Chicken thighs in a slow cooker: fried,baked, steamed. A selection of interesting recipes for hips inmulticooker

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Chicken thighs have long been loved by many, not only as part of
whole chicken, but also as a separately cooked dish. They are gentle,
juicy, with a pronounced meat taste. And if they are still well put out,
bake, fry with the right spices, it turns out just
amazing dish. If desired, you can make more dietary.
option – cook for a couple. All these opportunities gives such
modern kitchen gadget as a slow cooker.

The basic principles of cooking chicken legs

You can use chicken thighs, separating them from the carcass, or
purchase a ready-made set. Often used chicken legs –
These are the undivided thighs and the legs of the chicken. They are easy to cut,
set aside the legs for another dish, and prepare the thighs in
multicooker по одному из предлагаемых рецептов.

Chicken thigh – a rather massive part, usually per serving
missing one thigh. Therefore for a family dinner or
holiday feast is easy to calculate how many parts you need
take, counting them by the number of people.

Before cooking, the meat must be washed and dried. Often his
marinated previously in one or another sauce – usually before frying.
If you plan to extinguish, you can not pickle, as during
cooking meat is soaked with sauce or gravy.

Next, the hips are placed in the bowl of the multicooker with seasonings and
additional ingredients – most often it is vegetables – and included
to the appropriate mode.

Куриные бедрышки в multicooker можно готовить на программе
Frying, Stewing, Stew, Baking, Steaming and others.

Ароматная нежность: куриные бедрышки в multicooker

Это простой рецепт, по которому готовить курицу в multicooker
very simple. No pre-frying, pickling,
no operations except cutting onions. You can even put it,
cut the onion in half, although it is better to chop – it will be more
juice. If you need to add the amount of sauce, adjust the dish
adding sour cream, cream or just some water to the slow cooker.


• 5 chicken thighs

• Large onion

• One bay leaf

• Spoon of vegetable oil

• Black freshly ground pepper

• Dry dill

• salt

• A pair of spoons of water.

Cooking method

Feet wash, dry, put a bowl of the multicooker.

Onion, peeled, chopped arbitrarily.

Put the vegetables to the meat.

Salt, pepper, pour oil, add dry greens.

Mix everything, put a bay leaf under the bottom,

Add water.

Turn on Quenching mode for an hour.

If desired, you can put vegetables on the top grill – immediately
garnish will be ready.

Сметано-чесночные куриные бедра в multicooker

If you need many, many tasty sauce, which is bathed
tender chicken – we take more sour cream and sprinkle meat
seasoning. An interesting choice of mode for this dish.


• Chicken thighs – five pieces

• Bulb large

• Large carrot

• Two or three garlic cloves

• Seasoning – curry for golden brown, different types of pepper
taste, hop-suneli or another set of favorite spices

• A glass of sour cream

• salt

• Water

• Oil for frying.

Cooking method

Wash meat, dry with a napkin.

Pour oil into the bowl of the multicooker, put the meat in the Frying mode
hold 10 minutes

Peel and dice the onions.

Chop the cleaned carrot into slices, straws or

Turn the meat over, put the vegetables back on, turn it on again for 10 minutes
Frying mode.

You can fry it all just in the pan and then put in

Cut the garlic with plastics and put it to the meat.

Add spices, salt, put sour cream, add water,
so that the chicken was buried in the sauce.

Turn on the mode of porridge, milk porridge, or just stewing on 40

The abundance of sauce involves serving with a side dish such as rice,
mashed potatoes or just with fresh bread.

Запеченные куриные бедрышки в multicooker

The most delicious chicken thighs are undoubtedly baked. Preserve
juiciness and at the same time have a crispy crust. To inside
it was delicious as well as outside, you need to cook the right one


• 4 chicken thighs

• Clove of garlic

• Pinch of coriander

• Allspice – a few peas

• Soy sauce – 2-3 spoons

• Honey – a tablespoon

• Mustard seeds – pinch

• Ground hot pepper – to taste

• If necessary – salt

• Vegetable oil – 1-2 spoons.

Cooking method

Rinse the meat, dry.

Garlic crush. Mix with the rest of the ingredients, a little
grind so that honey and soy sauce form a single mixture.

Должна получиться жидкая субстанция с плавающими seasoning.

Immerse the meat in it and clean in the cool for half an hour.

Then put in a slow cooker and turn on Baking mode – he
suitable, as it turns out, not only for the test!

