Cardio workout for burning fat at homeconditions

  • 1 Basic Cardio Training Rules
    • 1.1 Что дает кардио тренировка?
    • 1.2 Can ли делать кардио перед силовой
    • 1.3 Как совмещать кардио и силовые тренировки?
    • 1.4 Proper nutrition on training days
  • 2 Программа кардио тренировки в домашних conditions
    • 2.1 Program for beginners
    • 2.2 Set of exercises for men
    • 2.3 Training for girls
    • 2.4 Кардио тренировка без бега и прыжков
  • 3 Video tutorial for beginners

Cardio training is one of the essential elements of any
fitness program. It is this kind of effectiveness training.
the fight against excess weight tops the list of directions
. Тренинг представляет собой совокупность
physical exercises aimed at both burning fat and
strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

For проведения занятий необязательно посещать спортивные клубы,
since most exercises are easy to do at home
conditions. Can подобрать комплекс упражнений как для девушек, так
and for men.


Basic rules for cardio workout

Cardio training is a complex of active aerobic exercises,
aimed at strengthening the heart muscle and improving
blood circulation. Simple repetitive exercises make
heart beat more often, normalize blood circulation, provoke
intake of oxygen due to the acceleration of respiration. All this
causes the body to expend large amounts of energy, burn
calories and get rid of fat stores during the recovery period after

Truly effective hit on excess body fat.
can be applied only by combining cardio with power loads, but
let’s take a closer look at what effect to expect from cardio

Что дает кардио тренировка?

Aerobic exercise is very useful for all categories of people: losing weight,
gaining weight, and those who seek to support
form. Польза от кардио тренировки очевидна:
the body’s endurance increases, which means that very soon you can
move to a new stage of training, without fear for health. Besides
In addition, cardio helps to normalize the body’s work, get rid of
extra pounds, and feel great for a long time
после workout.

Advantages of cardio training:

  • heart strengthens;
  • breathing normalizes and volume increases
  • all the muscles of the body strengthen;
  • pressure decreases;
  • immunity is strengthened and the body’s resistance to

Кардио тренировка в домашних conditions отлично подойдет как
для девушек, так and for men. On aerobic exercise can
lose weight, improve your silhouette and improve your health.

Besides того, часто кардио тренировки используют при
preparing for competitions in power sports. A beginner
athletes, it will help prepare for more serious

Can ли делать кардио перед силовой

Notподготовленным людям делать кардио перед силовым
complex is not recommended because the forces to perform heavy
workout may not stay. If a кардио нагрузки будут
предшествовать силовым, то в качестве энергии в большей
степени будет использоваться не жир, а белок
. As a result
muscles will not be properly worked out.

If a же главная цель — силовой тренинг,
а кардио тренировка выполняется в качестве разминки, то
a ten minute walk or run will not have a negative effect on
эффективность основной workout. On the contrary, the muscles will be warmed up,
and the body is prepared for a heavy set of exercises.

In cases where classes are conducted with the aim of reducing weight,
another rule applies. To lose weight quickly, aerobic
exercises must be alternated with power

Как совмещать кардио и силовые тренировки?

If a вы задались вопросом, как совмещать кардио и
power load, the answer depends on the purpose of training. For
increase muscle mass aerobic movements can be performed in
as a warm-up before or a hitch after the power complex.

If the goal is to reduce weight, it is best in this situation to combine
aerobic and strength exercises in one session lasting 25-30
minutes After such a duet, the effect of losing weight does not force
wait a long time, the heart muscle will strengthen, and the muscles will quickly come to
tone. Fat will be burned both during the workout and after
her when the force will go to the recovery of muscles.

Besides того, возможны такие варианты совмещения
cardio and power loads:

  • выполняем кардио в день силовой тренировки, но
    apart from it, the gap between these two complexes should
    be at least six hours;
  • разделять кардио и силовые нагрузки по

Proper nutrition on training days

Главная цель кардио тренировки – сжигание жира.
And without following the proper diet it
is impossible.

Правильное питание в дни кардио тренировок
provides for a few rules. As food
it is recommended to give preference to easily digestible proteins and slow
carbohydrates. These include cottage cheese, eggs, lean meat, vegetables, and
whole grain cereals. Important point: do not eat food for two hours
before training and in within two hours of it.

