Chill without fever: cause of indisposition.Chills without fever: causes and methods of treatment

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Chill is a human condition in which he feels
malaise, chilliness and cold. These symptoms develop
due to sharp spasms of small vessels immediately under
skin. Chills are not a disease – it is only the body’s response to
sudden changes in temperature and metabolic disorders. Will consider
the main causes of chills without temperature and condition in which
need to see a doctor.

Chills without fever: main causes

Most often, chills develop without fever.
for such reasons:

1. Severe hypothermia. In this case, the person is greatly narrowed
blood vessels, and blood circulation slows down. This leads to
metabolic disorders. In such a state may occur
chilliness and chills. Removing it is easy – just drink a cup
hot tea and keep warm.

2. Cold and SARS. In such states, the temperature is far from
can always rise. Chill is natural
(response) to the virus, which thus protects
human and signals the disease.

If you feel unwell and chill it is recommended to steam
legs and drink tea with honey or raspberry jam, which has
antipyretic and warming effect.

3. Infectious lesions of the body. At the same time, in addition to chills
a person may experience nausea, fatigue and pallor. Before
what is the treatment, in this case it is necessary to identify the root cause

4. Strong emotional stress or stress. At the same time
a person’s body temperature will not rise, however
feel themselves “sick”. This is explained by the fact that the body is so
way will react to irritation in the form of stress, since
the nervous system is directly connected to all other “mechanisms” in

5. Allergic reaction. Most often chills in this condition
occurs in humans after they consume an allergen product.
It can be honey, nuts, strawberries, etc.

Allergy symptoms are usually a migraine, a rash on the body,
worsening breathing and weakness.

6. Vegetative vascular dystonia. In people suffering from this
diseases, almost always very cold feet and hands. Them
it’s difficult to warm up because their vessels are in bad

To normalize the work of these vessels, you should start
temper and strengthen your immunity.

7. Blood pressure disorders. Usually chills develop
with a sharp decrease or increase in pressure. Moreover, if
the person was diagnosed with hypertension, then this symptom will be
feel regularly, because the jumps in pressure will be pretty

It is very important to control it all the time.
pressure indicators, since in the absence of treatment hypertension
can easily cause a stroke.

8. Endocrine disorders can also cause chills without
temperature This is explained by the fact that in diseases of the thyroid
the human gland disrupts the general thermoregulation process. Thats
eat, the gland stops producing the right hormone, which
It is directly involved in the preservation of heat.

Most often, this condition is observed in people with sugar
diabetes. In this case, they are very much violated.
circulation. Gradually, the affected vessels become thinner and
blood circulation is disturbed. This leads to a sharp deterioration.

To get rid of chills with diabetes or other
diseases of the thyroid gland, first of all, you need to treat it
root cause (the disease that provoked

9. Climax. During this period, women may also experience
chills. It develops as a consequence of the lack of hormones and general
�”Restructuring” of the body. In this case, a woman can also feel
hot flashes.

The best treatment in this condition is
hormone therapy. Assign it must necessarily specialist. Without
Prescribing these drugs can not be taken.

10. Menstruation. The fact is that some women in such
The period is particularly acute for changes in the body. However, they
may suffer not only from chills, but also from acute pain in
stomach, nausea, fatigue and headaches. All these symptoms are like
usually observed only in the early days of menstruation.

Night chills without fever: causes

Chill, which manifests itself at night, has its
specifics. It usually indicates the development of such

1. Diabetes.

2. Hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating). With this chill is
the body’s usual reactions to cold due to the fact that a person will
lying at night on cold and wet sheets.

3. Hemorrhoids, or rather its complications. Chill organism in such
case will respond to inadequate treatment of the disease direct

4. Depression and nerve overstrain. In this case, even in a dream
the person will be very worried. This may appear on his
health is not only chills, but also migraine, neurosis and
disorders in the digestive tract. For this reason, in this state, it is desirable
contact immediately to the neuropathologist.

Chills without fever: causes and treatment

The most effective treatment for chills

1. If this symptom develops after hypothermia, then you can
take a warm bath with essential oils.

2. If the chill has developed with a cold, then you need to wrap yourself in
warm blanket and drink lemon tea with honey. It is also advisable to drink
plenty of fluids so that the body can overcome faster

3. If this condition was provoked by endocrine
violations, it is necessary to pass a blood test for hormones.
If he shows a lack of thyroid hormones,
The endocrinologist may prescribe the necessary medication.

4. If the cause of the chills was vegetative-vascular dystonia, then
need to take drugs to strengthen the blood vessels. Also a lot
it is important to give up bad habits and start correctly
to eat

5. If chills occur due to severe stress or nervous
surge, it is recommended to calm down and drink mint tea.
Also sour broths from berries and warm milk with honey will help.

Chills without fever: causes and prophylaxis

Fortunately, this unpleasant symptom can
to prevent. To do this, just follow the following:

1. Avoid hypothermia (dress for the weather).

2. To control your psycho-emotional state and on time
pay attention to stress. Signs of stress usually

• loss of appetite;

• apathy;

• weakness;

• nausea;

• sleep disturbance;

• nervousness;

• hot temper;

• depressive states;

• depression;

• bad mood;

• the desire to hide “from the whole world”;

• binge eating;

• problems at work.

1. Avoid physical exhaustion.

2. In case of diabetes mellitus to conduct a comprehensive treatment and not
допускать осложнений от diseases.

3. With constantly cold limbs, consult a doctor and
find out the reason for this. When identifying vegetative-vascular dystonia
treat her.

4. Hardened.

5. Do sports.

6. Refuse bad habits.

7. Watch your diet.

8. With sharp pressure surges, constantly monitor data.
indicators and avoid sudden drops.

Causes chills without fever or when you need to contact
to the doctor

Despite its harmlessness, if chills are accompanied
certain additional symptoms, the person is better
still go to the doctor. By such manifestations

1. The condition of a person in which he suffers from chills,
nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. This may indicate acute intestinal.
an infection that requires immediate treatment. You can
seek help from a therapist or a gastroenterologist.

2. A rash on the body and a worsening of breath along with chills can
indicate the development of allergies.

3. Runny nose, cough, weakness and body aches can
to signal flu or cold. In this condition
It is recommended to contact the therapist.

4. If the chills are accompanied by strange symptoms (fever,
reddening of the skin, the appearance of large blisters on it, etc.),
especially after visiting exotic countries, you need as much as possible
contact an infectious diseases specialist faster.

5. If the chills are repeated regularly and almost at the same time.
time, it is advisable to consult a cardiologist. After inspection and
a number of procedures, the doctor can identify hypertension and prescribe
suitable treatment.

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