Children have grown up, feelings have cooled – is it worth itsave family

Mon, 02 Mar 2015 Where is the edge of a relationship? Like love
becomes a simple set of letters, and a loved one is a stranger? how
understand that you have passed the point of no return and will not continue?
Difficult questions that are also difficult to find answers …


Remember how it all began? Views crossed, interest arose:
dates, kisses, wedding. And then the happy father greets you at
on the threshold of the hospital, holding a small bundle in his hands, turns
head in your direction and says with delight: “Oh,
stirring. “The endless marathon, which never seemed to
end: diapers, sleepless nights, the first tooth and the long-awaited
first steps, kindergarten, disease, school, two, fights, first
love, exams … disputes with a husband about raising a child, holidays,
conducted together, joint forays into nature and going to the cinema …
Responsibility, fatigue and, at the same time, a sea of ​​love. There is no time.
think, stop: life in cares, affairs. It seems that it is
forever and never will be otherwise. But it happened – the children
have grown up, their son and daughter have their own lives, they appear less and less on
the threshold. Spouses are left alone with each other. If you love each other
a friend is still, moving children away will only strengthen the relationship. But as
if one day, when you open your eyes in the morning, you realize that, despite
lived together a quarter of a century, the binding material for marriage,
For many years now, only children have appeared?

Loneliness together

Next to you, in an empty apartment, is the person you
once loved. And what do you know about your husband now that his
care what he thinks? Do you still want to fall asleep and
waking up next, as you spend your free time with him,
power to turn a blind eye to its shortcomings? What should I do if
unbearably boring and sad.

Willingness to compromise

Calm down, leave everything as it was, do not think or score yourself
head illusions. Find a reasonable compromise and continue joint
accommodation, go with the flow. Common household, meeting friends and
relatives, familiar sex. Swamp? Yes, but so cozy, warm
and familiar. how вы думаете, надолго ли вас хватит?

New round

Go to the new stage of relations. Remember the moments when you were
happy Want to return them – act and, quite likely, you
to go through a new round of feelings and emotions. Ruin the relationship
and by brick to disassemble the walls built is simple, much
it’s harder to reanimate relationships. If you want to see next to you
a man with whom the best years are lived, and not just to live by
Neighborhood, and love and be loved – everything is in your hands. Add to
Romance of your life, be bold in bed, spend together
more time, find common interests – and ember, warm in
the most distant corner of your heart will flare up again. Not
wondered how the beloved man would respond to the words: “Dear, I
waiting for a child?


Is it worth keeping the family visibility where there is not a drop of heat
and understanding where He and She live their lives and do not need
each other? If you only see emptiness and disappointment, if
nothing to reanimate – part. Love is left, but the train
old relationships pulls and does not give the opportunity to leave – cut by
living Categorically, hard? Yes, but life is too fleeting,
to spend it on NOTHING. It is impossible to take and just forget
a person with whom a lot is connected. Part with gratitude –
with him you stood at the altar, raised children, you were united by the most sincere
feeling. Start first and you will see that the interesting and significant
in this life is not over. Ahead of extraordinary meetings
and unexpected discoveries. Fear of condemnation – you are no longer 20, not even
30 and at your age you are free to do what you want. And I wanted
go anywhere, close your house and not find the key. But I believed –
everything is still gone until the light fades, while the candle is lit. Eternal
love is just a beautiful fairy tale. Over time, it fades away and you
understand that you no longer need each other or develops into another
feeling more serious. He is difficult to give a name, just comes
understanding that a person is near, without which further
existence is difficult or even impossible. In life often
there are moments when it is necessary to make a difficult choice. Stay
or leave? Everyone makes the decision himself. But think, maybe not
no crisis, maybe love is gone? She, like you, has become
another: balanced, adult? And you feel good just because
The close person exists, lives nearby. Maybe this is
happiness, do not lose it.

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