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Chakhokhbili – Georgian chicken stew in unusual sauce!
It is prepared from a variety of products and get amazing,
rich and fragrant dishes. Simplify the process and transform
cooking in pleasure will help the slow cooker.

Чахохбили из курицы в multicooker — общие принципы

For chakhokhbili most often use the whole bird carcass, which
then cut into pieces. But there are recipes just breast. WITH
fillet dish is less fatty and less saturated.

In the classic version the chicken is fried with onions, add
the rest of the ingredients on the recipe, pour in the sauce and stew until
readiness In the dietary and simplified recipes all the ingredients
чахохбили складывают в мультиварку и тушат до readiness WITHоусы
cooked on the basis of tomatoes, often add wine, soy sauce.

What else can be added to the chicken:

• potatoes;

• eggplants;

• green beans;

• Sweet pepper.

Many spices are added to the dish. This is usually seasoning.
hops-suneli, but you can pour any other. For sharpness put
chilli pepper or ready adjika.

В multicooker для preparations чахохбили обычно используют две
programs. On the first component of the dish is fried, then
переставляют тушение и доводят до readiness For frying
use frying or baking mode.

Чахохбили из курицы в multicooker без жарки

The recipe is simple, one might say dietary chakhokhbili with
томатами в multicooker. The dish does not contain anything extra, spicy,
bright while it is very easy to prepare.


• 1 kg of chicken;

• 0.2 kg of tomatoes;

• 2 onions;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 1 sweet pepper;

• 0.5 hot peppers;

• seasonings (hops-suneli, for chicken, salt).


1. Onion cut into half rings. Pour into the slow cooker.

2. Add to the onions Bulgarian pepper, cut into pieces.

3. Cut the chicken into pieces, put it on the bow in the slow cooker.
WITHтараемся сделать ровный слой.

4. Cut the tomatoes into pieces, add garlic and spicy
pepper, interrupt the blender to a state of mashed potatoes. Skins with tomatoes
do not need to shoot. Hot pepper can be added more than specified
in the recipe. We do according to your taste.

5. Salt and pepper tomato sauce, add hops-suneli or
seasoning for chicken. WITHоус размешиваем и поливаем птицу в

6. Close the miracle pot, leave for half an hour. Let the chicken
slightly soaked with tomato.

7. Stir the chicken with the sauce, turn on the “Quenching”. Cooking
dietary option chakhokhbili exactly one hour.

eight. Put the finished chicken on flat plates. Sprinkle
greens, served with tortillas.

Чахохбили из курицы в multicooker с картошкой

In fact, the potatoes in this dish is not laid very much,
This is just one of the additional ingredients. But with her taste
chakhokhbili turns out much more interesting.


• 1 chicken about 1.5 kg;

• two bulbs;

• sweet pepper pod;

• 2 potatoes;

• 0.1 kg butter;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 3 tomatoes;

• greens, spices;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 1 tsp. Georgian adzhika.


1. In the slow cooker we throw in butter, melt it on
baking mode. If confused by its quantity, you can lay
a little less but undesirable.

2. Add chopped onion to butter, do not chop. Fry
until soft.

3. Add the chicken pieces, continue cooking. We give the bird
fry a little, so that the taste of the chochbilli is brighter.

4. Clean the potato tubers, cut into small cubes of 0.5.

5. We rub tomatoes or we interrupt in the blender, we mix with
adzhika. If you do not like spicy, then put it optional.

6. We throw the sliced ​​pepper into the slow cooker, add
potatoes and grated tomatoes.

7. Add juice from half a lemon.

eight. Pour in a glass of boiling water, salt it, throw any seasonings and
chopped garlic.

9. Close the miracle pot, simmer the dish for 40 minutes on
appropriate mode.

Чахохбили из курицы в multicooker со стручковой фасолью

For this option chakhokhbili used asparagus beans,
You can take frozen pods. You will also need fillets


• 0.3 kg chicken fillet;

• 0.1 kg Bulgarian pepper;

• 0.3 kg of beans;

• 0.2 liters of water;

• 0.05 kg of tomato paste;

• 1 onion;

• 3 spoons of butter.


1. Cut the onion head in arbitrary slices. Can
use more.

2. Lay with three spoons in a slow cooker, fry until
Rosy color.

3. Cut the fillet into cubes, throw to the onion.

4. WITHледом добавляем порезанный перец сладкий.

5. Spread the beans. If the pods are frozen, then no
Pretreatment is not necessary, we throw it just like that. WITHвежую
beans should be cut into pieces of 3-5 centimeters, extreme tips
are deleted.

6. Add different spices, you can throw a spoon of Georgian
adzhiki, pour hops-suneli or just fill the dish with salt
black pepper.

