Can I sell a wedding dress or store it?Why women doubt: is it possible to sell your weddingthe dress

Ср, 27 апр 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Свадебное the dress — самый неоднозначный предмет гардероба, ведь с
it is connected with so much excitement, emotions, memories!

Another question is what to do with this beautiful, but very much volumetric
and no longer needed wardrobe item?

Можно ли продать свадебное the dress?

And what will happen if you do this?

Можно ли продавать свадебное the dress: народные приметы

Наши бабушки считали, что продавать свадебное the dress ни в коем
case is impossible. It should be carefully stored and ideally transmitted.
through the female line from generation to generation. Do not have to dress
in the same outfit daughter or granddaughter, but get rid of him,
throw out, pass into the wrong hands more expensive. Why?

Popular wisdom is a delicate matter, arguing is useless. All important
moments of life (birth, christening, marriage, farewell to the deceased)
were strictly regulated, and each was associated with special
signs, rules. Wedding – the main stage in the fate of women, hence
and a special relationship to wedding paraphernalia: dress, veil, gloves,
flower bouquets.

It was believed that свадебное the dress обладает особой энергетикой,
symbolizes family happiness, happy marriage. If you get rid of
this piece of clothing, you can lose your happiness, change
fate for the worse. Not only sell, but also lend,
just give away, you can not throw it away. This may lead to
destruction of a happy family life.

Более того, по одному из суеверий, на свадебное the dress можно
induce targeted or unintentional damage. Wicked witch,
having access to such a valuable item can lime it
the owner, harm her husband. Another option is to use
the dressм счастливой новобрачной, чтобы снять порчу на одиночество с
another woman. But this again reflects on the owner of the wedding

Even a friend or relative who managed to try it on
may cause the hostess dresses (albeit unintentionally) energy
harm. Her envy, anger, resentment will affect family life by the most
detrimental way. That is why clothes from the wedding celebration were hidden
away from prying eyes and carefully kept their whole lives. The question is about
можно ли продавать свадебное the dress, еще сто лет назад показался бы

Only the transfer of the dress from mother to
daughters, and even then, if the marriage of the parents was happy and
long It was believed that this will strengthen the new union, and the young will live
life is also happy and happy.

Так можно ли продавать свадебное the dress?

In fact, all popular superstitions are based on practicality.
Свадебное the dress шьется из красивой дорогой ткани, которая в
ancient times valued very expensive. Not every family could
allow yourself to marry your daughter in a new, spick and span, dear
attire. Поэтому the dress, доставшееся от бабушки, бережно доставалось
from the chest and reanimated.

If you believe that you can damage your wedding attire,
part with it is not worth it. Psychology is no less subtle than
popular superstitions (remember the Bulgakov hero who died from
lung sarcoma due to self-suspicion). If you
hesitate, not daring to get rid of the wedding dress, you
you need to force yourself: irrational fear, strong negative
experiences can affect physical health. Here,
in fact, the whole answer to the question whether it is possible to sell a wedding
the dress.

More symbolic, by the way, in terms of energy protection
является фата. That’s really all to give it to anyone
It’s not possible, although many today refer to this detail only as
to the indispensable accessory that complements the image. And before the veil young
the girl was symbolically protected from an unkind look. Under
no evil forces were incapable of a snow-white veil
spoil her health, her ability to become a mother and a good wife.
Remove the veil and expose the face of a young newlywed could only after
end of the rite.

Фату хранили очень бережно, именно ею покрывали
заболевших детей
и читали молитву. It was believed that
maternal veil contributed to the rapid recovery.

Можно ли продавать свадебное the dress: современные взгляды

Girls in women’s forums love to ask questions about
свадебном attire. It is understandable: it is necessary to store such a miracle somewhere, but
Where? It takes a lot of places, and it doesn’t need more, largely
account. К тому же лишняя копейка, вырученная за проданное the dress,
not at all superfluous in the piggy bank of a young family.

To feed the mole with unnecessary things also somehow do not want to. That’s
Yesterday’s brides ask each other whether they can sell
свадебное the dress, не будет ли беды. Logically, then
following popular beliefs makes sense only if
same way of life. Hand on heart, how many girls come out
marry innocent? How many of them go to communion if not every
a week, then at least once a month? That’s it.

The outside of the custom is preserved, but its meaning is most often
lost Therefore, it is not worth so much to suffer about the dress. I want to
store – store. I want to продать — продавайте. Another question,
can it do it. It often happens that the money spent
it will not be possible to return, unless it is put up for sale
unique apparel at a low price. Price worn wedding dress
– Thirty percent of its value.

Many girls prefer to sew or buy a brand new
outfit, rather than use someone else’s. However, according to the same
popular beliefs, in the bridal outfit there must be something “alien”
inherited from a married woman: mother, close friend or
relatives Handkerchief embroidered with his own hand, ribbon,

Если продать свадебное the dress не удастся, не беда. Keep this
Beauty is possible for your own purposes. For example, change it to
вечерний наряд или праздничное the dress для дочки. And you can not
touch. Let him lie. And you can use your wedding talisman
as a standard of beauty: if you can pull, everything is normal. If somewhere
does not agree – it’s time to take for yourself. In general, sell or not
sell – every girl must decide for herself.

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