Chromium Picolinate for weight loss

Пиколинат хрома для похуденияChromium – it is an essential trace element for the human body, which Included in the vitamin complexes and drugs. One of them is the BAA Chromium Picolinate. Initially means used to stabilize blood sugar levels in patients diabetes and people with prediabetes. Athletes used Picolinate chromium as an additive to increase the rate of muscle growth in as a supplement to sports nutrition. Today drug popular with those who seek quickly lose weight


Features of the drug

The main component of the drug for weight loss is chromium. is he contained in all human tissues and organs, so we are constantly we need a dose of trace element. With a lack of chromium in the body, blood dramatically increases the amount of sugar and cholesterol.

Thanks to the positive effect of Chromium Picolinate on exchangeable processes and glucose uptake, the drug is able to stabilize weight body. Without the substances contained in the dietary supplement normal providing thyroid function, protein transportation and tissue repair. Chemical properties of chromium picolinate cause a stable metabolism, thanks to stimulation pancreatic hormone.

The man in whose body chromium is contained in sufficient quantity, does not feel the need for insulin. This property drug for weight loss explains its importance to people with diabetes disease. So, providing yourself with the right dose. trace element, it is possible to prevent the development of diabetes second type.


Mechanism of action

Chromium deficiency is a frequent occurrence for dieters. Receiving Chromium Picolinate helps to endure strict restrictions diet, reducing cravings for carbohydrates, including sweets. Thanks to the microelement, exercise is easier to carry and accelerates muscle growth. And since the amount of muscle mass metabolic rate depends (the more of them, the more calories spends the body on metabolic processes), then the positive slimming effect of the supplement.

Chromium Picolinate for weight loss

However, chromium picolinate is allowed if losing weight. regularly plays sports. Make fat grow muscular the fabric is beyond the power of any drug. The trace element will be effective for losing weight, if you take a biological additive with food. It is possible to replace chromium picolinate in the menu radish, beef liver, seafood, beans, broccoli, quail eggs – these products are rich in metal.

According to research, the use of chromium has the following mechanisms of action:

  1. Reduces craving for sweets, dulls appetite, which allows easier to adhere to the diet.
  2. The trace element does not break down muscle tissue.
  3. Increases the musculoskeletal mass of the body, so metabolism is accelerated and fat burning occurs.
  4. Chromium помогает трансформировать жиры в энергию во время physical activities.

How to use

  • Как правильно принимать Chromium Picolinate for weight loss? For achieve the expected result is recommended to take Picolinate chromium twice a day (in the morning) with a glass of pills water Liquid drug drip under the tongue and, holding for 3-5 seconds, swallow It is important to adhere to dosage and conducive slimming conditions. To lose weight, take the drug followed during a low carb diet. And a person must lead active lifestyle and spend more calories than you get with food
  • Compatibility with other supplements. Do not take immediately 2-5 Chromium-containing additives – this will cause an overdose trace element and a negative impact on health.
  • Duration of the course. Effective weight loss course last not less than 25 days, but not longer than 30.


For эффективного похудения следует знать, как пить Пиколинат chromium. The daily dose depends on the age of the person and his individual features that are best discussed with your doctor.

According to the instructions for use of chromium picolinate, an adult man needs to drink 400 micrograms of supplement. No matter what form A slimming drug is produced – in capsules, tablets, in liquid form (solution or drops). Large dosage will not be absorbed by the body or lead to the manifestation of adverse effects.

Children up to 16 years old may be prescribed with an individual dosage exclusively by a doctor.

Side effects and contraindications to the use of dietary supplements < / h2>

Согласно отзывам от Пиколинате Chromiumа, биологическая добавка редко имеет побочные эффекты. Patients have nausea, dizziness, vomiting, flatulence. Но причина побочных эффектов Пиколинат Chromiumа заключается скорее в передозировке, а не индивидуальной непереносимостью препарата для похудения. With an increase in the duration of the dietary supplement, dermatitis, allergic reactions, itching of the skin are often manifested.

Противопоказания к приему Пиколинат Chromiumа:

  1. The period of breastfeeding, pregnancy. < / li>
  2. Liver and kidney problems. < / li>
  3. Individual intolerance to the components of the additive. < / li> < / ol>

    Price in pharmacies < / h2>

    How much does a slimming drug cost? Each pharmacy in Moscow independently sets the price for an additive, which depends on many aspects (manufacturer of dietary supplements, rental of premises, costs of transportation and storage, etc.). Below is a table with approximate prices for the drug for weight loss.

    Name, manufacturer < / strong> < / th>

    Price < / strong> < / th> < / tr> < / thead>

    Chromium Picolinate 50ml (vial), SPA MEDMEDSERVICE < / td>

    Up to 200 rubles. < / td> < / tr>

    Chromium Picolinate Evalar (90 caps) < / td>

    Up to 300 rubles. < / td>
    Купить Пиколинат Chromiumа solgar (90 капс.) 1200 rub. < / td> < / tr>

    Chromium Picolinate Unleavened Natures Bounty (100 tab.) < / td>

    550-650 rub. < / td> < / tr> < / tbody> < / table>

    Analogs of the drug < / h2>

    If you did not find the drug in a pharmacy, analogs will help you – vitamins and food supplements based on chromium and picolinic acid. These include:

    • Reglakol. < / li>
    • Chromiumвитал.
    • Fat-X. < / li> < / ul>
      • Allikor-chrome. < / li>
      • Турбослим Пиколинат chromium.
      • Хелси Chromium и др.
      • < / ul>

        Doctors reviews about the dietary supplement < / h2>

        Galkin I.Yu., nutritionist : “The tool is useful for people who have sat on a debilitating diet and feel tired, lack of energy, drowsiness. These symptoms indicate thyroid dysfunction, which has resulted in deficient nutrition for weight loss. In addition, the supplement should be drunk to women during compliance with unbalanced diets (on porridge, kefir, apples). Supplements for men are useful for stimulating reproductive function. ”< P>

        Khorosheva, TD, a nutritionist : “Women suffer hunger in the name of losing weight, restraining the urge to eat too much. They are afraid that chromium stimulates the growth of muscle mass, so losing weight refuse to take supplements. In fact, the trace element helps to update the skin cells, making it look healthy, removing cellulite and improving the shape. This is a plus taking supplements during weight loss, because the skin does not lose elasticity. “


        Reviews losing weight < / h2>

        Alice, 27 years old < / strong> : “I fight for a long time with excess weight, but I think that losing weight with pills without changing your lifestyle, eating principles is not right and is harmful. By experience, I was convinced that the dietary supplement for weight loss is suitable for those who are unable to give up sweets. He even helped me learn how to drink tea without sugar and not feel any discomfort if I didn’t eat candy or cookies in a day. Therefore, the supplement makes the diet and the process of losing weight more comfortable. ”< P>

        Irina, 22 years old < / strong> : “Do not get carried away with diet pills. I took them for 2 months, a red rash appeared on my skin, but I did not associate this trouble with the use of a microelement. Treated urticaria, continuing to receive supplements. Then she stumbled across the web to an annotation to dietary supplements, where side effects were indicated, including skin rashes. Immediately stopped drinking pills, but for 2 months I can not cure skin disease. “

        Julia, 54 years old < / strong>: “The supplement works great! Before, I couldn’t live without sweet, my head ached right away, the hand itself stretched to a chocolate bar / cake / cookie. When I started taking picolinate for weight loss I forgot about my mania. Even in coffee and tea I do not put sugar. And the best part – the extra kilos started to go away. ”< P>

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