7. Dilute the paste in a glass of hot water. If the beans
used frozen, then half the glass is enough.

eight. Pour into the slow cooker, stir.

9. Cooking на режиме «Тушение» ровно 40 минут.

Чахохбили из курицы в multicooker с вином

This dish uses dry red wine, it gives it
unique flavor. But you can use a white drink, too
get tasty.


• small chicken up to 2 kg;

• onion head;

• one pepper;

• three tomatoes;

• two cloves of garlic;

• 0.5 buns of dill;

• 2-3 sprigs of cilantro;

• 150 ml of wine;

• 120 ml of soy sauce;

• butter;

• hop-suneli, laurel.


1. The chicken should be well washed and chopped into small pieces.
Bony areas without pulp immediately discarded, they do not
will come in handy.

2. Sprinkle птицу перчиком, приправой хмели-сунели или просто
берем специи для Chicken.

3. We warm up on the mode of frying a couple of spoons of oil, we pour
cooked pieces, cook until light crust.

4. Pour in the wine and let it evaporate completely.

5. Add chopped onion and sweet pepper.

6. We dip tomatoes in boiling water, remove the skin and cut into small ones.

7. Put the tomatoes to the chicken, add soy sauce and
minced garlic.

eight. Вливаем стакан кипятка, солим, закрываем.

9. Rearrange to extinguish mode, cook 45 minutes.
Turn off.

10. Throwing chopped dill and cilantro, giving the flavor of greens
penetrate the dish.

Чахохбили из курицы в multicooker с консервированными

Интересный рецепт чахохбили из Chicken. The dish is prepared with
tomatoes в собственном соку, но можно взять и просто
canned tomatoes.


• 1 kg of chicken;

• 800 grams of tomatoes in their juice;

• 0.5 heads of garlic;

• 1 tsp of chopped chilli (you can take less);

• 1h. l hops suneli;

• 1 tsp. coriander;

• 2 sprigs of purple basil;

• 300 grams of onions;

• butter.


1. Wash the chicken, cut into pieces or immediately get
suitable prefabricated

2. Set the frying mode, pour in some oil.

3. Throw the chicken pieces, cook about fifteen minutes.
Sometimes stir.

4. Shred the onion in half rings, send to the chicken. Let be

5. Tomatoes in their own juice shift in a bowl, add
to them all the spices, put chopped garlic and stir, immediately
we salt

6. If you just use canned tomatoes, then remove
skin and mix a little, then also combine with spices.

7. Pour the tomato mass to the fried chicken.

eight. WITHверху кладем веточку базилика.

9. Close, simmer for 45 minutes, set the appropriate mode.

10. Put the dish in the plates. We tear off the leaves from the rest
sprig of basil, decorate chakhokhbili.

Чахохбили из курицы в multicooker с баклажанами

A variant of Georgian chakhokhbili with eggplants. It can
use alone or serve with boiled rice,


• 0.5 kg chicken;

• 2 eggplants;

• 2 onions;

• 2 tomatoes (necessarily ripe);

• 1 spoonful of flour;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 50 grams of butter;

• 2 spoons of vegetable oil.


1. Cut the eggplant into pieces, sprinkle with salt and set aside. If a
the skin of the blue ones is hard, it is desirable to peel the fruits.

2. WITHоломкой режем лук, складываем в мультиварку и обжариваем на
baking mode to transparency.

3. Sprinkle кусочки курицы мукой. Can просто высыпать ложу в
bowl and just stir.

4. Add the chicken to the onions, fry together. As soon as the pieces
lightly browned, add butter, let it melt.

5. Chop the garlic finely, send it to the dish.

6. WITHазу закидываем всевозможные специи, какие нравятся.

7. Rinse the pieces of eggplant from salt, squeeze and
we shift in a cup of the multicooker.

eight. Натираем помидоры, выливаем в мультиварку, добавляем стакан
boiling water and stir.

9. Close, turn on the fire, prepare on this mode for half an hour.
We try, if necessary, time can be added.

Чахохбили из курицы в multicooker — полезные советы и

• If a для чахохбили используется куриная грудка, то не стоит
fry the product for a long time before stewing. Otherwise the fillet will become dry and

• In chakhokhbili optional add fresh tomatoes. Can
use pasta, ketchup, pickles.

• Not everyone likes the smell of digested garlic. Therefore many
хозяйки предпочитают его добавлять в самом конце preparations
chakhokhbili, just pour under the cover. WITH зеленью поступают точно

• If a курица никак не хочет поджариваться в multicooker и
lets the juice, then you can sprinkle the pieces of sugar. Also
it is possible to get a ruddy crust helps soy sauce
add some honey.

• Chakhokhbili tastes better in butter than in
vegetable fat. But it burns faster. To succeed and
tasty and beautiful, you can mix both kinds in half.

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