Cellulite exercises

Now women are increasingly faced with the problem of cellulite.
The notorious “orange peel” is not dangerous for
health, but very upsetting the fair sex,
reducing their self-esteem and self-confidence due to their ugly
kind of. How to get rid of her?

Cellulite exercises


  • Complex exercises from cellulite
  • Rules for the implementation and preparation for exercises

Complex exercises from cellulite

Today, you can fight cellulite with
modern creams, oils and gels. But even their most expensive samples.
will not give the desired effect without an integrated full-fledged approach,
especially without massages and exercise. It is physical
stress is an essential part in the treatment of this disease and
getting rid of this “peel” because this problem needs to be solved
from the inside. Below we have compiled a set of the most effective exercises.
to combat cellulite, which we recommend to use in
home conditions.

Complex of 5 exercises against cellulite

Exercise 1

Lie on your back, bending your legs and throwing your arms in the lock behind your head.
Slowly lift the upper body, keeping shoulders and arms
relaxed. The entire load should go on the belly and buttocks.
Count to 10, relax, and take another 20 approaches.

Exercise 2

Lying on your side, place your lower arm under your head. Second hand
you can lean on the floor. Slowly raise and lower the top
the leg. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Exercise 3

Lying on your back and bending your knees, raise your pelvis as high as possible,
lingering as much as possible at the top for a few seconds, and
then go down, trying not to touch the floor. Produce
The exercise needs another 3-4 approaches 20 times.

Exercise 4

Well-trained buttock muscles deep squats. Exercise
should be performed with a straight back, parallel knees and
retracted belly. You should squat as if you are sitting on a chair,
slowly lowering the pelvis. When your knees bend to 90 ° – you need
to rise. For the best effect, squat is inhale, and
rise on the exhale. Perform 3 sets of 20 times, further
the amount needs to be gradually increased.

Exercise 5

One of the best exercises on the right are considered mahi. It can
be moving the legs to the side, back and forth. The greatest
The following exercise is effective: on all fours
you need to take the straight leg up as far as possible, and lowering it,
embosom. It is important to ensure that the loins do not bend.
The leg should be held at the top for 20 seconds. Exercise
you need to perform 3-4 receptions for 15-20 movements.

We also offer you a video with a set of exercises.
against cellulite.

Rules for the implementation and preparation for exercises

Exercises will help get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, which
automatically reduce the appearance of cellulite. For this specialists
Recommend to adhere to such rules:

  • Training should be regular, ideally every other day;
  • It is important that the training itself lasts at least an hour;
  • It is very important to warm up well before doing the exercises.
    muscle with a light workout;
  • What matters is not only the intensity of the training, but also its correctness,
    therefore, the first classes are preferably conducted under the guidance of
    an experienced coach, and then you can transfer classes and home;
  • For effective workouts you need to drink about 2 liters per day.
    fluid, of course, not during the workouts themselves, this will allow
    body with the least loss to get rid of excess fat

Remember that before doing the exercises, you
you need to do a little warm-up. This warm-up should
warm up the muscles so that the complex of exercises produced
as efficient as possible. Mash all the major muscle groups: neck,
arms (in the area of ​​shoulders, elbows and wrists), lower back, legs (groin and
knees). Warm up should not last long, quite enough 5-7
minutes to bring your muscles in readiness for physical

We wish you success and good luck in getting rid of cellulite.

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