Castorplate – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Fri, 08 Jul 2016

Castorplate – General Description

Клещевина обыкновенная — это растение семейства
spurge. Under the conditions of the tropics and subtropics, castor oil is
perennial shrubs growing up to 10 meters. For Russia and
In other temperate countries, castor oil is an annual plant,
whose height is only 2-3 meters. Castor was far known in the far
antiquities, because its seeds were found during excavations in tombs
Pharaohs (IV century BC). Castor (mite) is generic
the name of the plant came up with the Romans for the fact that the seeds of his appearance
reminded tick.

In an adult plant – a straight stem, having a hollow structure.
The color of the stem can be pink, burgundy and purple. Large,
deep-cut leaves of green or dark red color are very
decorate the castor. Having about a meter in diameter, they attach
plant a special decorative.

In summer, inflorescences appear on the plant, and a little later
– fruits similar to round hedgehogs. Inside the fruit box and
seeds are arranged.

Castor bean is grown as a decorative
plants, oilseeds and medicinal.

Castor bean – types and places of growth

Modern scientists tend to agree that the birthplace of castor bean
is North Africa. However, castor now
widely spread to all continents, although in the wild
it can grow and bear fruit only in subtropical conditions or
tropics. India is the first country in the world to use
castor oil products for industrial purposes: oil from its fruit finds
demand worldwide.

Castor oil was imported to Russia from India in the 19th century.

Castor Bottles – Medicinal Properties

Castor oil is used as a laxative, as well as
obstetric aid. It perfectly stimulates the muscles of the uterus,
causing labor pains. It is added to the balsams for burns, ulcers and

In addition to healing, castor bean has other wonderful
properties: its oil does not freeze and does not dry. Therefore his
used for lubrication even in aviation.

Castor Bottles – Dosage Forms

From the seeds of the castor bean is extracted the classic laxative –
Castor oil. For industrial purposes, castor beans are grown precisely
for the seeds.

Medicinal castor oil
It turns out as a result of the first hot pressing. In the process
production, it is necessary to destroy ricin – chemically unstable, but
very toxic substance that is part of castor oil. For
This finished oil is subjected to hydrolysis – hot processing.

Oilcake, which is obtained after pressing castor oil,
is a good nitrogen fertilizer. And it can also be used
in the manufacture of glue.

Castor Bean Recipes

Castor oil or castor oil – familiar from childhood and wide
applied remedy for constipation. 1-2 will help to overcome this ailment
teaspoons of castor oil, taken at once.

Believed to be rubbing into warts or age spots
castor oil for ten minutes daily in the morning and evening, you can
part with these unpleasant phenomena.

Castor oil applied to cuts and abrasions contributes to
their fast healing. With regular lubrication, castor oil will help
cure even hemorrhoids.

Cold and coughing will recede if heated with castor oil
grate your breasts for the night and wrap yourself up. Not just a cold
but bronchitis can be cured by rubbing the chest at night with a mixture of 2
tablespoons of castor oil and a tablespoon of turpentine.

Castor help soften feet and get rid of natoptyshey.
Sufficiently applies it at night, not forgetting to wear warm socks.
After three weeks, the soles of the feet will become soft again.

If before going to bed bury one drop of castorca in the eye,
fatigue will pass, and the eyes themselves will cease to blush. Buried in
castor oil in the eye and as an effective remedy for

To make hair soft and shiny one tablespoon will help
Kastorki, mixed with a half cup of warm kefir. Mixture
should be applied to the hair, head wrapped for an hour and a half. Then
thoroughly wash your hair and head.

Tick ​​Bone – Contraindications

The composition of castor seeds is ricin. This substance contain
cyanide, and it is deadly poisonous. It is from him get rid of
hydrolysis in the production of harmless castor oil. With
accidental entry of seeds into the body, it is imperative to prompt vomiting,
wash the stomach and promptly call an ambulance.

With отравлении алкоголем, бензолом и прочими жирорастворимыми
substances, castor oil can not be used.

Use castor oil as a laxative for a long time.
it does not follow. It can damage the intestinal mucosa.

Castor oil can cause an allergic reaction.


Marina Barkova 11/18/2016 I first saw the castor beans in this year
Crimea. the seeds are decorative very beauty unusual, I
decorated them with a bottle. Hope 04/22/2016 And I was not surprised
What is this plant that makes castor oil (although I’m talking about
she didn’t know), but the fact that the color of the castor stem can be
pink and burgundy and purple !! This is what a forest looks like with
such a plant! Unusually, it says little. Nastasja 04/22/2016
In, I knew that this plant is poisonous. Let not entirely, but
from the seeds and you can die. I generally noticed that in warm countries,
an order of magnitude more poisonous plants than us. I wonder what it is
caused by. And castor oil, I have known for a long time, as well as everyone –
castor oil. Galina 04.22.2016 What interesting is this
plant!!! And everywhere it is used. And interestingly, the fruit of his
edible? Do not be surprised that – yes. But how fast castor
copes with warts, in just one day. Then, as usual,
This process takes at least three days. Marina 04/22/2016 Yes !!! AND
they are used in aviation, and glue is made of it, and people are still being treated …
The plant is just where! AND, конечно же, я не знала откуда
берется эта касторка))) Withятно пополнять свой информационный
luggage. Thank))

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