Cervical erosion: treatment of folk remediespossibly? How do folk remedies treat cervical erosion?uterus

Ср, 28 окт 2015 Автор: Анастасия Жарикова

How often can women hear complaints about unsuccessful operations?
прижиганию эрозии шейки uterus! And immediately after the negative feedback about
the doctor or procedure, the woman shares the popular way in which she
finally managed to cure such “incurable” erosion.

The paradox is that patients do not survive the period
healing, and begin to experiment with self-treatment, “once already
the operation did not help. ” But rehabilitation after one way or another
cauterization of erosion can last up to six months, it all depends on
individual features of women. During the rehabilitation period
erosion can manifest itself in different ways, sometimes very frightening.
symptoms in the form of discharge or pain.

In this case, you need to go to an appointment with a doctor who will make
adjustments to the treatment regimen. But this is not for “our” women! They
complain neighbor, which gives a whole “bunch” of folk remedies,
who helped mom, sister, grandmother, and the rest of my acquaintances.
Let us analyze which means are unacceptable for use, and which
have the right to exist.

Народное лечение мёдом эрозии шейки uterus

Common methods of honey “treatment” are candles and

Состав свечей: 150 грамм растопленного
butter, 5 tablespoons of honey and 5 grams of propolis
mix thoroughly, cool to a dense mass. Shape candles
keep in the fridge. Advisors assure amazing

Раствор для спринцевания: 250 мл теплой
boiled water and 20 grams of honey mix until dissolved
last and douche twice a day.

What is the danger. In any case, honey is
the strongest allergen. The degree of the body’s immune response to
regular receipt of a considerable dose of honey can be the highest.
Cases of asphyxiation from honey in the vagina, of course, are rare (must be
severe allergies), but here is swelling, itching, pain and other extremely
unpleasant consequences are very likely.

Douching is removed from the vaginal cavity present there
beneficial bacteria that must fight “pests”, and
sweet honey water promotes the rapid development of fungal
diseases. And then the trip to the doctor and the reception are not cheap now
fungicides inevitable.

Sea buckthorn as a folk remedy for the treatment of erosion

The method involves inserting tampons into the vagina that is abundantly
moistened with sea buckthorn oil.

Scientific approach. Sea buckthorn oil is really
possesses healing, regenerating properties, it uses
traditional medicine in the complex treatment of various
pathological processes of the mucous membrane, ENT organs,
gastrointestinal tract and also in gynecological

But почему нельзя использовать масло в домашней

1. • A woman cannot apply a tampon tightly.
independently to the damaged place at home – she
just does not see damage;

2. • There is a possibility of not getting the tampon itself if you stick it.

3.•не видно изменений слизистой влагалища и шейки uterus при
possible side effects;

4. • serious problems in overdose and uncontrolled
application: epithelial rejection and necrosis, menstrual failures
cycles, seizures, loss of consciousness, diarrhea, skin rash,
urinary retention with kidney failure, and even shock conditions.

Accordingly, a conscious woman cannot afford
insert at home an oil sea buckthorn swab without consultation
the doctor.

Лук в «народном» лечении эрозии шейки uterus

Содержание лукового тампона: натертый на терке
pre-peeled onions, can be mixed in equal proportions with
sea ​​buckthorn oil. �”Connoisseurs” are advised to use blue or
Red onion. Saturate the mixture with cotton swabs and tightly
apply every night to the site of erosion for two weeks.
They promise a complete cure.

Explanation of the absurdity of the method. Concerning
onion tampons, this “ingenious” invention is not obliged
одна женщина с ожогом и отеком слизистой шейки uterus и влагалища.
Anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effect of onion juice –
nothing more than a myth. Patients seeking medical attention with burns
mucous after using onions – an incredible amount. But
the bitter experience of others does not save the next “clients” from
use of folk onion products. And it turns out “grief
onion “!