Do not neglect the use of water during exercise, and immediately
after it you can treat yourself to cranberry or grape

Программа кардио тренировки в домашних conditions

For того чтобы кардио упражнения для похудения в
домашних conditions были эффективны, необходимо придерживаться
following rules:

  • Регулярность В неделю необходимо
    проводить как минимум три кардио тренировки для
    losing weight In this case, the duration of classes must be at least
    двадцати minutes;
  • Повышение интенсивности Интенсивность
    Occupations need to be increased periodically. The body gets used to
    certain loads, and burning fat is no longer so
    effective. The frequency of lessons per week can be increased over time.
    до пяти, а время выполнения упражнений — до 45 minutes;
  • Exercise alternation
    Чтобы кардио тренировка в домашних conditions была более
    effective, it is necessary to combine it with strength exercises.
    Home training should include a variety of exercises:
    from walking to jumping and running;
  • Time management
    Помимо занятий в домашних conditions, можно с пользой потратить время
    on the way to work and home. Prefer walks, and
    also use the elevator less. In the summer as
    vehicle pick a bike.

Программа тренинга в домашних conditions всегда должна начинаться
with warm up. This can include steps on the spot, body turns in
different sides, lunges and footsteps with knee elevation. On the warm-up will be
достаточно пяти minutes

As a basic interval training can
Recommend the following exercises:

  • Бег Парк, стадион, площадка, двор —
    for running does not matter the terrain, but only the intensity and time
    workout. Start with a minimum load, constantly
    increasing Routine running can be alternated with added steps or
    lunges. Will be effective and run with a high rise of the leg. Not
    we forget about running up the stairs;
  • Прыжки Различают несколько видов
    jumping: high jump; to the sides; jumping out; jumping with
    squatting В качестве помощника можно использовать
    , которая предлагает разнообразные вариации
    jumps. Not стоит забывать и о шведской стенке: jumping with упором на
    перекладину, спрыгивания с лестницы вниз – вариантов
    exercise may also be several;
  • Езда на велосипеде Велотренажер или
    walk in the fresh air. Jumping and running exercises always
    You can alternate and invent their various variations.

Youбирая для себя программу кардио, следует отдавать
preference for its interval variety. Interval exercises
consist in alternation of rates, intensity and level of loading.
It allows you to quickly lose weight without losing muscle

Program for beginners

Кардио упражнения для похудения дома для начинающих должны
строиться на постепенном увеличении нагрузок.
Not стоит заниматься с первого же дня по программе олимпийских
champions, because you can seriously hurt yourself.

For начала стоит определить свои сильные стороны, и уделить их
development more attention: one can easily run, others can
for a long time to jump rope, still others like to swim in the pool and
etc. From this and it is worth starting aerobic exercise.

Первая кардио тренировка для начинающих может длиться 15-25
minutes, затем стоит уделять аэробным упражнениям 25-45
три раза в неделю. Gap between
тренировками не должен составлять больше двух дней
Regularity is an important rule for both experienced athletes and
for beginners.

The best time for interval loads for beginners is
утренние часы. And since the last meal was
in the evening, burning excess fat will be more effective. Yes, and in
during the day you will not need to limit yourself to food for
evening exercises.

During cardio do not forget to follow the pulse. If a
experienced athletes already know their abilities and can
independently track your heart rate then
начинающим, возможно, понадобится пульсометр.

Approximate cardio program for

  • Warm up – 5 minutes

In the workout, you can include elements of stretching muscles and joints,
which will protect the beginner from possible injuries and sprains. it
exercise “Mill”, circular rotation of the hips, rotation

  • Прыжки со rope – 10 minutes

Not стоит спешить, на первых порах преимущественно прорабатывать
program carefully.

  • Running and cycling – 25-30
  • Растяжка — 5 minutes

For лучшего эффекта можно воспользоваться несколькими
exercises for stretching from yoga. After the main occupation it is
calms the body, gives “cool” and returns the pulse after cardio loads to
the norm.

A set of exercises for men

Кардио тренировка для сжигания жира в домашних conditions для
men can be built on the principle of combining aerobic movements
and strength exercises. However, this method is more advanced.
to athletes.

Подобрать комплекс жиросжигающих упражнений для
тренировки в домашних conditions несложно, новичкам можно начать с
трех-четырех упражнений, добавить к ним бег, jumping withо rope –
this is enough to strengthen the muscles of the heart and body.

