Can I lose weight in front of the TV?

mozhno-li-pohudet-pered-TVSo many people want to lose weight,
but some cannot find a suitable motivation for themselves, others simply
bored is in the gym.

It is clear why, because it is so nice to fall at home on the couch
in front of your favorite TV, and chew, chew, chew …

Then you start to notice with horror how inexorably your
the loin portion and, increasing in size, will soon become the largest
compete with sofa cushions.

Lazy pastime in front of the TV in the long
Perspective has only negative consequences for your health.
The ideal option in this situation would be generally
abandon the “blue screen”.

However, if the TV has already become a drug for you and without it
no way, it’s still easy enough to turn your daily
watching television in a useful way to reduce
overweight time.

Try the following tricks while watching.

1. Крутитесь в то время, когда вы следите за
your favorite show. Science has proven that people who fidget even
sitting, burn an extra 350 calories a day. Everything is simple here
when your body moves, it burns calories.

2. Во время просмотра телевизора откажитесь от
snacks like cookies, chips or any other fatty foods.
If you need a snack, eat fruits or vegetables. But in general
try not to eat in front of the TV – this will necessarily lead to the fact that
you eat more food than you need because you are focused
on the TV, not on the signals of the stomach. mozhno-li-pohudet3. Поставьте тренажеры
front of the TV. If you have an orbitrek or treadmill
track standing in the corner of the room and performing the function of hangers for
clothes, now is the time to move them for classes right before

4. Разместите перед телевизором тренировочный
camp. If your living room is big enough, you can
plan your route that you will follow in order to
get useful cardio while watching your
favorite TV shows.

For example, in the first point you can jump on a skipping rope, further
walking in place, then using dumbbells, and finally fitball
or spurt on stepper, all this will provide you with a good heart

And with this you can occupy yourself during frequent commercial breaks:

  • прыжки на скакалке 4 раза по 2 минуты (111
  • Before you sit down, hold your buttocks at 5-10cm. from the couch and
    оставайтесь в таком положении 1 минуту, повторите 4 раза (80
  • Lay down on your back and lift your legs until the angle between your body and
    feet will not be 90C, and hold in this position for 5 minutes
    (50 калорий),
  • circular movements with your hands for 1 minute, repeat 2 times
    (20 калорий),
  • sit on fitball and twist on your abdominals
    течение 1 минуты, повторите 4 раза (50 калорий),
  • Watch your favorite show sitting on a fitball for an hour
    (38 калорий),
  • do lunges (how to do them, you can read in the article “How
    похудеть в бедрах?») в течение 5 минут (37 калорий),
  • lie down in front of the TV and hold the bar for a minute
    (How to do in the article “How to make the waist really thin?”)
    повторить 2 раза (35 калорий).

5. Делайте выпады во время просмотра
tv set You can do lunges, standing still, or during
movement around the room.

6. Не лентяйничайте, пока вы ожидаете свою
favorite TV show. Walking on the spot does not require special
equipment and training. Just march up and down, up and down.
while there is a commercial break.

7. Посчитайте, сколько приседаний вы можете
to do. Squatting can be done on the spot or with your back
the wall. Remember how much you make in one commercial break.
I wonder if you can improve your score during
next ad?

8. Смотрите фитнес-программы по телевидению и
move with them. To do this, you do not need to spend money on
buying expensive exercise videos, you can always find
free cable channels that show complexes daily
exercise or take it from a girlfriend (download from
Internet) fitness classes of some Western gurus.

9. Запишите в блокнот, сколько по каждому виду
activities you have done and challenge yourself to increase
this amount every day. Just add all the results in
time of all commercial breaks to summarize your daily totals.
Good luck to you!

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