Castor oil from cellulite: featuresof application

kastorovoe-maslo-ot-tsellulitaCellulite arising in 8 of
10 women, a condition in which the fat cell layer
directly under the skin pressed against the weakened connective
tissue, resulting in dimples on the skin surface.

An effective way to treat cellulite is to use
portable massager designed to disperse the fat layer
over several sessions and of course the most effective
slimming exercises.

However, recently it became known about another home remedy for
reduce or eliminate the problem of “orange peel”, which
is to topically use castor oil from

Cellulite and blood circulation

Although there are various theories about why evolving
cellulite, but the main one is that blood stasis and
lymphatic fluid leads to a weakening of elasticity
connective tissue covering the subcutaneous fat layer.

Normally, your capillaries deliver a “fresh,” nutritious
substances blood to the skin, and the lymphatic system takes waste and
toxins. When something is broken, blood circulation is reduced,
oxygen starvation begins, which causes a weakening
surrounding tissue and causes stagnant fluid.

Lymphatic system

Lymphatic system организма удаляет лишнюю жидкость и отходы
from the cells and tissues of the body. When lymphatic fluid drainage
slows down and begins to accumulate, decreases to the cells
the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients.

The accumulation of fluid outside the cell causes it to stretch
tissues in this area, and the longer
process, the more difficult it becomes to eliminate the problem in

Castor oil from cellulite and lymph flow

Castor oil is used internally and externally as
laxative and analgesic as well as to prevent
development of viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold. Local application
castor oil can stimulate the lymphatic system. When
oil is absorbed through the skin, lymph flow increases throughout
to the body.

By activating the lymphatic system, you are helping your
cells and tissues receive nutrients and oxygen to
stay healthy.

Castor oil application

A study conducted among Russian women in Europe and
published in 2000, concluded that local application
Castor oil relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

However, most of the results of the effectiveness of oil on
the lymphatic system, as it turned out, are episodic
character However, castor oil from cellulite
effectively as part of therapy to relieve inflammation,
stimulate blood circulation and remove waste on the cellular

In the experiments, the proposed use
castor oil as follows – a piece of cotton abundantly
wetted in oil, applied to the skin, and then, on top
is covered with a woolen cloth and a heating pad is being adjusted to allow
oil penetrate deeper into the skin.

Cellulite medicine

If the main assumption about the nature of occurrence
�”Orange peel” is fair, then the use of castor
oil can be a successful solution to help get rid of
cellulite at home.

Experts recommend mixing before use.
castor oil with essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, cedar,
lavender and rub this mixture into the skin as an effective treatment for
снижения проявления cellulite.

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