Chicken breast with vegetables for weight loss

Of all the types of meat, chicken is considered the most suitable for weight loss.
breast There is little fat in it, but a lot of protein. Chicken breast easy
digested without loading our stomach. In combination with fresh
vegetables, no butter, no breading, this is a great diet
a product that you can safely eat during a diet without fear
get better.


100 grams of chicken breast – 150 kcal. This calorie
pure white meat, without skin. Here, the skin is just completely
It consists of fat and is not suitable for low-calorie food, therefore
it must be removed. Only do this before cooking,
and not after, when the oily shell had already managed to sap and
soak your dietary dish.

Breast protein is found more than other types of meat – in
100 grams of whole breast 30 grams of protein. Moreover, chicken fillet protein
contains all the essential amino acids, which means it makes scant
nutrition losing weight full and balanced.

For the high content of valuable amino acids and low calorie
Kurogrud very much like bodybuilders. In their daily menu, she
becomes a regular dish, just like cottage cheese and protein

It is important not to confuse kurogrud with other parts of the bird – legs and
by wings. They are fat and not suitable for diets. If meat is impossible
eat with hands, without smearing a few wipes, diet it
can not be named.

Chicken breast with vegetables for weight loss

Eat chicken breast for lunch and dinner. Cook it without oil –
grill fillets on charcoal, bake in the oven or
convection oven Serve breast with green vegetables and light sauces –
satsebeli, cranberry, soy. If you use fatty sauces on
cream, try to put quite a bit – no more than one tea
spoons. And, of course, no breadcrumbs. Chicken
Nuggets are not diet foods at all.

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