Calcium D3 Complivite

Calcium D3 Complivite – это витаминный комплекс узкой directionality. The main area of use of the drug – prevention and treatment of diseases of the teeth and musculoskeletal apparatus. Along with direct effects on the skeleton, vitamins provide powerful support to internal organs and other systems organism.

The composition of Complivit Calcium D3

Calcium carbonate is a calcium salt, which widely used in the production process of medicamentous drugs and vitamin supplements. Substance interferes occurrence of a deficient state, prevents development osteoporosis. Cholecalciferol, known as vitamin D3, in the body converted to calcitriol, promoting normal absorption this substance derived from food. Active component drug guarantees high-quality prevention of rickets and osteomalacia. Often, doctors prescribe the reception of this tool. elderly patients or women during pregnancy. AT Pharmacies vitamin complex is available without a prescription.

These substances are active ingredients Complivit Calcium D3. In addition to the active ingredients in the composition of vitamin complex lead and other components:

  • витамины компливит Кальций Д3lactose;
  • lemon acid;
  • chew orange;
  • starch;
  • Povidone;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • aivasol;
  • aspartame.  


What is the drug prescribed: indications for use

Чаще всего, таблетки Calcium D3 Complivite назначают людям в old age suffering from bone diseases. ATитамины shown in diseases in young people, accompanied by pronounced signs of stunting, as well as adults patients with a lack of these substances in the body.

The main symptoms of a lack in the body are considered Vitamins and components are the following states:

  • bone fragility;
  • reduced emotional background;
  • insomnia;
  • nervous tension.

At a certain stage of using the funds on the treated severe irritation may occur on the skin.

In the presence of the above symptoms is mandatory consult a professional doctor. Usually in such situations специалист назначает курс Компливита Calcium D3.

How to take Complivit D3 calcium?

AT инструкции по применению Компливита Кальця д3 указано, что drug as a prophylactic is recommended to drink in dosage 1 tablet per day. AT среднем курс лечения длится около 4th weeks. Repeatedly a course of vitamins can only be taken when doctor’s recommendation. How to drink Complivit D3 calcium? ATитамины taken after eating, chewing, but not swallowing whole. AT the rest, the exact treatment regimen and dosage will directly depend from the specific purpose of taking vitamins Complivit e3.

Компливит кальций д3 при беременности

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

The drug Complivit Calcium D3 is allowed to take pregnant women and breastfeeding, but in this case it is necessary follow strict rules and recommendations of the attending physician. With pregnancy pills drink at a daily dose not exceeding 1500 mg calcium and 600 IU of vitamin D. Consider that vitamin D and its metabolites are excreted in mother’s milk, so you need to carefully monitor the amount of taken vitamins. Overdose is fraught impaired mental and physical development of the fetus or newborn baby.

ATзрослым и детям старше 12 лет

ATзрослым и детям в возрасте от 12 лет Компливит Кальций д3 prescribed in cases where patients have a need in the increased use of vitamins. It is recommended to take 1 pill of the drug 2 times a day. With наличии недостатка кальция и vitamin D is prescribed in a dosage of 1 tablet 2-3 times a day. With этом для детей в возрасте от 5 до 12 лет витаминный The complex is prescribed at a dosage of 1-2 tablets per day.

детский компливит кальций D3

Kids from 3 to 5 years

Children’s Complivit Calcium D3 is prescribed for babies under the age of five years old. Children should be given the drug only after consultation with a professional and with the approval of the attending pediatrician. AT In this case, the vitamins Complivit Calcium D3 for kids are produced in the form of a suspension, which must be diluted in the dosage, strictly a specific doctor. Unauthorized appointment to your child vitamin complex may lead to the development of his allergies.

Contraindications and side effects < / h2>

Calcium D3 Complivite противопоказано использовать при наличии у пациента повышенной чувствительности к компонентам, входящим в состав витаминного препарата. For children under the age of 12, manufacturers offer a gentle analogue of a vitamin complex with a simplified composition. This remedy is not taken in case of hypervitaminosis of vitamin D, hypercalciuria, hypercalcemia, calcium nephrourolithiasis, osteoporosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic renal failure and other complex diseases.

No form of the drug should be given to children under the age of 3 years. With extreme caution, use the drug women while waiting for the child and during lactation. Overdose of Complivitom Calcium D3 can provoke psychological and physical developmental pathology of the child is still at the stage of pregnancy.

Among the unpleasant side effects, which only in extremely rare cases can arise as a result of the intake of the remedy, it is worthwhile to single out flatulence, constipation, nausea, diarrhea and painful sensations in the stomach. Failure to follow instructions for Complivit Calcium D3 may cause an overdose to develop, resulting in decreased appetite, increased thirst, general weakness, vomiting, nausea, constipation, intestinal upset and metabolic disturbances, dizziness, fainting, and in extremely rare cases – coma. With развитии вышеописанных симптомов передозировки незамедлительно обратитесь к врачу.

Special instructions < / h2>

AT состав Компливита Кальция д3 входит аспартам, который при попадании в организм человека трансформируется в фенилаланин. This feature of the vitamin complex makes it impossible for people suffering from phenylketonuria to receive.

ATо время прохождения курса терапии внимательно следите за выведением кальция с мочой, контролируйте его концентрацию в плазме крови. So, if calciuria exceeds the norm of 300 mg per day, it is urgent to reduce the dosage or stop taking the drug altogether.

У людей в пожилом возрасте потребность в кальции составляет в среднем 1500 мг в сутки, в то время как в колекальцифероле – 500-1000 МЕ в day. To prevent the development of overdose, it is important to take into account the additional intake of substances from other sources.

How much is Calcium D3 Complite? < / strong> < / h2>

AT современных аптеках представлено широчайшее многообразие форм данного витаминного препарата. On the shelves today you can find not only pills, chewy sweets, syrup or suspension, but Complivit Calcium D3 for women 45+ and Complivit for children. The drug is sold in packs of 30 tablets, 100 tablets and 120 tablets.

The price of 100 tablets Complite Calcium D3 on average in Russia is 380 rubles. Packing 30 tablets will cost approximately 137 rubles. Thus, the final cost of the drug will directly depend on the place of its sale, the volume of packaging and the seller’s individual approach to pricing.

Analogues of Vitamin Preparation Complivit < / h2>

The drug has its counterparts with a similar principle of action and a similar scope. These funds may differ not only in price, but also in the composition and concentration of active substances. Below is a list of the most common drugs similar to the vitamin complex Calcium D3:

  • Ideos < / li>
  • Кальций + ATитамин Д ATитрум
  • Кальций + ATитамин Д3 ATитрум
  • Calcium D3 Classic < / li>
  • Calcium-D Nycomed < / li>
  • Calcium-D Nycomed Forte and others. < / li> < / ul> |

    Performance Reviews < / h2>

    Irina, 37 years old < / strong> : I tried Complivit 45+ for women, I read reviews about doctors on the Internet. Already after the first week of taking vitamins, the condition improved markedly, the bones and joints ceased to hurt constantly. Для себя я выбрала способ применения – таблетки 2 раза в day. Action of vitamins completely suits me.

    Eugene, 29 years old : < / strong>, after suffering a fracture, could not get in shape for a long time – the bones did not grow together for a long time, and my doctor explained this to me by my old age. Calcium D3 Complivite helped me speed up the healing process significantly – I advise everyone.

    Larisa, 31 years old : < / strong> I am a young nursing mother, I drink Calcium D3 Completed according to the instructions of the supervising doctor. ATосполняя недостаток витаминов и полезных веществ у меня в организме, это чудо-средство укрепляет мои ногти и волосы. I am very pleased.

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