Bulimia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, 17 Mar 2016

Булимия представляет собой пищевое нарушение.
It is characterized by episodes of large consumption of food. After
This, to control your own weight, causes vomiting either
laxatives are abused. Can
feel free to argue that bulimia is a mental disorder.
Gluttony as well as further induction of vomiting may subsequently
become an obsession like addiction to narcotic

Bulimia – causes

At the moment, the causes of bulimia are not identified. Bulimia begins
saying that a certain person is simply dissatisfied with his own
by the body. He looks at his reflection in the mirror and what he is there
Sees, does not suit him. At first, everything leads to the use of
all kinds of diets. Diet does not provide the desired result, after
which directly causes bulimia.

The most significant feature of bulimia is psychological
features that is associated with increased concern for the shape
your body and weight. There is some evidence that
bulimia may be associated with the presence of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Bulimia symptoms

As for the symptoms, the patient may experience
various bowel disorders due to excessive
use of laxatives. There may also be an imbalance
electrolytes, which ultimately causes muscle twitching and
convulsions. Bulimia can mean scratched fingers
which are constantly placed in the throat in order to induce vomiting. AT
some cases may be internal bleeding, symptoms
renal dysfunction, dehydration, and also irregular
menstrual cycle in women. These include symptoms that
appear as a result of constant vomiting, for example
changes in the blood vessels of the eyes or swelling of the cheeks, damage
tooth enamel and more.

Bulimia – diagnosis

Confidentiality and denial of bulimia to a large extent
complicate the diagnosis. Often a person does not apply for medical
help until certain symptoms are detected or
quite a serious psychological problem related
directly with this disease. For the diagnosis will need
identify symptoms as accurately as possible.

Булимия – treatment

It has been proved by practice that independent attempts to cure a given
the disease will not give any results. ATедь рано или поздно
again that moment comes when a person is not restrained and
pounce on food. No matter how hard he tries, there will be progress
quite difficult to achieve.

Thanks to a psychologist or relatives, suppressing bulimia will
much easier. The main condition is the fact that the patient
should not overeat or starve, food should always be

Of course, it is best to seek help from a doctor who
may ask about existing eating habits, as well as physical
exercise the patient. ATедь довольно часто такие пациенты занимаются
sports and adhere to certain diets without losing

ATыявив всевозможные признаки булимии, лечащий врач уже решает,
how necessary is hospitalization in this situation. AT
in most cases it will not be needed. Every single patient
Diet therapy is recommended and advice is given.
by changing your lifestyle. AT редких случаях может быть
hypnosis is used, or doctors teach patients self-hypnosis,
which will help to further control the desire for excessive
eating food. It is highly desirable that a consultation with a doctor
and all the family members of the patient came. They must learn well
monitor the situation and monitor the behavior of the patient.


Alyona 10/27/2016 I lived in this hell for 8 years. Bulimia scary
psychological dependence. Helped me cope. I do not get sick 3
years, do not torture yourself, do not starve and do not exhaust physical
loads, while being pleased with herself, with her figure (for bulimic
this is the most important) and also I don’t know what disruption is at work
organism. Life without bulimia is possible! Beauty and health can
return, the main thing should be the desire. Katerina 04/27/2016 Several
For years she suffered this bad guy (True, she didn’t put her fingers in her mouth, but drank
laxative and starving after fattening episodes. What’s this
led? And besides, I am now in my 27 – I suffer from constant
malfunctions in the digestive tract, has developed gastritis, chronic holisticitis,
against hunger strikes, extrasystole developed, frequent headaches began
боли и обострилась ATегето сосудистая дистония. Moreover,
there was a terrible nervousness and some strange fears. Threw
all to hell dog backed hard – taken to the hospital (true
not in a mental hospital, and in surgery). Now for the past 2 years I’ve been driving healthy
way of life, and the lost health does not return. Как в рекламе: “ATсе
it hurts, it doesn’t help. “Girls, learn from the mistakes of others, don’t
ruin health and life! Katka 04/27/2016 Some years suffered
Byakoy (True fingers into her mouth did not poke, and drank a laxative and
starved after episodes of fattening. What’s this led? Besides
that I am now in my 27 – suffer from constant failures in the digestive tract,
earned a gastritis, chronic holisticitsit, on the background of hunger strikes
extrasystole developed, frequent headaches began and
обострилась ATегето сосудистая дистония. Moreover, появились
terrible nervousness and some strange fears. Threw все к
devilish dogs, backed up tightly – taken to the hospital (though not in
psychiatric hospital, and in surgery). Now for the past 2 years I’ve been driving healthy образ
life, and lost health does not return. Как в рекламе: “ATсе
it hurts, it doesn’t help. “Girls, learn from the mistakes of others, don’t
ruin health and life!

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