Cheese salads – the best recipes. How toand make a tasty salad with cheese.

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Salads with cheese – general principles and methods of cooking

Well-cooked white cheese itself is complete
snack food And how many wonderful salads can you cook with
it is simply impossible to count cheese. Cheese is cheese,
made from sheep or goat milk, and maybe from

This cheese is not cooked, it is obvious that
most vitamins and beneficial elements are stored in
natural form. In her favor plays and the fact that it contains less
the amount of fat than other cheeses. Therefore, it is so popular with
slimming girls looking after a figure or trying to lose

The protein that makes up the cheese is a great alternative
animal proteins, so it is useful for those who for some
reason refused to eat meat. In many countries this
just a popular snack, for example, in Bulgaria it is baked with
hot pepper or make sandwiches. According to some scholars,
the longevity of the peoples of the Caucasus are to some extent due and
This goat or sheep cheese, so that the cheese is real
fountain of youth.

Cheese Salads – Food Preparation

Choosing cheese, pay attention to the elasticity and snow-white or
milky color, a lot of holes from which drips when cut
liquid is a quality product. Of course try it on
taste too salty cheese can be harmful to hypertensive patients.

Over-salted cheeses can be scalded with boiling water and soaked in fresh water.
water. How to store cheese? Put the remaining cheese from cooking
into a jar or plastic container and fill with “native” brine. AT
It can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks. Wrapped in
foil or parchment she can stay fresh no more
a few days.

Recipe 1: Choriatic Cheese Salad

That the Greeks came up with such a beautiful name for a classic salad
– Horiatiki. AT этом рецепте вас ждет сюрприз: 4 порции салата на
dinner and pita sandwiches for breakfast. Prepare a salad
This recipe, without cutting anything and not replacing.

Ингредиенты: Брынза (200 г), огурец, помидоры
(2 pieces), red onion, Bulgarian pepper, black olives, olive
butter, ground pepper and a lot of fresh herbs (parsley, dill,
cilantro, basil).

Cooking method

Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and pepper cut into semicircles, cheese
cubes. Maslinki also cut, put everything in a bowl and
mix it up. Marinade: sauce from olives (50 g), olive oil and
ground pepper mixed with chopped greens, pour the salad. Fill
All our semicircles and marinade squares and mix again,
Serve to the table. Leave the remaining salad in the fridge. On
breakfast put it in a cut pita – we get a sandwich with
pitoy. On Ближнем ATостоке очень любят так завтракать – вот такое
wonderful morning PIT-cheese with cheese.

Recipe 2: Salad with cheese and gray bread

ATы не ошиблись, действительно мы приготовим салат из черствого
bread. All over the Mediterranean, they just adore this salad from
vegetables with herbs, cheese, olive oil and unparalleled
sour black bread.

Ингредиенты: одна буханка черного подсушенного
bread, tomatoes (3 pieces). sheep cheese (200 grams), onions (2-3 pieces),
parsley, olives, cucumber, wine vinegar, lemon juice, olive

Bread choose well stale, lain at least a day,
cut off all the caps and cut into cubes, dry them in
microwave or oven. Fold in a bowl and sprinkle with wine.

Cucumber, tomato and cheese cut into cubes, cut half
green and mix what happened. Sauce – pounded with salt
greens, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, garlic skip through the garlic,
add a little dry mint. Put the crackers in a large bowl,
add the remaining ingredients and mix. Colorful salad
It will look great on a white monophonic dish, decorate it
You can in a different way, for example, to decompose in a circle thin
tomato rings.

Recipe 3: Seafood salad with cheese and shrimp.

It has long been known to everyone that everything perfect is simple, in this
Salad is illustrated especially visually. ATся проблема – отварить
shrimp. For seafood specialists – no problem if you are
Beginner in this business – remember one rule: omit the shrimp in
boiling water. Atlantic (not large) shrimp enough 1.5 –
2 minutes, royal takes 2.5 – 3 minutes. Do not digest
�”Rubber” we do not need!

Ингредиенты: креветки (300 гр), сладкий перец
(1 piece), white cheese (200 gr), vegetable oil (2 tbsp. L.), Half a lemon,
salad, salt, pepper.

Cooking method

Boil the shrimp and brush, dice the cheese, pepper
cut into large squares. On блюдо выкладываем листья салата,
top components, pour vegetable oil and juice

Recipe 4: Green Brynza and Arugula Salad

Everything is also simple here, just like in any salad with
cheese. Tomatoes preferably cherry, but our relatives from the garden
great too. what touches arugula – fashionable now
The plant is sold on the market, but if you could not buy it –
Take more greens, for example, add cilantro.

Ингредиенты: листья салата, руккола, брынза,
tomatoes, soy sauce, aromatic soft vinegar, olive

Cooking method

Onрежем листья салата и зелень, рукколу рвем руками. Onдрезаем
tomatoes and paste slices thinly cut into triangles
cheese, spread them on the greens and pour dressing: soy sauce,
vegetable oil, lemon juice and a drop of vinegar.

Cheese Salads – useful tips from experienced chefs

Cheese combines with many ingredients: vegetables, olives,
bread crackers and seafood. To make a salad
festive and more vivid, we suggest adding to it a “highlight”:
Stuff the olives with red caviar. If you put inside the black
olives of several bright orange eggs, it will turn out
original addition to salads. Next to the snow-white brynza
bright stuffed olive will “light up” the mood. Trifle as well
so glad.


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