After 20 minutes, check the condition of the meat. It should start
to blush on all sides. You can flip and re-enable
same program. As the thighs decide how much more to add
time – the same or more.

When the dish is ready, serve with vegetables.

Chicken thighs in mulch-cooking in Lecho sauce

For this recipe you will need ready lecho – vegetable stew
a mixture where housewives usually put onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes,
sometimes carrots. You can make this hot salad
tentatively, if not in stock ready or store.
Why combine vegetables with oil, salt, spices and stew with
half an hour. When cooked with chicken thighs, vegetable flavors and
the flavors will soak the meat, and the dish can be used as
Independent or with a side dish.


• Chicken thighs – three pieces

• Spoonful of cooking oil

• Glass lecho

• A pair of garlic cloves

• Spoon of adjika or salsa or other hot sauce

• salt по необходимости

• Fresh parsley, dill.

Cooking method

Chop garlic and coat them with meat.

Fry the garlic thighs on both sides in a pan in the oil
или в multicooker при режиме Жарка, Выпечка.

В чаше multicooker мясо залить лечо, в которое добавлен острый

Put the program Quenching minutes for 30.

Serve sprinkled with chopped greens, with rice or just with

Куриные бедрышки в multicooker с картошкой

Stewed or baked potatoes with meat – a favorite recipe.
You can cook it in the mulitweld. Plus is that fat or
here you can use a minimum of oil, and the dish will be juicy,


• 4 chicken thighs

• 4 medium potatoes

• Large onion

• Spoon of vegetable oil

• salt

• Black ground pepper, bay leaf

• Glass of water.

Cooking method

Prepare thighs – rinse, dry.

Обжарить в multicooker с одной стороны в масле. Turn over.

Onion cut into half rings, potato cubes.

Salt meat, pepper, put a bay leaf.

Top with onions and potatoes, pour in water.

Enable Baking mode, if you want a more baked dish,
or Stewing mode – if you need stewed potatoes with meat. Time – 40

At the end of time, let stand for five minutes and serve as
independent dish, to it – fresh or canned

Festive Dish – Stuffed Chicken Thighs

For minced meat, you can use the same chicken meat, ground with
onions and spices, as well as various other products. This option
– with mushrooms, very expressive in taste and aroma
qualities. You can serve this dish as a cold appetizer, sliced
slices. And it is possible as the main hot.


• Chicken thighs – according to the number of participants in the feast, if planned
on hot

• 1-2 medium mushrooms for each thigh – mushrooms,
chanterelles, mushrooms

• Onions at the rate of one onion four thighs

• Seasoning for chicken or a mixture of peppers or other to taste

• salt

• A glass of kefir

• A pair of tablespoons of vegetable oil

• Another marinade bulb.

Thighs need to cook – remove the bone. For that good
would have in the kitchen nippers. It is necessary to cut the meat along where
the bone comes closest to the surface. Good free
her and cut off from two cartilage pliers. Simplify the purchase problem
thighs already boneless. You can remove the bone by cutting along with
cartilage, but then it will be harder to shape.

Prepare marinade – add thinly chopped onion to kefir,
salt and plunge meat there.

For half an hour, until the meat is marinated, cook the stuffing.

Chop the onion, chop the mushrooms – fresh or

Fry the onions and mushrooms under the lid in oil. Salted.

Pull the meat out of the marinade, into each groove where there was a bone
put a spoonful of cooled meat – you can deepen the notch
a knife.

Put the thighs in a slow cooker with a spoonful of butter, sprinkle

Включить режим Выпечка на 40 minutes Thighs should be good
turn red. If this does not happen, add time.

The tricks and secrets of cooking chicken thighs in

  • Often thighs are often recommended for giving a ruddy crust.
    fry. In this case, you need to turn them gently to skin
    did not come off. This can occur when meat is insufficient
  • If you wish, you can completely free the hips from the skins – so
    It will be more convenient and dietary. True, such a crispy crust already
    will not work. But for extinguishing – a great option.
  • A real find for meat, especially pre
    pickled – Baking mode. It allows you to evenly bake meat
    from all sides and warm it inside to full readiness. therefore
    при приготовлении куриных бедрышек в multicooker имеет смысл
    experiment with this program.
  • Different multicookers have a different set of modes and other
    specifications. therefore все рекомендации по времени готовки нужно
    adapt for themselves. Anyway chicken thighs for an hour exactly
    will be ready. And if pre-fry, enough and
    сорока minutes

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