Charging for weight loss with video

Did you know that you can lose weight with a special charge?
In this article we will tell you about how to do it.
slimming exercises by placing the best exercises
in the videos.

Зарядка для похудения In general, in itself daily
charging is very good for the body, it develops muscles,
joints, improves blood flow, promotes physical vitality,
improves health and even strengthens the immune system. But few
know that morning exercises in addition to all the listed benefits,
may contribute to weight loss. What you need to know to
properly perform exercise for weight loss and so she gave
maximum effect in losing weight?

It is not recommended to start morning exercises immediately after
you wake up, because there will be no benefit from it, and you will not
can do it properly when the eyes are in
half-closed, the brain is asleep, and the muscles are not ready for
occupations. Charging for weight loss should begin approximately
20 minutes after you woke up. Recommended order
The action is as follows: you wake up, say, at 7 o’clock, 5 minutes
just lie down, letting the body move away from sleep and wake up, then
it is recommended to drink a glass of non-carbonated mineral water and
take a contrast shower. Contrast shower will help not only
wake up, but also invigorate the whole body, especially muscles. After
Contrast soul can begin to exercise.

Before morning exercises it is recommended to make a small
warm up to prepare and warm up your muscles before physical

Now for the duration of the charge. Duration
Charging for weight loss should be at least 45 minutes, since
a short workout with shorter duration will not give any
effect, as there will be no splitting of adipose tissue, and
you will only spend energy derived from

With each lesson, increase the duration of classes and
Include in your complex new, more complex exercises. Below you
You can watch online video charging for weight loss.

Video charging from Laysan Utyasheva

In our opinion and, according to feedback from network users, the most
effective course of charging for weight loss – from Laysan Utyasheva. Below
we will bring to your attention 5 videos in which are collected
The most effective exercises bring yourself to the tone of the star.

Before starting the exercises you need to do light exercises:

The first part of the exercise:

The second part of the exercise:

The third part of the exercise:

The fourth part of the exercise:

Thus, from day one, start from the first
video, then gradually increase the load by performing
Exercises from subsequent video courses.

If you like to follow showbiz stars, then
We recommend to get acquainted with the Victoria Beckham diet, which is described in
this article.

Video evening slimming exercises

If you are difficult to endure morning exercises or you do not
It turns out to do it in the morning, then this is not a problem – you can charge
move to the evening. Moreover, despite the fact that charging
not done in the morning, but after your muscles have already
a little tired, evening exercise is somewhat more efficient for
losing weight than the morning.

Evening charging complex you will find in the video from
Katerina Buida:

This 15-minute complex is designed specifically for the evening
charging after a hard and hard working day, considering that
your muscles and body will not be able to fully withstand the intense
course of exercise.

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