Chicken in sour cream in a slow cooker: cookmore! Simple recipes for cooking chicken in sour creamevery day cooker

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Who does not like foods with a soft and fragrant chicken? Only one
who is indifferent to meat. Chicken in sour cream – the dish is not too
dietary. But sometimes you can afford it and not refuse
from tasty pleasure.

Recipes готовки курицы в сметане в мультиварке есть в арсенале
every hostess. They attract with its simplicity and affordability.

Special knowledge and skills will not be needed. Just need to download
all the ingredients in the slow cooker, press a few buttons and you can
do other things. There is no need to worry that
food will burn or run away.

The dish can be constantly modified by adding a variety of
spices and fresh vegetables. It is better to cook it with a margin, because supplements
just want to.

Chicken in sour cream in a slow cooker – general principles

Для preparations блюда подходят все части курицы: окорочка,
legs, breast and wings. But the back is better to throw in the soup or

The skin can be removed or left if you want to get more
hearty meal.

Put onion, garlic, pepper, fresh vegetables and

Sour cream gives the dish a delicate creamy taste. It can be added
fragrant spices: marjoram, paprika, oregano. They are added
separately, or as a part of seasonings to meat or vegetables.

In the finished dish a lot of tasty and aromatic
sour cream sauce. It is useful in order to pour abundantly

As the last used mashed potatoes, pasta
products, rice and buckwheat. You can cook and other cereals.

Cooked chicken in sour cream in a slow cooker with vegetable oil or
without him. Depending on the recipe and model of kitchen assistant
choose the program “Frying”, “Baking”, “Stewing”, “Milk porridge” and
�”Cooking for a couple.”

Accelerate the process of cooking a sharp knife and a convenient board for cutting

Recipe 1. Chicken in sour cream in the “Simple recipe” multicooker


• a pound of chicken legs;

• onion;

• one l. dining sour cream;

• Lavrushka;

• seasoning for chicken;

• salt;

• vegetable oil.

Способ preparations:

Pieces of chicken salt and sprinkle with seasoning. Stir to
it is evenly located on the meat. Leave for about ten minutes.

Onion cut into half rings and divide into separate

Spoons three (table) vegetable oil pour into the bottom of the kitchen

Install the program “Hot” and run it to work on forty

After five minutes, when the oil warms up, load the pieces
Chicken. Carefully lay them out.

After fifteen minutes, gently turn the meat over. We pour
onion slices.

We continue the implementation of the program “Frying” with the lid open

At the end of the set time, add sour cream and
stir so that it melts in meat sauce.

Put laurel in the meat.

We include the program “Milk porridge” for 33 minutes.

Through this time, a dish of chicken in sour cream in a slow cooker
fully cooked.

Recipe 2. Chicken in sour cream in the Mum’s Lunch multicooker


• 0.9 kg of chicken legs;

• carrot;

• half a cup of milk;

• two spoons including sour cream and flour;

• half liter seasonings for chicken;

• one and a half tablespoons of salt;

• two pounds each table waters and vegetable oils.

Способ preparations:

Remove the skin from chicken pieces.

Pour them with seasoning and a teaspoon of salt. Distribute
powder on the surface of the meat so that it absorbs all the taste and smell

Carrot grind straws.

At the bottom of the multicooker pour oil. Distribute его равномерно
on the surface of the kitchen assistant with a brush or silicone
with a spoon.

Putting chicken pieces.

Sprinkle with grated carrots and fill with water.

On the slow cooker, set the “Baking” mode for 25 minutes, and
launch the kitchen assistant using the “Start” button.

Lightly heat the milk. Stir flour in it using

Add half a spoonful of salt and stir again.

Pour sour cream into the milk mixture and mix.

After 25 minutes, turn the chicken. Pour sour cream sauce and
Cover the multicooker with a lid.

Install the previous program for another half an hour.

The prepared dish goes well with rice, buckwheat
porridge, and also with mashed potatoes.

Recipe 3. Chicken in sour cream in the Aromatnaya multicooker


• 1.3 kg of chicken meat;

• 200 ml sour cream;

• five garlic cloves;

• onion;

• 1/2 l. dining oregano;

• three dining l. vegetable oils;

• pepper and salt.

Способ preparations:

Divide prepared chicken into small pieces, salt and
we pepper

Multivarku set up on the program “Baking” for half an hour.

Pour in the oil and slightly heat it.

Onion cut into half rings and fry in a slow cooker.

Lay the chicken pieces and cook them before the end of the set
of time. At least once the meat must be turned.

We transfer the kitchen assistant to the program “Quenching” for another
half an hour.