Upon contact with water, thiopropanol-S-oxide is transformed into
sulfuric acid – extremely poisonous, the most toxic of
existing acids. Despite its small share in all described
folk mixture, it can cause harm enough. Sulphuric acid
kills nerve endings, a woman feels no pain, and in vain
rejoices cure.

Getting on the mucous membrane, onions are irritating.
action, stimulating swelling with a strong blood flow. Eventually
bacterial, viral or traumatic inflammation
accompanied by severe swelling and burns, and needs
additional treatment.

Народное средство от эрозии шейки uterus: мумие

Everyone knows a high-profile mummy, folk healers
practice to use in the treatment of gynecological diseases,
including – erosion.

Тампоны для вагинального введения: 2,5 грамма
mummy dissolve in 150 ml of warm water, moisten a cotton swab and
sticking overnight for two weeks. Make a ten day
break, and repeat until cure.

Does it make sense in the facility. Indeed, mummy
is an important component of Ayurvedic medicine. It is used
for rejuvenation, longer life and prevent
aging. The population of Nepal and northern India regularly
consume mummy, almost daily. They say that means
prolongs life and treats a whole complex of diseases, moreover,
enhancing the effect of other drugs.

After a lot of research, physicians have identified positive
the effect of preventing Alzheimer’s disease and improving cognitive
functions after taking the mummy. All other “miraculous” effects
still not confirmed, and doctors are not allowed to prescribe
similar drug.

The danger of the tool lies in the fact that not all, on what
written “Mummy”, such is. You can purchase not
overseas substance, and a mixture of rodent droppings, clay, sea buckthorn
butter, burnt sugar, canned meat, sand or soil.

Are you sure that you insert a true mummy into your vagina ?!

Goose Fat Erosion Treatment

Рецепт средства: ватный тампон, смоченный в
melted goose fat, lay the whole night on the damaged
место шейки uterus. Repeat at least ten days.

What is fraught with. The first thing that should be alerted
sick, as soon as they hear a similar “fat” method, this
the origin of fat, its composition and intended therapeutic effect.
Goose fat is really digestible. People making it to their
diet in return for other animal fats, have a better condition
of cardio-vascular system. But они не всовывают его себе в органы,
covered with mucous membranes!

In addition to the colonization of the vagina by pathogens,
goose fat will not have any effect on the treatment process.

Эрозия шейки uterus «боится» тыквы

Народный рецепт: выбрать из тыквы мякоть без
seeds, chop into a mush, folded into cheesecloth, roll and enter
in the evening received a tampon in the vagina for the whole night. Repeat not
less than 10 days.

In the opinion of “experts,” it should be quicker, and erosion
will disappear forever.

Is there any benefit to pumpkin? For normalization
digestion with any acidity of the stomach, with dietary intake
pumpkin is perfect. There is a lot of sugar in its pulp, up to 20% of starch,
vitamins of different groups, and carotene even more than in carrots.
Proteins, enzymes, salts, a number of trace elements and acids – very pumpkin
good for health! But только когда ее употребляют в запеченном,
boiled, fried or as a juice, and not in the form of a tampon during

If you are of the opinion on the effectiveness of treatment
inflammation with a mixture of sugar, starch, acid and salt, then you can
Feel free to try pumpkin tampons during erosion and wait for a stunning

Что действительно помогает при эрозии шейки uterus

The answer to this question can only be given by a full-time doctor.
Consultations after examination and necessary analyzes. May well
be so that treatment is not necessary at all. True erosion itself passes
a couple of weeks after the disappearance of the trigger. Probably,
precisely in this case the folk remedies “help”. As they say,
if a runny nose is not treated, then it will pass in a week, and if treated, then
in seven days. So in the case of treatment of erosion of the people

When a disease is caused by an STD or fungus, then
onions, neither sea buckthorn, nor mummy, much less fat with pumpkin, will not help
get rid of a virus or bacteria. Only adequate modern
медицинское лечение избавит от эрозии шейки uterus. Fortunately, methods

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