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The icon is not just an image of the face of the saints, it is a shrine for
Orthodox person. Therefore, since time immemorial, the icon
considered a significant and pious gift.

People close and dear to our hearts, we want to make something special
a gift that will accompany him throughout his life.
Of course, no material objects are suitable for this, but
icon – exactly what you need.

In the people there are many different superstitions about the donation of icons.
It is believed that the donated icon can bring trouble to the house or
the quarrel. But every Orthodox person knows that superstition is from
the evil one, which means you cannot trust them. Что же советует church тем,
who decided to present the icon as a gift?

Opinion of the church on the donation of icons

The tradition of giving icons has existed for a long time. Even our distant ancestors
gave each other icons, considering that such a gift will bring into the house
well-being, health and happiness. The image was placed in the so-called
�”Red corner”. Prayers were offered in front of him with requests, or
thanked the Almighty for his help or mercy. It is believed that
the icon presented as a gift becomes a real talisman for
family and the house in which she lives.

Giving an icon is a kind of tool for spreading faith.
среди людей, поэтому church относится к этому очень положительно.
However, before donating an icon, you should understand that such
The gift will be appropriate only for Orthodox people. If you
you know that a person is far from church and superstitious, then your present,
most likely, they will not be happy, and they will probably be flogged.

According to the priests, the icons should be given only with clean

The choice of the icon depends on the motive and directly the person
you want to give an image.

Is it possible to give icons on holidays?

You will take care of a person if you give him a gift
icon, because it is a great shrine. Many are interested in whether
to give icons to secular holidays or even for no particular reason.
Of course you can, but you have to remember that the icon is given in order
that they pray to her, asking for help in family matters
problems, etc. Therefore, be very responsible when choosing
image. Let’s look at what icons you can give to a specific


On the day of birth, it is customary to give personalized icons with the image of the Holy
Patron saint It is worth noting here that people named after
who are not in Orthodoxy, receive another name at baptism. So,
for example, Lilya, can get the name Julia at baptism or any
another orthodox. Together with the name, at baptism is given the Holy
patron who is prayed and asked for throughout his life
help in difficulties. Therefore, be sure to specify what name is given.
person at baptism. Also a birthday would be appropriate
donate an icon of “Guardian Angel”.


To the great sacrament of the wedding give a wedding couple – “Lord
Almighty “and the image of the Blessed Virgin. Icons must be
equal in size. First, parents bless them with young
and then the priest in the temple. After the wedding, these icons are stored as
family value and handed down from generation to generation as a symbol
love, family well-being and happiness. If you не родители
young, can present as a gift an icon of Saints Peter and
Fevronia. They are the patrons of the family. Before that
they pray for family well-being and the giving of children.

Birth and baptism of children

Our ancestors also gave dimensional icons for bride and baptism. AT
Tsarist Russia, such icons could only afford
representatives of the royal family. After the revolution, tradition was forgotten, and
only in our time she not just revived, but also acquired
massive character. The icon is called “dimensional” because its height
must match the height of the child at birth. Such icons
they write only to order, which makes the gift especially valuable.
It is believed that такая икона имеет особенную силу для человека,
to whom it is presented.

Wedding or Wedding Anniversary

The best gift for the anniversary of the wedding or wedding – the icon. For this
events are ordered from the icon painter family icon, on which
depict the Holy Patrons of all family members. Great gift
will be the icon of the Mother of God “Economis” or “Housekeeper.”
This image should be in every family, in front of him pray for
family well-being.

Is it possible to give icons without a reason?

In addition to holidays, there may be situations in a person’s life where
you can and even need to give an icon. Be sure to donate an icon if
you feel that a person needs the protection or help of our heavenly
Patrons In addition, icons are presented in front of any significant
event in life. For example, study, pregnancy or service in

Беременной женщине будет уместно подарить образ
Blessed Virgin Mary “Helper in childbirth.” Before this icon pray
about prosperous and painless childbirth. Newly born woman,
present the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos �”Mammalian”. In front of her
pray that mother has enough milk to feed

Школьнику или студенту, особенно если учеба
given with difficulty, be sure to give the image of the Blessed
Богородицы «Прибавление ума» или икону «Сергия
Radonezh. It is desirable that the icon was small,
as it is recommended to take with you to study or exams.

Парню, который уходит в армию, или
present an image of the Most Holy Theotokos “The Sign” to a soldier,
the icon of “Alexander Nevsky” or “St. George”.

Медработнику можно подарить икону «Святого
Panteleimon “or” St. Luke. “

ATыбирая икону в подарок, помните, что каждый образ имеет свое
destination, and people turn to each icon with different
by requests

When shouldn’t I give icons?

ATсе же есть случаи, когда дарить иконы не желательно. For example,
You can not give an image to people of other religions. What do you think,
if you are presented with the Koran, you, as an Orthodox person, will appreciate such

Do not give an icon, if you know that for a person it is no more
than the picture.

Remember that an icon is a shrine to be treated with

Before giving the icon ordered from the icon painter,
be sure to sanctify it.

Signs and superstitions associated with the donation of icons

ATообще все приметы и суеверия идут от наших предков-язычников.
It was believed that you can only accept icons from relatives or on
extreme case of friendly people.

Our ancestors believed that through the icon the sorceresses could bring
damage. Illiterate people attributed their misfortune to the icon, which
they were given. They tried to get rid of it. But since the icon
can not be thrown away, it was taken to the temple.

Today there are almost no people left who believe in these
�”fairy tales”. ATсем известно, что через святыню невозможно причинить
no harm to man.

If you have a desire to donate an icon, and you do not know how
do it right, consult with the priest. He will tell
you, which one to choose an icon for a gift, based on a specific

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