Change yourself for a man or how to endrelationship

Чт, 05 мар 2015 Автор: Катерина Орлова

Change for a man is possible, but is it necessary? Is the game worth
a candle? And does your chosen one deserve this?

During my first serious relationship, the young man was
Strongly against me wearing pants or jeans. Each
the time I put them on, he poured a glass of water on my feet.
Creating discomfort for me, he tried to raise me in this way.
However, if I went on a date in a dress or skirt – praise
or there were no compliments – it was my duty, not a concession
his. Ended my indulgence in his whims that I, even in winter,
in the bitter cold, went to miniskirts. And, as a result, – frequent
colds and problems in the female line. Relationship with this person
ended for another reason, but the habit of indulging men I
stayed. Until the claims of the new lover began. AND
This experience has changed me.

It all started very rosy: sincere conversations before
am in the kitchen, regular flowers and gifts. Increasingly he began
stay with me overnight We practically lived together. AND чем ближе
we became – the more claims he had against me. AND, что
the strangest thing is not in everyday life, but to my appearance. This is despite the fact that
the beginning of our relationship, we were familiar 10 years.

The first thing I went to is weight correction, simply speaking –
losing weight It was spring and the weight left by itself, because of special work
it didn’t make me. But with the onset of autumn, with the cold returned
also weight. AND он начал грубо указывать на мои бедра, и необходимость
change something. I tried very hard for him because I started eating
far less.

* The photo is not HE, do not flatter yourself …Поцелуй

In parallel with the claims to weight, there was also dissatisfaction with my
hair My hair is curled by nature and I always gave them more
more volume, winding. At the dawn of our relationship, I was constantly
wore curls. And over time, I learned that my hair, it turns out,
horrible and everyone straightens hair with irons, and I twist it
unstable, unfashionable and not at all youth. After a couple weeks
of such a terror, I began to straighten hair …

* like that… :)

My friends did not recognize me. But not only because of the cardinal
hair changes, but also because we are practically with them
stopped seeing each other. After all, his closest friends were not for him
We are pleased and every meeting with them ended in scandal. He is not
I understood what I could talk to them about and why I needed them. I
perfectly understood why, but chose him.

It is worth mentioning that overweight and hair claims do not
limited to One day the campaign began to change
the shapes of my eyebrows and nails. It got to the point that he personally took
tweezers and began to pull out my eyebrows, giving shape, pleasing
именно his. The question of nails was raised every time he looked.
on my hands. I explained the adequate length by working on
keyboard, trying to make it clear that with long claws work
it will be hard. But he did not want to hear anything.

* Here is his ideal, obviously! :)

He continued to bend his line, and I – to ignore his requests.
“The more attention you give to your appearance, the brighter
it will demonstrate your love for me “- the standard phrase in my
address. Just did not avoid his claim and my wardrobe. From
the old had to be abandoned, the new one was to be coordinated only with him,
while buying only items of prestigious brands (of course, for your

Do you like it? :) Me too…

The last straw was boorish attacks on my walk. His
it seemed that while walking I didn’t put my legs very evenly. AND если
he saw me not meeting him as I should – he
I began to yell, and after that I did not talk to me all evening. AND так
repeated every time we went somewhere together. Well, not
I could change the campaign, physically could not. He did not understand this, but
my sense of guilt grew and progressed. He pressed, and I –
sagged It was a dog for training and “girl whipping.”
One team – completed, new task – done, he gave everything
new directions, and I – put them into reality. I думала, что это
for the sake of our relationship, that will be right. And he, as Masha in
cartoon: “Teddy bear, I will not be enough!”

I перестала меняться ради него и позволять себя дрессировать,
when asked myself two questions. First: “Why did he start with me
to meet, since I am not so beautiful? ”Is it possible that I
used car? Type: take, repair, redo and
I will ride. But man is not a car. He has a soul, but,
unfortunately, not always normal self-esteem. The second question sounded
so: “For all this time, at least once I asked him in something
change? “With that, I was not happy with a lot of things – I
she was silent, perceived, and, most importantly, accepted a person like that
there is. Having received the answers, I myself broke off this relationship. After them
I was left with only new complexes and a firm belief that
Infinite change for a partner is not an option. This neither you nor he
don’t show love and respect for each other. You show
his low self-esteem, and he – a consumer and despotic
an attitude.

Although not, except for complexes and confidence with me, there was also
precious experience: I began to learn to appreciate myself, and for all censures
отвечать: “Не нравится? Найди лучше. Счастья

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