After its completion, open the lid and put sour cream on the meat.
We pour орегано и выдавливаем чеснок. Mix everything with chicken

Select the program “Steaming” and finish cooking through
пять minutes

Recipe 4. Chicken in sour cream in a slow cooker with potatoes


• half chicken;

• kilogram of potatoes;

• four spoons of art. sour cream;

• a teaspoon of tea salt and seasoning for potatoes;

• two spoons of Art. vegetable oil;

• 100 gr. dill;

• mix of ground peppers.

Способ preparations:

We cut the chicken into portions.

We load them into a slow cooker and pour oil on it. Add salt,
We pepper and mix.

In the “Menu” we find the program “Hot”. Set the time – ten

Clean the potatoes and cut into medium pieces.

Загружаем его в чашу multicookers. Sprinkle seasoning for

Pour sour cream and gently mix the chicken with

For forty minutes, run the program “Quenching”.

Dill finely shred and pour it ten minutes before the end

A full main dish with potatoes and chicken in sour cream,
cooked in a slow cooker, you can feed tasty and satisfying.

Recipe 5. Chicken in sour cream in a slow cooker with vegetables


• 1.7 kg of chicken;

• one bulb, tomato and carrot;

• one pepper – red and sweet;

• eggplant;

• 300 gr. zucchini and cabbage;

• 4.5 spoons including salt;

• 1/2 tsp pepper;

• 400 gr. sour cream.

Способ preparations:

Remove the skin from the chicken and cut the meat into pieces.

Place it in a deep container. Sprinkle with 1.5 tsp.
salt, pepper and mix the chicken pieces so that they are soaked
added spices.

Далее займемся нарезкой vegetables. Onion, pepper, tomato and eggplant
cut into small cubes.

Carrot rubbed with a grater.

Eggplant slices lightly sprinkle with salt (one teaspoon) and
mix it up.

Shred cabbage and grind peeled zucchini.

В кастрюлю мультиварки укладываем шар Chicken. Sprinkle on top
onions. Then add the chicken pieces again.

Put the remaining onions, carrots, peppers, eggplant, zucchini and
cabbage. We press the vegetables with our hands. Load the tomato slices and
Sprinkle with salt (two teaspoons).

On the multicooker set the program “Quenching” and a half

Ten minutes before the set time expires, open the lid.
kitchen unit, load sour cream and mix everything.

Recipe 6. Chicken in sour cream in a slow cooker “Scented


• half kg of chicken (fillet);

• onion;

• carrot;

• three spoons of art. sour cream;

• a bunch of parsley;

• two spoons of Art. flour;

• a glass of hot water;

• vegetable oil;

• salt and pepper.

Способ preparations:

Onion and carrot cut into as small as possible.

Pour some oil into the cup of the kitchen unit.

Set the function “Quenching”. Choose the time – ten

We put onions and carrots in a slow cooker.

Fry vegetables for about five minutes.

Chicken meat cut into medium pieces. Add them to the slow cooker
and mix with vegetables. Salt and continue cooking five more

Washed green finely shred.

In a slow cooker pour flour, ground pepper and mix

Pour sour cream and add water.

We pour зелень и снова все размешиваем.

We select the “Quenching” function for half an hour and start anew.

We eat the prepared dish with pleasure.

Recipe 7. Chicken in sour cream in a slow cooker, cooked in
unusual sauce


• half a kilo of chicken;

• one sweet pepper;

• two tomatoes;

• one pickled cucumber;

• полстакана sour cream;

• two spoons of Art. ketchup and mayonnaise;

• 0.1 kg of hard cheese;

• 50 gr. vegetable oils;

• one and a half tablespoons of salt;

• ground black pepper – a quarter spoon

Способ preparations:

Remove the skin from the chicken and remove the fat and bones.

Cut the remaining flesh into medium pieces.

Vegetables cut into small cubes.

In a standard way (grate), chop the cheese.

Fill a cup of multicooker with vegetable oil.

Install the program “Frying”, the type of product – “Meat”, time –
15 minutes

Three minutes to heat the oil. Then throw in
multicookers chicken pieces and cover the kitchen appliance
a lid.

The chicken is fried in hot oil for about twelve minutes.

Add vegetables and mix everything.

We pour соль, перчик и вливаем сметану.

Load mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese and mix the ingredients well.
the dishes.

The dish is cooked for another forty minutes, choosing the program “Quenching”, view
product – “Vegetables”.

Chicken in sour cream in a slow cooker – tricks and useful

  • To the chicken did not get dry, it is better to lay it in
    multicooker bone up.

  • Meat will not be tough if sour cream is added in minutes
    пятнадцать после начала cooking.

  • In order that the chicken in the process of quenching was not fresh, you need
    fill only hot water.

  • The same liquid is diluted with sour cream. Then she won’t roll,
    and the dish will absorb a nice creamy flavor.

  • Water in sour cream, it is desirable to add a thin stream.

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