Программа кардио тренировок дома без
inventory for men may consist of the following

  • �”Explosive push ups.” They
    differ from simple push-ups by sharp repulsion from the floor, and in
    further and the addition of cotton in the lower position;
  • Burpy Exercise combines in
    imagine a few elements that plays an important role in losing weight.
    Starting position – “on all fours.” Pushing with their feet
    take an emphasis lying down and return to the starting position. Then
    �“Push” yourself in a jump upwards. Re-accept the original
  • The bar with “obstacles”. Of
    the position of the strap begin to make running movements – we tighten
    right foot to right hand. Return to the starting position. Also
    doing the most with the other side of the body. We try to fulfill
    exercise as intensely as possible.

The recommended frequency of repetitions of each exercise –
20-30 times. Training can be made circular – then
there is a complex we do not once, but several times. Desirable
make 3-4 laps.

Training for girls

Кардио тренировка для сжигания жира в домашних conditions для
girls – this is a great opportunity to improve the figure
on their own, while maintaining cash. Fitness in
home conditions will also save time: no need to adjust to
your schedule, because you can train when you

Что такое кардио тренировка для сжигания
This is, above all, regularity. Only
systematic loads will allow to achieve the main goal of occupations for
girls – losing weight.

Прежде чем приступить к жиросжигающим занятиям в
home conditions, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the following

  • Get a medical examination. You
    Must be sure that your heart will withstand such loads;
  • Приобретите пульсометр. In the process
    training, it is desirable to measure the pulse. Only определенная частота
    heart rate will say that training
    The process is organized correctly. As a rule, for girls
    maximum heart rate should not exceed
    values ​​”220 minus age”. And for men, age will be taken away.
    from the value of 214. To maintain the optimum frequency
    heart rate is necessary to alternate intensive load with
    small rest breaks;
  • Youбирайте спортивный инвентарь
    The most effective aerobic exercise
    considered running, jumping and cycling. If finances allow,
    you can purchase special simulators in the form of a treadmill or
    exercise bike. A great option for sports with a view to
    losing weight at home is to purchase a special
    sports equipment. For example, a swedish wall equipped
    additional equipment, will become an invaluable assistant in
    perfection of a figure, both for girls, and for men. For
    девушек также подойдет фитбол, обруч или степ-платформа;
  • Review your diet. Without
    maintaining a healthy diet program for weight loss
    home conditions will not be effective. Do not start training
    on a full stomach and do not start eating for an hour after
    occupations. Take the habit of calculating calories. Remember
    The main rule of weight loss: calorie intake per day should be
    less their expense.

Кардио тренировка дома для похудения

  • Разминка — 5 minutes;
  • Прыжки со скакалкой — 2 подхода по 5
  • Х-прыжки — 2 подхода по 2
  • Бег на месте с захлестом голени — 2
    подхода по 2 minutes;
  • Упражнение «Велосипед» из положения лежа
    2 sets of 2 minutes.

Rest between exercises for weight loss – 20 seconds. Can
do a circular workout, doing a full range of exercises one by one
approach, then take a break in 1 minute, and repeat the circle.

Кардио тренировка без бега и прыжков

In addition to running and jumping, a program for weight loss at home
conditions can be varied with the following exercises:

  • Push ups

For девушек отжимания можно выполнять с колен, для мужчин – с
resting prone;

  • Squats

There are several types of squats. Most effective
are considered:

  1. Squatting from the “shoulder-width apart” position – as if we are sitting down
    on a chair;
  2. Squatting from the “legs apart” position – putting the legs as far as possible
    wider, socks while “looking” to the side;
  • Twisting 

Good aerobic load to burn excess belly fat
give ab exercises. Straight and side twists, twists
with lifting legs, reverse twisting – there are many variations;

  • Strap 

Very effective exercise on all muscle groups, performing
which can be the final stage in carrying out cardio

It is not recommended to perform the same exercise.
длительное время
. Therefore it is necessary to collect them in cardio.
complex. The above exercises with the addition of running and jumping
составляют эффективный жиросжигающий интервальный

Video tutorial for beginners

The effectiveness of cardio workouts depends on correctness.
run complex. For knowledge, novice athletes have to
turn to professionals however this requires certain
financial costs. If this is not possible, on the Internet you can
find a lot of video tutorials that will help beginners
control the process of losing weight with cardio, and do not apply when
this is harm to health.

Cardio workout for burning fat at home –

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