Cinnamon for weight loss: losing weight is tasty

koritsa-dlya-pohudeniyaAnother “challenger” when trying
find a natural remedy for effective loss of excess
kilograms was announced spice, known to every hostess –

Currently, researchers have documented
the fact that cinnamon regulates the process of losing weight through its
effect on blood glucose levels in humans.


Useful properties of cinnamon for weight loss:

Cinnamon is effective for suppressing appetite, reduces the level
�”Bad” cholesterol, affects the level of fat in
body, controlling its storage and use. These and other
significant positive features for human health make
its incredibly useful tool for losing weight.

The main role of cinnamon in the regulation of glucose and insulin in the blood.
It reduces glucose levels while simultaneously stimulating the production of
insulin. For these qualities, cinnamon has gained popularity among those
looking for alternative diabetes treatment options.

It is interesting to note that such fantastic results were
discovered by accident – a study was conducted on
the effect of various foods on blood glucose levels.

One of the products tested was apple pie,
cooked for a traditional recipe, including cinnamon.
Researchers expected that after consuming the pie,
sugars will start to rise. But instead, the amount of glucose in
blood, on the contrary, “floated” down. The presence of spice was decisive
a factor. The following study involved 60 patients with
diagnosed with type II diabetes who have already had a dependency on
инъекций insulin. Taking cinnamon at a rate of 2 teaspoons
every day, the subjects recorded significant
decrease in blood glucose and inversely proportional
увеличение производства insulin.

But the most important result was that
positive effects on the body did not stop even after
the end of her admission.

Cinnamon also has many other uses that can be
useful even for people who do not suffer from excess weight. She is
well relieves pain in case of stomach problems,
prevents the development of duodenal ulcers. Perfectly
affects organisms that cause urinary tract infections
and limits the growth of fungal agents. Successfully used for
treating indigestion and treating various mycoses.

In trials, in people who have been exposed to fragrance
cinnamon or those who chewed gum with its taste have been established
memory enhancements. They were able to process faster
information and use it correctly.

The results of this and similar tests give hope for
use of this spice in the elderly or those
who suffer from memory loss, for example, due to dementia or
brain damage.

How to use cinnamon for weight loss?

So, take cinnamon for fast and effective weight loss.
can be in several ways. You can buy it in the form of a stick or
in the ground version. Also cinnamon is sold in tea or in
capsules for ease of administration.

Use a wand to stir your herbal tea or
hot chocolate. Add ground version to all types of pastries,
to “refresh” the taste and get all those healthy benefits
which is attributed to spices. Some cinnamon can be added to coffee
or cappuccino, it will give it a special taste.

To normalize the metabolism, nutritionists advise to prepare
a special drink is added to this in a glass of juice or kefir 1
a teaspoon of cinnamon, a pinch of hot pepper and half a tablespoon
spoons of ground ginger, all this is well stirred and
is drunk.

Cinnamon invites you to enjoy a new taste of food at the same time.
and get real help in weight reduction. But, although its regular and
used in the form of seasoning, you still need to chat with your
a doctor before using as a drug for weight loss,
especially if you plan to apply it in significant

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