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The appearance of painful sensations of any intensity and location is not
cause a person to doubt the presence of health problems.

At such moments, any other feelings fade into the background, and
there is an overwhelming desire to take painkillers
a drug.

But is such a decision always the right one and the medicine
can get rid of pain without causing additional harm.

Is it worth it to rush to take medication if
There are many ways to get rid of pain without

Pain: causes

The fact that pain is associated with certain malfunctions in the body,
absolutely clear to everyone. But where does the feeling come from?
the pains? Why pain in some situations permeates, overshadowing
all other feelings and thoughts. And in others it is tolerant, but exhausting
by constancy.

Any sensations in the human body are controlled by the brain.
Pain is no exception. Feel the pain the person starts
feel when irritating pain receptors that pass to the brain
specific signals. In this way, the body reacts to any
danger and allows a person to avoid negative consequences.
So, precisely because of the appearance of pain, a person straightens his hand while
Prick or burn. On this side, the pain is definitely helpful.

However, with pathological disruptions in the body, the pain loses its
information ability. In such situations, pain reduces
body resistance, it provokes disorders
emotional and mental nature. Pathological pain
provoke impaired blood flow, the development of inflammatory reactions and
weakening of immunity.

The occurrence of pathological pain is associated with exposure to
nociceptors are specific nerve endings. There are two types
similar receptors.

The so-called fast receptors are located in the skin
integuments, in all joints, and also in the digestive tract.
The painful sensations arising from the stimulation of these receptors,
associated with strong mechanical as well as thermal stress.
The pain associated with this effect disappears immediately after
eliminate annoying factors. This type of pain is rarely associated with
prolonged pain.

But the irritation of slow receptors, which are located in
whole body and able to respond to any kind of exposure,
causes familiar exhausting and prolonged pains of various

Irritation of these receptors occurs:

• under the influence of increased pressure on them liquids,
which accumulate in the tissues with puffiness;

• with direct pinching of the nerve fibers;

• with the chemical nature of the exposure, such as release
histamine or increased prostaglandin synthesis associated with
inflammatory reactions.

It should not be forgotten that pain is closely related to the rational
activities. Therefore, the personal perception of pain is enough
subjectively and may depend on various circumstances and
life experience.

How to get rid of pain without pills: distracting and local

The mechanism of pain is quite complicated. Participation in this
the process of various provocative, concomitant and controlling
factors allows you to use for the relief of pain completely different

К отвлекающим facilitiesм относятся различные вещества, которые
can irritate the skin or cause other reactions capable of
reflexively affect the internal organs that have undergone inflammation
or other painful reactions.

The effect of distraction is based on exposure.
reflex nature, aimed at improving blood circulation
and breathing. Under the influence of distracting means irritation occurs.
skin. At the same time there is a reduction in blood vessels and improvement
heart activity, fever.

Однако при сильном раздражении отвлекающими facilitiesми может
occur the opposite effect. Under the influence of strong influences such
means breath increases and the condition worsens.

With this physiological effect, a therapeutic effect arises.
Effect. Vasoconstriction and respiratory stimulation helps with
pathologies of a neurogenic nature and helps to reduce

Distraction agent is often used to treat
joints, muscle and nerve pathologies. As a distraction
means you can resort to the use of mustard, iodine, ammonia
alcohol, pepper, especially red, turpentine, and various
alcohol tinctures, camphor, menthol, bee venom and snakes.

Местные болеутоляющие facilities могут обладать не только
distracting effect, but also curative. Any ointments, compresses,
lotion with a warming, cooling, or irritating effect in
first distract from pain. In addition, the actions of these
means improves blood flow, reduce puffiness,
removal of inflammatory reactions, which in turn contributes to
reduce painful sensations.

Местные facilities с содержанием анальгетиков или
anti-inflammatory drugs have exactly anesthetic
Effect. But the effect of such funds is not as rapid as that of
distracting means.

Как избавиться от боли без таблеток народные facilities

При зубной боли можно воспользоваться
rinse with soda, salt, broth onion peel. With a bruise of a tooth
Oak bark or sea salt will help. If an infection is present,
rinse need to mouth sage with chamomile or use
garlic. With the pathological sensitivity of the teeth will help
Calendula with plantain, and Valerian with motherwort.

Для уменьшения головных болей могут помочь
простые facilities отвлечения. Listen to the calm music
rest, calm down or just sleep. Also for headaches
cold washings, a contrast shower, a compress with
vinegar, walk in the fresh air. Good painkillers
valerian tinctures have the effect of headaches,
motherwort as well as mint. Headache helps to cope
charging or eating something tasty.

При суставных болях, несомненно, помогают
thermal procedures in the form of baths with the addition of salt, mustard,
coniferous extract, turpentine, bischofite. Good and warming
compresses, for the preparation of which you can apply pepper,
mustard, horseradish, radish, honey Alcohol tinctures will help here.
various healing herbs.

При болях, вызванных воспалительными
можно применять местные компрессы, которые
help relieve inflammation and reduce pain. For this
suitable cabbage leaf, plantain, celandine, badger fat,

Если болит горло, первую помощь окажут
gargle with sage and chamomile, eucalyptus, salt, soda. Help
for pain in the throat, the absorption of honey, baked onions, and fat. Possible for
reduce painful sensations inhalations with oils
tea tree, conifers, juniper, chamomile decoction,
thyme, mint, lemon balm, sage, and seasonings in the form of cloves,
rosemary, cinnamon and ordinary boiled potatoes.

How to get rid of pain without pills: step by step instructions

It should be remembered that pain is directly related to neurogenic
reactions. Therefore, a person is able to regulate his feelings.
and simple methods to reduce the severity of pain.

Try simple guidelines, not
requiring the use of any medical or folk

Послушайте приятную музыку. Nervous centers,
which are responsible for the perception of pain, are also able to respond and
to music. Do not be surprised if after 10-15 minutes of listening
good music the pain subsides. Just in this way nerve fibers
distracted, and the pain signal does not have time to reach the brain.

Играйте и веселитесь. This produces
endorphin is a specific molecule that delivers happiness and
having an analgesic effect.

Займитесь сексом. During sexual pleasures
oxytocin is produced and the same endorphin, which contributes to the smoothing
pains. Interestingly, the brain reacts equally to both pain and
on orgasm.

Самовнушение и аутотренинг. Surprisingly
effective ways to deal with pain. Tuning in to positive
emotions, a person helps to improve their own condition. And not
forget that sometimes we just want to cheer and at the same time
there is emotional pain.

Сделайте простую дыхательную гимнастику.
A few deep breaths and breaths that need to be repeated.
up to 10 times, promote oxygen saturation, recovery
breathing and pressure.

What kind of pain can you get rid of without pills?

If any pain occurs, the person tries to find fast and
effective ways to get rid of it. However, not every
pathologies improvised and emotional ways can improve

Without the use of tablets, you can try to relieve the pain:

• head;

• ear;

• dental;

• articular;

• muscular;

• emotional.

It is dangerous to engage in any kind of self-medication when there is pain in
stomach or chest pains. Similar pains can
signal serious danger. Обезболивающие facilities,
taken at the time of exacerbations may blur the clinical picture and
will not allow the doctor to promptly put a preliminary

In some situations, pain is a signal of necessity
emergency medical care or hospitalization.

It is urgent to call an ambulance, if the pain

• loss of consciousness;

• problems with speech, hearing, sight;

• incontinence of urine or fecal masses;

• problems with motor abilities;

• severe diarrhea and vomiting.

В таких ситуациях подбирать обезболивающие facilities не имеет
meaning, because operative medical care is required.

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