Can I wear things after a dead person?The controversial question: whether to wear things after the deceased person

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After the death of a person, his close people mourn, many of them
things deceased.

What to do with the things of man after his death?

Can I wear things after a dead person?

Answers to these questions can be found in the article.


Death and death energy, is it possible to wear things after the deceased

To the question of death, the western population of our planet and the eastern –
relate differently. На западе принято считать, что душа human
rises after his death and goes to Heaven or Hell.
The eastern interpretation of death and its outcome is somewhat different from
western. На востоке принято считать, что душа human продолжает
your journey after death.

In eastern religions it is indicated that the soul is reborn either in
new human body, either in animal or in plants. Soul path
with death does not end, life is an opportunity to get out of the circle
Sansary thanks to the working off of karma. If a person during his lifetime
Karmic debts did not work – it will be reborn.

In the Eastern tradition, it is customary to cremate the body of the deceased,
some nations decided to burn it on a fire and along with the body
all things master. So the question is whether you can wear things after
dead – not worth it.

As for the energy of death – bioenergy around the world
указывают на то, что энергия живого human отлична от энергии
the dead man. Many psychics, considering the things of the dead,
touching them – they can say with accuracy that the former owner
things are dead. The energy of death delays, it is cold and more
viscous, rather than the energy of life – so indicate psychics.

Get rid of it is quite difficult. Washing thing is impossible
to wipe information about the life and death of its owner. therefore
bioenergy and psychics and do not advise buying clothes that were in
use She can carry information about her deceased.
the owner.

The Christian church considers all of the above to be superstition.
Christian superstition is a sin. Unequivocal response to delivered
the church does not give a question. Very often you can meet both
relatives bring to the Temple the belongings of the deceased in order that those
parishioners who need them – were able to use them.
The Holy Father must keep these things holy. Perhaps that’s why
they can be further used in everyday life, it is worth
sort out.

what можно делать с вещами умершего human, можно ли носить
вещи после умершего human

In Western tradition, it is accepted after the fortieth day of the date
death handing out things of the deceased. It is believed that the house should not
stay things deceased. Why was born such

• It is believed that the soul of the deceased rises on the fortieth day –
from this day you can dispose of his property;

• In old times, clothing was scarce, so it was not tried
throw away and transfer from one family member to another;

• The things of the deceased were taken out of the house so that he would not return for

Due to the lack of clothes, especially the top – in
Middle Ages, the deceased was gladly taken away by relatives.
Today, most don’t need clothing. therefore если и
you can give away the things of the deceased, then only some of

• outerwear;

• Clothes that did not dress on a significant date;

• Clothes that did not dress in grief.

It seems superstition, but still. It is worth thinking well, and
Do you need to repeat the fate of the deceased? Can things deceased
Wash thoroughly and hang out in fresh air. Often
relatives note the strange smell from the things of the deceased to
get rid of it, and it is worthwhile to carry out this simple manipulation.

Father, it is not in vain that the things of the departed are kept in the temple, brought
relatives for transfer to the needy. This manipulation allows
remove the energy of death from them. At home you should not try
reproduce this ritual. It will not lead to anything good.

What to do with the jewels of the deceased? Brush and wear. it
can do. It is enough to dip them at night in holy water and you can
use them further, but only after the fortieth day of death.
Earlier it is not necessary to disturb the soul of the deceased.

The things of the deceased, which do not want and can not be distributed, can
just burn it. If we are talking about the books and records of the deceased – they can
store along with other things in the house. If the family still wants
get rid of them, then it is better to give them from a pure heart. Such
the gift will not carry a negative.

If you sell the things of the deceased, the money you can not
spend on yourself They need to either donate or spend on
some kind of good deed. In that case, which will benefit. it happens
so that the deceased bequeaths to transfer his things to someone from
relatives. Then do not be afraid to wear them. But until the fortieth
day from the date of death still do not dispose of them.

Чего не стоит делать с вещами умершего human, можно ли
носить вещи после умершего human

Can I wear things after a dead person? Not in the first forty,
and especially nine days from his death. Often родственники покойного
still before his burial begin to divide the property. it считается
a great sin, but people make money for it. It is believed that
still не упокоенная душа наблюдает за всем происходящим в её бывшем
house and punishment for such atrocities relatives will not force
wait a long time.

Bioenergy does not even recommend sleeping in the room of the deceased,
so that he does not come in a dream, not to wear his things. Of course,
not everyone has such an opportunity, but to postpone things for forty days
deceased and not touch them – you can. Often вещи умерших детей
left for those who are younger for the next offspring – this
can not do!

It is better to bury your favorite doll or toy of a child with him,
but not to give to another baby. Energy in children much
weaker than in adults, there are cases when after such
gifts with children there are misfortunes. Even if the eldest died
a child, a younger one, should not be put on the things of the deceased.

Children’s toys better or hide away, you can in the pantry
or in the attic, if parents do not want to part with them, and clothes
better to burn or throw out. Do not disturb the memory and disturb

If the deceased had a favorite mirror in which he admired –
It is worth bury it, it is possible even on a grave. You can not use it.
Mirrors that are in the apartment need to be removed and well
to rub.

Так можно ли носить вещи после умершего human? Today
bioenergy offers hundreds of ways how to clean things off
negative energy, including death energy. But not worth it to everyone
trust them. It is better to free the house from them and at the same time – memory.
The dead are only worse if the living constantly remember them. what
symbolic – in the Eastern tradition, it is customary to get rid of
deceased almost immediately after death so that nothing
kept on earth. whatбы он смог спокойно сделать переход к

There is no waiting for any number of days. Death
the soul comes and is free. Perhaps a similar approach is
optimal in deciding whether to wear things after the deceased
human. But, everyone must decide for himself, choosing one of
The options offered above – it will be fair.

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