if it is difficult – to increase to 30.
Professionals say that it can increase to a minute before
an entire session of exercises, but increasing it to 2-3 minutes may
lead to loss of effectiveness of the entire workout.

6. The number of schemes – at least two, to work on each
muscle group twice. Three stage training is usually welcome.
so that you can repeat the complex three times.

7. Frequency. Weekly training schedule should be performed at least
two or three times (every other day).

Stew Smith Head Coach – National Association Coach
power and general physical training of the United States (former “fur seal”)
– is to mix several options feasible
programs and perform them without rest, because any muscular
the group rests while the opposing muscles work. So
Thus, you can maximize the effectiveness of your

Circuit training at home for men: light version

For weight loss or keeping fit for beginners
athletes can try their strength in native walls.

Such training not only saves time.
overworked businessmen who want to lose fat as soon as possible and
shy to attend the treadmill, but also suitable for older people
not interested in working with free weights.

At the same time, a lightweight circuit training program for men in
home conditions have the same virtues as sports
session in the hall. The result will be a bit more modest, but the goal is
provide power and aerobic exercise – this scheme will perform:

  • Warm up / stretching for muscles;
  • Pull-ups – the maximum number of repetitions;
  • Squat 20-30 times;
  • Push ups from the floor – the maximum number of repetitions for 1
  • Lunges – 10 times with each leg;
  • Sit-ups (crossfit) – maximum
    number of repetitions;
  • Hyperextension on the floor (lying face down, pin fingers on
    nape and lift the upper back and legs simultaneously; or
    top only) – repetition within one minute.

This scheme, if possible, should be performed at a fast pace.
без отдыха (or с минимальной релаксацией за четверть минуты) 3-4
times It is as simple as possible, it does not require weight lifting, but
works by loading the whole body: the upper and lower parts, the front and
the back of the torso, as well as the legs.

Beginners: Circuit training for men in the gym
the hall

Спортсменам-любителям or начинающим бодибилдерам masters
The training process may suggest the following scheme for
Occupations (rules for circle trainings with common):

  • Warm up / Stretching for muscles;
  • Pull-ups on the horizontal bar or the upper block – 10-15
  • Жим штанги лежа – 10-15 time;
  • Жим ногами в тренажере – 10-15 time;
  • Twisting (crunches) with arms crossed in front – 30-50
  • Mix with dumbbells: squats, flexings for biceps, “army”
    жим, разгибания на трицепс – по 10-15 time;
  • Squatting with the burden of (so-called, squats
    «лесоруба») – 10-15 time;
  • The barbell (weight) in the slope – 10-15 times (for weights – 15 times
    each hand);
  • Swing with a kettlebell with one hand – 10-15 times each;
  • Bench press standing – 10-15 times.

It is necessary to adjust the weight of the weighting agents and not try to take
maximum as professionals recover faster
newcomers, and the latter may face muscle injuries from unreasonable

Quickly tidy upper body can be at
the help of the following subroutine:

  • Warm up / Stretching.
  • Pull-ups – 50% of the maximum number of repetitions.
  • Bench press – 50% of maximum weight and maximum repetitions.
  • Biceps flexion – 10-20 times.
  • Plyometric push-ups – 50% of maximum
  • Exercise on abdominal muscles to choose from – 50 times.
  • Thrust rod in the slope – 20 times.
  • Reverse pushups from the bench – 10-20 times.
  • Traction upper block 10/10/10 (wide-normal-reverse
  • Breeding dumbbells lying down – 10-20 times.
  • Pushups – the maximum number of repetitions.
  • Press – to choose – 50 times.

You need to repeat the whole scheme in accordance with the physical
preparation. These programs can be mixed by choosing alternate
load on the upper and lower hull, as well as other opposing
muscle groups.

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